Acknowledge the Good in Others: It Reflects the Good in you

Acknowledge the Good in Others: It Reflects the Good in you

Over the last month or so I have been s l o w l y going through our house and ridding it of clutter we no longer need. We’re out […]

Christmas gift ideas 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies 2017

It was quite the conundrum to figure out what to buy Miss Phoebe for her first Christmas. Being the third girl in our family, we had all of the things […]

easy tuna salad lettuce wraps the plumbette

Tradie’s Lunchbox – Easy Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Looking for a healthy and filling lunch idea that can be transported to work or out and about when with your kids? You’ll love these Easy Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps. […]

November is the new December

November is the new December

I don’t know about you, but I feel like November is the new December. I am booked every Friday Night and Saturday night in November until the first weekend in […]

the pros and cons of wet room bathrooms

The Pros and Cons of Wet Room Bathrooms – All You Need to Know About Wet Rooms

Wet room bathrooms are predicted to be a big trend in bathroom design for 2018. This year I’ve seen many bathrooms do away with an enclosed shower and create a […]

Christmas gift ideas 2017

24 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women 2017

This has turned out to be a cracker of a post because there are so many talented local businesses to include and I have more women in my life, than […]

A week of house maintenance gardening

A Week of House Maintenance

Whenever we head away for a family holiday, Jacob will book the week after (or before) off. The intention is to help me get ahead with some writing for my […]

5 positive changes I've made this year

5 Positive Changes I’ve Made This Year

It’s always good to get reflective this time of year, on what good decisions I made and what I could have done better. I was inspired to write this post […]

Don't Despair When You're at the end of Your Rope

Don’t Despair When You’re at the end of Your Rope

Struggles are a normal part of life. They favour everyone and their timing can be rarely predicted. But right now, I know many family and friends are struggling with issues […]

Christmas gift ideas 2017

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2017

How are you going in getting organised for Christmas? So far I have got all the teachers presents purchased and I have bought our girls their ‘big’ present to share. […]

Top 13 things to do in Coffs Harbour with Kids

Top 13 Things to do in Coffs Harbour With Kids

Every year we try to book a family holiday away. We like to travel local because it’s cheaper and much easier with little kids. This year we decided to venture […]

Why I’m Glad We Chose a 7 Seater SUV over a 5 Seater Sedan

Why I’m Glad We Chose a 7 Seater SUV over a 5 Seater Sedan

This post has been written in collaboration with NRMA When I found out I was pregnant with Phoebe, I knew a new car was on the cards for our family. […]

My block winner predictions were wrong

My Block Winner Predictions Were Wrong. Sort of.

I was wrong in my predictions for who would win The Block last night. Sort of. I did think Jason and Sarah’s house would have had a chance of winning […]

where to find female tradies in your area

Where to Find Female Tradies in Your Area

If you’re wondering where to find female tradies in your area, this post will hopefully answer your question. One of the questions I often get asked on my blog is […]

Esther's New Bedroom - Girl's Bedroom Makeover

Esther’s New Bedroom – Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

This year, we decided to make over Esther’s room for her Birthday. She has been infatuated with TV shows like House Rules and The Block, I thought it would be […]

the things I've missed because I'm a creature of habit

The Things I’ve Missed Because I’m a Creature of Habit

Whenever I do Maggie’s Kindy drop off, I’m always in a rush to get to the car. The longer I stay, the more difficult it is to pull Phoebe away […]

Christmas gift ideas 2017

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas – Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

October is the best time of year to consider corporate Christmas gift ideas for clients. One of my jobs on the Christmas school holidays as a teenager, was making Christmas […]

Why Men Should be Furious About the Gender Pay Gap

Why Men Should be Furious About the Gender Pay Gap

For the purpose of this article, I am going to use a stereotypical situation of a husband and wife or family situation with dad being the breadwinner and a mum […]

Christmas gift ideas 2017

10 Combined Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas is now only 10 Friday’s away. Hopefully last week’s post inspired you to get gifts ready for Teachers. The next group gift guide I want to tackle is the […]

when to make a change

When You Know You’ve Got to Make a Change

I was sitting in front of a very good friend for breakfast a couple of weeks ago, to talk about life and current circumstances and things I needed to do. […]

Predicted Kitchen Trends for 2018

Predicted Kitchen Trends for 2018

Last week I shared what the predicted bathroom trends will be for 2018. Today’s post is all about the the kitchen trends for 2018. Escapism was the word for bathrooms, […]

Christmas gift ideas 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers 2017 – Let’s Get Organised for Christmas

Last night while I was browsing Facebook, I was reminded that there are only 12 Fridays until Christmas (11 now). WHAT?! Didn’t we just start 2017?! In the efforts of […]