kids with fingers stuck in bath drain

Help! My Toddler’s Fingers are Stuck in the Bath Drain

A couple of weeks ago, a toddler in Brisbane got her fingers stuck down a bath drain. The story made national news because of the time it took for emergency […]

being recognised in public

Being Recognised in Public

A couple of weeks ago, I organized to meet up with my grandparents at our local shopping centre. I arrived a little early with Phoebe and Maggie, so I took […]

homeware hampers

Homeware Hampers Are The New Way to Style Your Home

It’s an art to style a room. I know this because I’ve tried my hand at styling my own home and despite my efforts, I don’t always feel I get […]

out of hours plumbing

When The Poo Escapes The Pan – Out of Hours Plumbing

This post has been written in collaboration with Gladesville Plumbing Services Out of hours plumbing call outs are not ideal. They’re not ideal for homeowners because they pay a higher […]

if you want to get rich, become a plumber

If You Want to Get Rich, Become a Plumber. Apparently.

This week the media has decided to cause a stir by reporting on what tradies around Australia earn per hour. First it was this report from MSN news, Which tradies get paid […]

my what big eyes you have

My, What Big Eyes You Have

This last weekend was one of the most enjoyable and productive weekends I have had in a long while. I recently cancelled swimming lessons just so we can have a […]

the modern day mum is stronger than she thinks

The Modern Day Mum is Stronger Than She Thinks

I don’t know how many times I have looked at the clock since becoming a mum and have willed those handles to spin a little faster. There have been many […]

Why Do I Have no Water Coming Through my Shower Head

Why Do I Have no Water Coming Through my Shower Head?

Last Thursday night, I was asked about a plumbing problem on Facebook by a follower named Carly*. It was an enquiry about ‘why do I have no water coming through […]

The Unglamorous Mum is Beautiful

The Unglamorous Mum is Beautiful

Last Friday afternoon, I caught sight of myself in a mirror at Rockmans as I was heading to the change room to try on a pair of jeans and I […]

Mount Tamborine Day trip with kids

Mount Tamborine Day Trip With Kids

Yesterday, Jacob and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. The weather on the day was quite similar to what we had on our special day all those years ago. We […]

dodgy real estate agent

How to Avoid Choosing a Dodgy Real Estate Agent

This post has been written in collaboration with RateMyAgent This week we received yet another letter in the mail from an unfamiliar real estate agent telling us they had a […]

revenge can by blinding

Revenge Can Be Blinding

I enjoy shows that deal with revenge. The Count of Monte Cristo, Taken – any movies that involve a mission to rectify a wrong. When I watch these movies, I’ll […]

the woman who used sewers to rescue jewish children

The Woman Who Used a Sewer to Rescue Jewish Children

A couple of years ago my mum shared this Facebook post by Dawn French who posted about Irena Sendler. The woman who used a sewer to rescue Jewish children. I […]

Mother's Day Gift ideas for the tradie

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tradie and DIY Mum #HIT

With Mother’s Day a little under 3 weeks away, now is the time to start thinking about possible gifts for the mum in your life. I’m a girly girl and […]

a life of no regrets

A Life of no Regrets

Have you ever shared how ridiculous a particular situation is to a friend to find that they think it’s crazy too but their predicament is actually worse than yours and […]

why companies should hire a female apprentice

Why Companies Should Hire a Female Apprentice

There are many reasons why females make up less than 2% of the construction and trade industry. The first being women aren’t made aware that they could potentially work as […]

coloured fixtures

Make Your Bathroom Standout With Bold Coloured Fixtures and Taps

Choosing the right fixtures and taps for a bathroom is serious work. The fixtures and taps need to fit the style, size and budget allowed for the bathroom installation. If you […]

plumbing and gas awards

Why I’ve Never Regretted Attending an Awards Night

Sponsored Post When I was a 2nd year plumbing apprentice, I was nominated for Apprentice of the Year at the Construction Skills QLD Excellence Awards, representing the plumbing category. I […]

reasons not to hire a female apprentice

Five Reasons NOT to Hire a Female Apprentice

A couple of weekends ago, my parents went to McDonalds at Richlands to have a cup of coffee and a cheap date. While they were having their coffee, my parents […]

turds in a stormwater drain

Like a Turd In a Stormwater Drain

If you ever see a turd in a stormwater drain you can know that firstly, someone has hooked a sewer pipe into the wrong drain (ie, rainwater goes into stormwater, […]

downpipe that took 6 months to replace

The Downpipe That Took Six Months to Replace #HIT

A year ago I noticed the downpipe adjacent our kitchen window was dripping more water that it was draining away during a heavy down pour. On closer inspection, I found […]