How to save money using your dishwasher Plus a Giveaway

This post has been written in collaboration with Finish Most modern kitchens allow a space under the sink for a dishwasher. What used to be a luxury appliance, is now […]


My Reading Style

Last week Janet from Middle Aged Mama tagged me to answer some questions about my reading style. If I’m honest, I rarely read for myself these days. I read more […]


My hand cream nearly flooded a laboratory

This post has been written in collaboration with Vaseline Australia Plumbing work is hard on the hands. They can get covered in filth which thankfully can be washed away, but […]


My formal was my first date with my husband

This time thirteen years ago I had my first date with my husband. I took him to my school formal knowing his name, where he lived and he had the […]

Solar Panels

Are solar panels worth the investment?

Collaborative Post I remember back in December 2011, I opened up our electricity bill and nearly died in shock at the amount. I knew it was going to be a big […]


How to give when you have nothing to give

This last year has been our toughest year financially yet. I would say even tougher than when Jacob and I had our first year living together when we got married. […]


Help, I have poo coming out of my ceiling

This is not the type of phone call any plumber wants to receive. But it does happen. Usually it’s caused by a blockage in a sewer pipe and it’s backed […]

Having a break

Have a break, have a Potato Stix break #snackosphere Healtheries & Voices of 2014

I am a chocoholic. Esther and Magdalene have also inherited my love of chocolate. It’s a treat that I indulge in daily, and one they get given weekly. When it’s […]


How to stay humble

I invited two highly regarded bloggers to my house for a catch up a few weeks ago and I felt like I was catching up with good friends. I can […]

Week of Crap

My Week of Crap

We have had a good run this year from avoiding getting sick. I’m so careful to wash hands and not hold playdates with sick kids and mums. Which sounds awful […]


The Taste Test #snackosphere Healtheries & Voices of 2014

I try to offer an array of foods to my girls when it comes to their meal times. Though sometimes their fussiness has me reaching for the basics of the […]


21 Challenges Plumbers have to face

I’ve told you why you should consider plumbing as a career but every job has it’s challenges. I’ve found 21 challenges plumbers have to face both physically and mentally. Your […]


Nice will always trump Nasty

Have you noticed the amount of negativity online recently? I’ve come across some antsy comments lately and I know I’m not the only blogger that has noticed it. I sometimes […]