What You Need to Know About Matte Grey Stone Bathroom Fixtures

If you’re looking for a high-end statement piece to put in your bathroom, you should consider matte grey stone bathroom fixtures. I became aware of these matte grey cast stone […]

zucchini noodle pesto salad with capsicum and pine nuts

Tradie’s Lunchbox – Zucchini Noodle Pesto Salad With Capsicum And Pine Nuts

If you crave carbs during winter and love nothing more than eating a hearty pasta dish, you will enjoy this Zucchini Noodle Pesto Salad with Capsicum and Pine Nuts. This […]

DIY Makeup Vanity Transformation Using Chalk Paint

DIY Kids Makeup Vanity Transformation Using Chalk Paint

If you love a DIY project, you will love this makeup vanity transformation we did using chalk paint. When Jacob had two weeks off work in July, I had a […]

A Septic Safe Bathroom Cleaner That Works PLUS Win a Dominant Bathroom Cleaning Pack

A Septic Safe Bathroom Cleaner That Works PLUS Win a Dominant Bathroom Cleaning Pack

If you’re looking for a septic safe bathroom cleaner that works, you need to know about Dominant cleaning products. Around a month ago, I was sent a pack of Dominant […]

Keep Mice Out of my Air Conditioning Unit

What I’m Trialing to Keep Mice Out of my Air Conditioning Unit

If there is one annoyance I have had since living in our current home, it’s the attraction of mice to our outdoor air conditioning unit. We have a reverse cycle […]

the last three weeks

The Last Three Weeks

The last three weeks have been incredibly busy for me. Let’s be honest, life is always busy! But whenever school holidays roll around, I always make a to-do list of […]

vanessa bean vases giveaway

Tips on How to Get a Vanessa Bean Vase PLUS a Giveaway

For the last year and a bit I have been trying to purchase a Vanessa Bean vase. I became aware of the vases when Chris from The Life Creative shared […]

ALDI plumbing products avoid buying

Why Plumbing Products Should Only be Sourced From a Reputable Plumbing Supplier

Over a month ago, as I was flicking through my junk mail, I raised my eyebrows to the ALDI plumbing products special buys of the week. The discount grocer offered […]

matte black tap mixer fienza

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Matte Black Tap Mixer PLUS a Giveaway from Fienza

This post has been written in collaboration with Fienza When you spend time and money on a bathroom renovation, you want to make sure you get value for money on […]

Phoebe's trolls party

Phoebe’s Trolls Party

We are a little obsessed with Trolls in our house. We listen to the Trolls soundtrack everyday – so much so, Phoebe knows the words to every song. Whenever she […]

33 things i know

33 Things I’m Thankful For

I often get reflective when my Birthday rolls around. I usually share things I’ve learned, but for today’s post I wanted to share 33 things I’m thankful for. It’s easy […]

easy mandarin meringue pie the plumbette

Smoko Snacks – Easy Mandarin Meringue Pie

If you love lemon meringue pie, then you will really enjoy this easy mandarin meringue pie. I used a ‘cheat’ recipe to create it based on a Kidspot recipe. The […]

my toilet is leaking brown water!

Help! I Have a Toilet Leaking Brown Water

When you have a toilet leaking brown water, it’s normal to think the worst. Someone has either missed the bowl or the toilet is leaking contents that should be flushed […]

fear wisdom

Sometimes It’s Not Fear That Holds You Back, It’s Wisdom

I think quotes and inspirational memes can confuse the crap out of us. Well they do for me. One moment I’m charging through life, making goals and then the next, […]

Tradies lunchbox bolognese sausage rolls

Tradie’s Lunchbox – Bolognese Sausage Rolls

If you’re looking for a way to use up bulk Bolognese sauce, these Bolognese Sausage Rolls are a great way to do it. Whenever I make Spaghetti Bolognese, I try […]

bathroom storage, 10 ways without having to renovate

10 Ways to Add Bathroom Storage Without Having to Renovate

An important aspect to any bathroom is its storage capacity. Bathroom storage is a necessity. But what do you do when you can’t afford to renovate, and there is limited […]

my first hair straightener from 2003

My First Hair Straightener from 2003: When Hair Straighteners Were the Size of a Sandwich Press

I got my first hair straightener 16 years ago when I was 17 years old. I used to have blonde hair in my late teen years and Stefan was my […]

create a ceiling

5 Ideas to Create a Ceiling That Effortlessly Stands Out

Guest Post You may not realise it but a ceiling can make a huge difference to how your room appears. It is the first thing that you notice when you […]

holidays and end of an era

Holidays and Seasons

We’ve made it. We’ve finished the first semester of school and we’re officially on holidays. No more rushing to do two (sometimes three!) drop-offs for the next two weeks. No […]

tradie's lunchbox pumpkin and feta pinwheels with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream

Tradie’s Lunchbox: Pumpkin and Feta Pinwheels With Sweet Chilli Sauce and Sour Cream

One of my favourite 4 ingredient recipes is a pumpkin, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce tart. It’s an easy recipe and always tastes delicious when I make it. So […]

black and white bathroom renvoation

Before and After: Black and White Bathroom Renovation

My hairdresser, Hayley and her husband Mark, recently renovated their main bathroom. I shared their kitchen renovation last year, and after that was completed, they decided the bathroom was due […]

open plan living for families

Five Reasons Open Plan Living is Great For Families

This week, I saw my friend Rebecca Bowyer, share this article about how open plan living is pretty much overrated and is like living in an ‘echo chamber’. The writer of […]