kids in the pool

Six Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Kids When in The Pool

Heading to the pool with three kids in tow is no relaxing feat. Gone are the days of taking a book to the pool and lazing back on the lounge […]

busiest month yet beach

Busiest Month Yet

September has been my busiest month yet. The first day of the month had me presenting at the Plumbing conference, which I felt unqualified to speak at. But as the […]

five ways to add soul to your home

Five Ways to Add Soul To Your Home – By a Non-Stylist

Like any reality TV show, The Block can rouse many emotions in me. From surprise to shock to frustration and many eye-rolling moments – I know that’s not an emotion, […]

problogger 2016

What Have You Been Avoiding – Problogger 2016 Recap

When I booked my ticket to attend Problogger 2016, I did so because of an announcement of one of the speakers. And of course a fear of missing out (FOMO). […]

tap faucets of the future

Are These The Tap Faucets of The Future?

I love a trend and will happily jump on it if I love it enough. Copper and marble are supposedly on their way out, but terracotta, natural, and recycled materials […]

Mazz & Co nursery

Our Visit to Mazz & Co to Buy More House Plants

In the last year or so I have been adding live plants into our house. I’ve always been a little apprehensive about having plants in the house because I often […]

industry conference

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to Your Industry Conference

This post has been written in collaboration with the Master Plumbers Association QLD I’m smack bang in the middle of conference fortnight. Last week I headed down to the Gold […]

ready for spring

How Your Plumber Can Get Your Outdoor Area Ready for Spring

Today, I am presenting and attending the QLD Plumbing and Gas Conference. I’ve asked Plumber to the Rescue to guest post for me today, sharing ways your plumber can get […]

why I write The Plumbette

Why I Write The Plumbette

To share why I write The Plumbette, I have to go back 10 years ago. You see, 10 years ago I took a risk and decided to become a plumber to […]

Reece Grant 2016

The Reece Grant Helps Tradies Help The Less Fortunate – Applications Open Now

This post has been written in collaboration with Reece Plumbing Australia Have you ever been to a third world country and realized just how blessed you are to live in […]

topless waitress party geocon

‘Topless Waitress Party’ Strips Gender Equality

Many tradeswomen and MP’s have been riled up over the recent topless waitress party put on by Geocon at one of their works sites in Canberra. The completion of the […]

the block master ensuite reveals 2016

The Block Master Ensuite Reveals 2016 – Not A Lot To Be Desired

The Block reveals were on last night and to be honest, the bathrooms that were presented were a little lackluster. You could feel the viewers weren’t feeling the love either […]

best gimmicky father's day gifts

The Best Gimmicky Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad That Has Everything

It’s Home Improvement Thursday and usually I’d have a blogpost about plumbing or improving your home or something home related. But today I’m going to break the rules. Instead, I’m […]

40 ways children change your house

40 Ways Your House Will Change Once You Have Kids

Kids. They are amazing creatures whom you love to the moon and back, but they can frustrate the heck out of you. And none of this frustration is EVER put […]

you looked different

You Looked Different the Moment I Saw You

Last Friday, I got lost in my thoughts as I pushed the pram and walked Esther to school. We were running late. Again. I am now known for my lateness […]

retractable sink mixer taps

Retractable Mixer Taps – Why They’re a Popular Tap For The Kitchen

Choosing the right kitchen mixer can be a daunting task when there are so many to choose from. Some clients prefer a standard, no fuss kitchen mixer that is easy […]

bad mum good mum

12 Reasons Why Being a Bad Mum Makes Me a Good Mum

On the weekend I headed to see the movie Bad Moms with a group of school mums who I just love hanging out with and getting to know. Let’s be […]

struggling christian mother

The Struggling Christian Mother

Lately, I’ve been ashamed to admit that being a mum has been a little overwhelming for me lately. Let’s just say I’ve been struggling for most of this year. The […]

overflow relief gullies

What You Need to Know About Overflow Relief Gullies and What a Blocked ORG Means

On Saturday morning, while I was cleaning the house to get it ready for Esther’s Shopkins party later that afternoon, I noticed the water from the sink was taking a […]

shopkins party

Partying Shopkins Style

On Saturday I had 25 kids attend Esther’s 6th Birthday and the theme was Shopkins. After writing for a party website and always discovering new themes each week to write […]

facebook live video with little kids

How to do a Facebook Live Video With Little Kids

Last Tuesday was a busy day for me. I felt a bit like the main character from that movie “I don’t know how she does it” because I was heading […]