my first hair straightener from 2003

My First Hair Straightener from 2003: When Hair Straighteners Were the Size of a Sandwich Press

I got my first hair straightener 16 years ago when I was 17 years old. I used to have blonde hair in my late teen years and Stefan was my […]

create a ceiling

5 Ideas to Create a Ceiling That Effortlessly Stands Out

Guest Post You may not realise it but a ceiling can make a huge difference to how your room appears. It is the first thing that you notice when you […]

holidays and end of an era

Holidays and Seasons

We’ve made it. We’ve finished the first semester of school and we’re officially on holidays. No more rushing to do two (sometimes three!) drop-offs for the next two weeks. No […]

tradie's lunchbox pumpkin and feta pinwheels with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream

Tradie’s Lunchbox: Pumpkin and Feta Pinwheels With Sweet Chilli Sauce and Sour Cream

One of my favourite 4 ingredient recipes is a pumpkin, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce tart. It’s an easy recipe and always tastes delicious when I make it. So […]

black and white bathroom renvoation

Before and After: Black and White Bathroom Renovation

My hairdresser, Hayley and her husband Mark, recently renovated their main bathroom. I shared their kitchen renovation last year, and after that was completed, they decided the bathroom was due […]

open plan living for families

Five Reasons Open Plan Living is Great For Families

This week, I saw my friend Rebecca Bowyer, share this article about how open plan living is pretty much overrated and is like living in an ‘echo chamber’. The writer of […]

tradie business wife to be valued

The Biggest Asset In A Tradies Business That Won’t Fit In The Toolbox

Last year I had a question from a wife of a plumber, asking me how she can better assist her husband with his plumbing business. I sent my advice and […]

6 easy slow cooker meals that can be reheated for lunch

6 Easy Slow Cooker Meals That Make The Best Leftovers

If you are looking for some easy meals to make this winter, you must bookmark these 6 easy slow cooker meals that make the best leftovers. These recipes are from […]

home the elements of decorating

The Must Have Book for Home Decorating – HOME: The Elements of Decorating by Emma Blomfield

Around a month ago, I headed to Target to buy The Barefoot Investor after reading a review on She Shopped. I’ve seen so many recommendations on this book. But of […]

5 lessons I learned out in the country

5 Things I Learned While Out in The Country

This time last week we came home from our weekend away to Stanthorpe. It frightens me how fast time flies. One morning this week, I thought I had Maggie nudging […]

antipasto bento lunchbox

Tradie’s Lunchbox: Antipasto Bento Lunch Box

This week for Tradie’s Lunchbox, I’m sharing an antipasto bento lunch box idea, using deli produce bought from our trip to Stanthorpe. Of course, you don’t have to use the […]

before and after modern black and white kitchen reveal

Before and After: Modern Black and White Kitchen Renovation

I’m excited to share this before and after reveal with you of a modern black and white kitchen renovation, for three reasons: 1. It’s another friend’s home. 2. I know the […]

kid friendly getaway to stanthorpe

Our Kid Friendly Family Getaway to Stanthorpe

If you’re looking for inspiration for a kid friendly family getaway to Stanthorpe, this post is for you. Last weekend we headed away to Stanthorpe for a much needed break. […]

kitchen styling how to organise your kitchen bench

Kitchen Styling: How To Organise Your Kitchen Bench

Kitchen styling is something I admire, but am not always good at upkeeping. At present, our kitchen plants have been thriving, but one succulent has thrived a little too much […]

prophecy understood in reverse

A Prophecy Lost in Translation… Or So I Thought

Phillip Yancey once quoted “I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse.” Life requires a lot of faith decisions. The decisions vary […]

evolving renovation into a qld modern home

Before and After: The Evolving Renovation into a Modern Queensland Home

I hope you’re enjoying this new series of before and afters on my blog. It’s going to be a regular feature because I want to share renovations from every day […]

the friends we're yet to meet

The Friends We’re Yet to Meet

On the weekend, I headed to one of my closest blogging friend’s 40th Birthday party. I still can’t believe she is 40. When we hang out together, age is no […]

how to get the right lighting for your bathroom

How to Choose the Right Lighting For Your Bathroom

This post has been written in collaboration with Urban Lighting When renovating your bathroom, lighting is a very important aspect to a successful bathroom design. The right lighting can make […]

Tradie's lunchbox vegetable soup with garlic croutons

Tradie’s Lunchbox: Vegetable Soup With Garlic Croutons

I love having soups in winter. They’re a great way to get more veggies into your diet and they can keep you warm on a cool day. If you’re looking […]

before and after stylish home renovation

Before and After: A Stylish Home Renovation, Perfect For Families

When Wright Renovations started following me on Instagram, I re-followed them back and was delighted to find out it was Emma and Luke, who were friends of friends at my […]

winter plumbing problems

Icy Issues – 5 Tips for Avoiding Winter Plumbing Problems

Guest Post There are some domestic crises which you really don’t want to be dealing with in the winter time. Leaky pipes, for instance, are a real nuisance at any […]

How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys

How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys (AKA JUNK) And Restore Your Sanity

If you are drowning in little toys and are sick of seeing them manifest in all areas of your house, I have a storage solution for you. I’m going to […]

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