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Is unused education a lost cause?

Yesterday, Jacob and I moved my office into the lounge room to make way for another bedroom for our baby. We rarely used our lounge room so it was the […]

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WAR method for finding a plumber

Sponsored Post Since I’ve stopped working on the tools, I have had a lot of calls asking for plumber recommendations. I have two plumbers that I am constantly sending referrals […]

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Peace like a river, Doubt like a rapid

I have learned a lot about myself in the last 6 months since dealing with all the changes in my life. I have had peace like a river and doubt […]

Small to Big Bathroom2

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Sponsored Post I loved watching The Block House reveals last week with much interest. The room that gets my most attention is the bathroom. Renovating an existing bathroom can be […]

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Poo Catchers

When I was a soft handed apprentice, I always wondered why our commercial plumbers would occasionally have to start work early in the morning. I’m talking about 4am or 5am […]


Underdogs and Design

Were you surprised by the outcome of The Block on Wednesday night? I was. But I was also happy to see an underdog like Steve and Chantelle take out the […]

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Five reasons your bathroom smells like a sewer and how to fix them

Ever walked into a bathroom and thought phewee what is that smell? Bathrooms are meant to be hygienic and clean, but occasionally they can produce a strong pong. Here are […]


Does this toilet seat make my butt too big?

I don’t think I’m particularly funny. I’ve had funny things happen to me which I’m happy to share with friends and family. But I have never seen myself as a […]

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Sweet Smelling Dish Washing Experience – Palmolive Ultra Divine Blends Review and Giveaway

Sponsored Post One of my pet hates is washing up. It used to be one of my chores when I was living with my parents.  Even though dad was a […]

Abstract of New Home Construction Site Framing.

Renovating Versus Building

Sponsored Post Purchasing a property to live in is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. There are so many factors to consider. Starting a family is often […]