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Inspiration from the Carpenter – Blessing Others

Living in a first world country, we have tremendous capabilities of being generous to others. However, sometimes we fall into the trap of giving when we can ‘afford’ to. We […]


Beware of Newly Renovated homes

As I have stated before on this blog, plumbing must be done by a licensed plumber. Choosing to use a local handyman or attempt to do plumbing work yourself can […]


Inspiration from the Carpenter – Dishonesty is the Worst Policy

  Have you ever experienced the feeling of being ripped off? I have. It doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t know anyone who has enjoyed being ripped off and […]


Changes to the Plumbing Legislation

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, there will always be changes. Big changes have been made to plumbing legislation which has assured *“to cut red tape, delays and […]


The Mother of all Jugglers

Every week I seem to be juggling motherhood and work and this week was no exception. On Wednesday I planned to take my daughter to a kids program when my […]


Mental Strength as a Female Plumbing Apprentice

Unfortunately I have just woken from a bad dream and I can’t get back to sleep. Of course, I have to be up in a couple of hours for work […]


Inspiration from the Carpenter – Fruitcakes bearing Fruit

Yesterday I had a crazy day of taking my grandma shopping for a new outfit for her grandson’s upcoming wedding. My dad said I was the perfect person to take […]


Tight Deadlines

I had to work over the weekend at a Medicare office in the western suburbs of Brisbane. The whole tenancy had to be completely stripped out and renovated to new […]


Inspiration from the Carpenter – Don’t Screw People Over

I like to think that I state the obvious to some degree. There are often subjects that don’t get discussed and often they need to be so that we can […]