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Early Starts are part of the job as a Plumber / Plumbette

Getting up early is part of the job when you’re a commercial plumber. I get the best (and worst) of both worlds by doing commercial and residential plumbing. When doing […]


Electric Hot Water Unit Phase Out

Electric hot water units are being phased out as a national scheme to make households use more energy efficient and greener hot water heating products.   Households that are affected […]


Inspiration from the Carpenter – First Love Priority

Being sick sucks. It sucks even more when you’re a mum and when you have responsibilities that only you can do. I don’t get paid for sick days so when […]


Nothing lasts forever – Dishwasher Dramas!

We haven’t used our dishwasher since it was ‘looked’ at by a service technician at least a couple of months ago. I was told sheepishly that the dishwasher had just […]


‘I fixed it!’ Customer Claims

A very loyal client who happens to be of Asian descent, and a pastor to a large Chinese church rang me in a panic last Thursday about how he had […]

Blueberry Martini

Inspiration from the Carpenter – Celebrating YOUniqueness

Tomorrow is my 28th Birthday. I have told friends and family that it’s just another day, but birthdays can be a really special day no matter what age you turn. […]


And when you think you’ve seen it all!

Every day I start with a prayer. I especially pray for the days that I work. I pray for safety, ease of doing jobs and that everything will go well […]