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5 Ideas to Create a Ceiling That Effortlessly Stands Out

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You may not realise it but a ceiling can make a huge difference to how your room appears. It is the first thing that you notice when you lie down for a nap. So, why not make it worth your while?

Here are 5 great ideas to spruce up your ceiling and add to the overall value of your home.

Installing Pressed Tin Ceiling Panel

Pressed Tin Ceiling Panels are a great addition to any vintage home, but if you want to experiment with them on your contemporary home, make sure to consult with a reliable ceiling renovation expert. Companies that manufacture Pressed Tin-Panel recommend oil-based paint to enhance its life. For best results and to avoid chipping around the edges, the panels should be painted once they are installed. To protect the panels from moisture, you may apply a thin coat of clear polyurethane. Talk to your installer for other sealants that might work for your ceiling.

Ceiling Medallion

This ceiling feature goes down well with all types of ceilings, from vintage to contemporary and everything in between. The process doesn’t take much time and yet adds great value to your home décor. You may either use heavy cast-plaster or polyurethane foam to create a stunning ceiling medallion. For large rooms, an array of ceiling medallions can achieve a complete, dramatic look. While urethane adhesive is perfect for tacking ceiling medallion to the surface, it can be further secured by using countersinking nails across the perimeter.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Using wallpapers to decorate your ceiling saves time, cost and still gives off a dramatic look and feel. It is easy to install though, but if you’re seeking perfection, it is advised to hire a wallpapering specialist. Always use the best quality wallpapers and adhesives, because cheap ones will start to come out in a month or so and you will have to shell out some extra bucks to get it fixed.

Layered Drywall

Layered Drywall is a unique ceiling feature that’s gaining popularity among homeowners and ceiling renovation contractors alike. Not only it enhances the aesthetics, but it also acts as a sound barrier and provides better insulation than ordinary ceilings. Drywalls are lightweight yet robust enough to withstand heavy impact, fire and moisture as well. If installed correctly, layered drywall can spruce up your living room, hall and even bedroom.

Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings find favour with almost every commercial setting, but if you want to give your home a unique appearance, experimenting with suspended ceiling will not cost you a fortune. Suspended ceilings are ideal for porch, halls and designer kitchens to name a few. You may have a word with your ceiling expert to know the various possibilities of suspended ceiling for your living space.

Plywood Panels

Wood is the classic choice for giving any home the cottage-like feel and that too at an affordable price. Ideal for both flat and sloped ceilings, the panels can be cut with a handsaw or power saw and nailed to the ceiling joists. The panels can be further secured by using plywood adhesives to provide extra robustness to your ceiling.

On the flip side, plywood ceilings require immense care and protection against moisture and termites. For that matter, you can apply top-grade sealant to prolong your ceiling’s life.


A ceiling is the most important part of any property, and so its maintenance should never be ignored. The aforementioned ceiling features will stand the test of time only when they are regularly maintained and repaired immediately should any damage take place.

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  • Just so long as it is not that horrible pebbletex stuff they used to put on the ceiling in units!

    • Oh the popcorn ceiling! Yes, I hope that never comes back.