Beware of Newly Renovated homes

As I have stated before on this blog, plumbing must be done by a licensed plumber. Choosing to use a local handyman or attempt to do plumbing work yourself can cause a number of headaches. I don’t have enough fingers on my hand the amount of times I have had wives ring up complaining their husband ‘tried’ to fix a leaking tap because ‘it’s easy’ and then the leak becomes worse and are in urgent need of a plumber to fix it.

If I’m sick, I go to a doctor, if I have a toothache, I go to a dentist. If I have issues with my car, I take it to my car service repairer. If you have plumbing issues, RING A LICENSED PLUMBER. The same can be said for electrical issues, ring an electrician and etc for other various trades.

Unfortunately shows like The Block make the everyday home viewer think that renovating a house or maintenance work is no sweat but can I assure you that if you don’t have a clue what you are doing (even if you think you do) the project will turn into a mountain before you know it.

This is why I purchased a brand new house – renovating can be a nightmare – especially older homes where who knows what is running in the walls – and who knows what the walls are made of! Even though my house is fairly new – it still needs to be maintained (that will be another blog article) and it will need to be renovated in the distant future.

Be wary when buying a house that states ‘newly renovated’. Get a builder or tradesman to do the house inspection with you so they can point out flaws in the house and this can help you work out what price to offer should you choose to purchase the house.

Some renovations are artificial. I know of many bathrooms that have been renovated by the previous property owner and they failed to tank or put the water proof membrane down before they tiled the floor. The bathroom looks fantastic when finished, but later down the track within a year water will leak through the bathroom floor causing water damage and termites. I know of one bathroom where the water damage was so bad the tiles moved under your feet when you walked on them and the base wooden floor was so saturated it dripped down to the concrete floor below. The poor owners had to renovate the bathroom from the floor up to fix the problem.

If a house has been newly renovated, ask the owners to produce certification from the builder and plumber who did the work. If the owners can’t produce any paperwork – steer clear of the house.

Every house I have purchased I have always had my parents walk through. They have built half a dozen houses in their life time and know what to look for. As an example, my dad would check the state of the gutters and storm water drains – even the date on the hot water system – key things people miss when walking through a home to buy.

So please beware of newly renovated homes. It can be disguised as a future nightmare if a handyman or woman has gone about doing the renovations themselves.

Have you ever bought a property that was a renovation disaster?