The Block Triple Threat Powder Room, Laundry and Cellar Reveals

It was a big week on The Block for all four teams last week. The Block Triple Threat powder room, laundry and cellar reveals were again a mixed bag of good style choices and interesting design ideas. Let’s look at the powder rooms first  – which is really just a glorified toilet with a vanity basin.

Josh & Charlotte’s powder room was simple and elegant. I loved the light tiles and for some reason I felt this room was styled better than their main bathroom despite using a similar tile. I liked the mixture of textures. A bottle trap is a great way to save space underneath the vanity. Usually there is no need for storage space in a powder room because it’s specifically for toilet visits and make-up touch up or hand washing purposes.

Shaynna brought up the issue with the vanity spout being too long for the basin width. This can be a common design problem that can be easily fixed by installing a shorter spout (if one is available). These kinds of issues don’t usually surface until install day but it’s always good practice to take measurements and ensure that what you have purchased will work onsite. On a side note I don’t mind the gunmetal colour in the tapware.

Tim & Anastasia’s powder room was luxurious and moody. I didn’t mind the dark tile they used but you have to be careful using darker colours in a small space because it can often make the room smaller than what it is. What worked in Tim & Anastasia’s favour with their tile choice, was their room was much bigger.

Jess & Ayden’s powder room was light and vibrant. I loved that they used their feature tile on one wall instead of all the walls. I think they may have learned that lesson with their enclosed toilet in the main bathroom. If you are wanting to have a vanity cupboard in the powder room, install a narrow style like Jess & Ayden’s. The styling was simple but I still liked it.

I loved Dea & Daz’s powder room. It’s the room I would go in just because. I loved the styling and it would be easy to replicate at home with the right placement of shelves. I loved the round mirror and how it complimented with the circular vanity basin. I also really like those hexagonal tiles. I don’t recommend using those types of tiles in a shower because they can be very difficult to clean and have a high ratio of grout where mould can grow.

When it comes to laundries, I am keen on practical over style. It’s not a place I want to hang out in, but it is a room I like to keep tidy so having benches, shelves and storage are important.

I liked the storage offered in all four laundries. Bench space is always a must and I think all four couples offered that in their spaces.

I thought it was comical that Shaynna was anal about a laundry chute. I think it’s a nice feature to have in a two or three storey apartment, but sometimes structurally, installing a chute may not work. From personal experience, we rarely used the chute when we lived in a double storey house. I guess it was just habit to bring the dirty clothes downstairs to the laundry, when we were heading down there already.

I thought it was interesting that Dea and Anastasia chose the same laundry tap. Did anyone else pick this?

With Dea and Daz’s laundry, I didn’t like the size of the sink. For me, I soak a lot of items in my laundry tub. But for Dea and Daz’s ideal buyer, a small sink might be sufficient. They will probably get their clothes dry cleaned anyway.




I’m not a wine drinker so I know very little about wines and cellars, but I was impressed with all four cellars that were presented last night. In my opinion, the fact that each apartment has it’s own cellar adds value to each apartment. Of course that’s coming from a non-wine drinker who would much prefer the storage space than racks holding thousands of dollars worth of wine. With that said, I had to disagree with Darren Palmer when he judged Jess & Ayden’s cellar with the table and chairs by commenting on who would sit with a  view of the wall and enjoy a drink in their cellar? I know a few mums who would jump at the chance of hiding in there away from their children. 😉 Just saying.

Here are the photo reveals of the wine cellars. I don’t mind Josh and Charlotte’s ‘earthy’ cellar and Dea and Daz’s cellar is wowing. It reminded me of my experiences visiting high end/boutique wineries in the Barossa Valley and Hunter Valley.





I personally love the idea of more storage so this space by created by Josh and Charlotte was a great idea.

Did you think Dea and Daz deserved another win? What did you think of the reveals last night?

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  • I have recorded this and haven’t watched it yet but I couldn’t help myself but have a quick little look.

    • Sorry Malinda! Well done for recording. I always like to sticky beak at the reveal photos and when I follow along in Twitter I find out who wins each week because of the time difference in air times. 🙂

  • I don’t actually watch The Block – the building stuff doesn’t interest me at all but sometimes I see the result when I turn over waiting for something else to start. I just worry that they do everything so quickly they cut corners!!!

    • I worry about that aspect too but they must comply to codes. I love the reveals the most too. Watching the building part gets me too emotional because of all the stress.

  • writeofthemiddle

    Thanks for the wrap up Bec! I missed The Block last night! I usually love Dea and Daz’s rooms the best (even though Dea can irritate me). I agree about the small laundry tub though – I have always had a regular sized tub in my laundry for soaking and hand washing and that is what I would expect. If I were to build and/or decorate my own bathroom I would do all I could to have the most minimal ratio for mould growth possible! Good point about the hexagonal tiles! Those wine cellars look amazing – what a luxury to have one of those but as for me – I’d never need that much wine – I’d rather use the space for something else! 😉 xo

    • Yes, Dea and Daz irritate me too but they do have great style. And I wonder if the show just shows the bad parts as opposed to the good. Renovating can be so stressful and I wonder if I was on the show how my stress would be portrayed. The wine cellars do look good too but I’m like you Min and would use the space differently. 🙂

  • TeganMC

    I love the darker powder room, it just looks so much more sophisticated. I’m not watching The Block this season as I just couldn’t hack another season of listening to Dea complain while poor Daz did all the work.

    • Haha Tegan I actually don’t watch during the week because I get drawn into that drama and I can’t stand the bitching but you’re not the only one turned off because of Dea. I just wonder if the show portrays her bad side more than her good for ratings?

  • You know you’re a parent when… you’re totally jealous of all the gorgeous LAUNDRIES more than anything! (our laundry is tiny with no bench space at all). Thank you for this round up. I don’t watch The Block but I do love peaking at pretty new houses:-) #TeamIBOT

    • I love the reveals the most and seeing the pretty picture at the end too. I was envious of the bench space but then I wonder would it get cluttered with more baskets of clothes?

  • Wow! Amazing images and amazing reveals. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous. These people are so clever. I don’t watch the show, but I have to say I like Dax and Dea’s powder room the best. All the laundries look a little OTT to me though. It doesn’t need to be that fancy. Just functional.

    • Yes the laundries are like a kitchen! But apparently laundries are the new space to get ‘styled’ up so its a place you enjoy spending time in. I love the bench space the most in their laundries.

  • One of my stepfathers was a wine drinker and had a “cellar” in the shed in the back garden, and he loved nothing more than to sit there and contemplate his beloved wines while he had a drink. (It might have also been to get away from my Mum too, LOL!). I’m not a fan of the small/sideways sinks often installed in powder rooms or toilets. They are too small to be any real use – hard to get your hands under the tap, and as a result water gets splashed everywhere!

    • You bring up a great point Janet because you are right, often the basins in powder rooms are tiny and you’re lucky to fit one hand under the tap and of course there is the mess on the floor and you wonder if the wet on the floor was caused by a miss aim or hand washing! The key is the width of the room and installing a basin outside the toilet if the width is too small rather than trying to make the smallest vanity bowl fit.

  • Josh and Charlotte are more my style. But I did like the look of D&D’s laundry.

    • Josh and Charlotte have a very trendy style which is relaxing. If I’m honest, I’d love to do Laundry in any of their laundries! 🙂