contemporary bathroom in 2017

Features of a Contemporary Bathroom in 2017

Houzz is my Pinterest. I could happily scroll through bathroom and kitchen images on Houzz for all sorts of interior inspiration. Through my ‘research’, I’ve noticed there are some key features of a contemporary bathroom in 2017. While I’m in no position to renovate a bathroom, I definitely like to check out the trends and google over the amazing designs that have been installed.

When it comes to interiors that I’m drawn to, I’m definitely in the contemporary camp. I much prefer a contemporary bathroom over a classic style. I appreciate the older classics that to suit older style homes, I love a modern bathroom and am always inspired by the designs that are delivered. There are features in the bathrooms below that are not necessarily new.  I want a bit of every bathroom in my home.

Features of a contemporary bathroom in 2017

The free-standing bath is the main feature of contemporary bathrooms. Think long, sleek, rounded baths, in a designated end of the bathroom with its own step or floor feature.

Tiled from floor to ceiling, large tiles are more popular than smaller, feature tiles.

Integration of natural light through the use of windows and skylights.

Double vanity and extra storage add practicality.

Plant life adds colour and uplifts the bathroom to a day spay experience.

A rain shower head is luxurious and when combined with a hand-shower, offers an array of showering possibilities.

Integration of the bath and shower is not frowned upon if space is limited. Here is a modern installation.

Black tapware is the predominate colour choice when it comes to taps.

Timber details add warmth and are still a popular material choice.
For more bathroom inspiration, check out the predicted bathroom trends for 2017.

What features have you seen in contemporary bathrooms this year? What style of interiors do you like?

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