Just Watch Her

just watch her poem the plumbette

Every new challenge has a rival. Every dream has a setback.

No matter how determined you are in achieving your goals this year, there will be something that will try to deter you to stop.

Don’t let it.

Change is never easy to put into action and it’s never easy to accept.

Not all dreams are smooth sailing to achieve.

But you have to dig deep, build yourself up and believe you can do what you’ve set out to do.

This year, I’d love to hear more success stories of women building a career in construction and the trades.

It’s not because I want women to dominate these industries, it’s simply because there are women who are wired to work with their hands, and sadly they’re being denied the opportunity to give their dream career a go.

There are many reasons why male dominant industries should have a balanced gender representation.

But there is still old thinking and chauvinistic attitudes that plague the industry.

If you’re a woman trying to be taken seriously in a male dominant job, I wrote this poem for you.

It was inspired by a poem written by a teenager that when read backwards, would have a different message to when it was read forwards.

I want to encourage you that no matter what you are facing, you have the skills and perseverance to get through.

life will test you quote
My hope for all of you is that 2017 won’t be a year free of challenge (because reality isn’t perfect), but a year where you are more determined and full of strength to prove your naysayers wrong.

Anyone who says women can’t be tradies need to be proven wrong.

And I hope you are the one that does it.

Just Watch Her

Just watch her
She can’t do this.
Don’t try to tell her
she could do it if only she was a male.
It’s a useless quest.
A woman shouldn’t be on the tools.
It’s not right to think,
She’ll be better –
She won’t be good.
Try to assure her
she’s capable of other pursuits.
It’s a common thought
Male dominated industries aren’t a place for women.
It’s foolish, thinking
she can possibly be
a tradie?!
Who does she think she is?
She is nothing.
She’s deluded to think
she can do it.

Now read it backwards and be encouraged that you can do this.

She can do it
She’s deluded to think
She is nothing.
Who does she think she is?
a tradie?!
She can possibly be.
It’s foolish, thinking
Male dominated industries aren’t a place for women.
It’s a common thought,
She’s capable of other pursuits.
Try to assure her,
She won’t be good –
she’ll be better.
It’s not right to think,
A woman shouldn’t be on the tools,
It’s a useless quest,
She could do it if she was a male.
Don’t try to tell her
she can’t do this.
Just watch her.

just wach her her poem

Bring on 2017. I wish you a year of overcoming challenges and a year of amazing results after much persistence and hard work.