Why you’re crazy not to nominate yourself for the Kidspot Voices of 2015

Last year my inclusion in the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Top 30 Personal and Parenting blogs was a surprise. I didn’t realise what an honour and achievement it was to be recognized in the top 100 blogs in Australia.

And I honestly believe others didn’t think my blog belonged in that top 100 either. You know why? Because when the announcement was made about which blogs made the top 100, many bloggers tweeted how their favourite blogger was in the top 30 and none of them mentioned me.

I felt like a fraud. I was a bit disheartened.

I read blogs from other bloggers writing about their disappointment of not making it into the top 100. And their disappointment was valid. I understood it. Blogging consistently over a long period of time is hard yakka. We all want to be recognized for the work we put into our blogs.

But when I read these blog posts about disappointment, it felt like another stab to my soul that I wasn’t meant to be in the top 100 and there were much better bloggers than me who should have been included.

After the hype of the announcement and my disappointment of others not recognising my inclusion I silently celebrated my nomination with my family. For me my nomination was the answer to my prayer of where I was to focus my ambitions after closing our family plumbing business to raise my little family.

I then prayed I’d make the top 5 because when I saw the prize of a writing contract I thought how cool would that be? A plumber writing for an online home interior publication? It sounded like the perfect job for me.

I didn’t make the top 5. In a way I kind of knew I wouldn’t make the top 5 and in hindsight I was thankful that I didn’t have the added pressure of writing posts for judging right before Phoebe’s birth. The top 5 well and truly deserved their top 5 status.

What I did do though is take advantage of the sponsor challenge posts that had opened up to me. I signed up to review and write about Olympus and Garnier. When the Healtheries opportunity came through I signed to do the challenge right on the deadline. The Olympus and Garnier posts were hard work. Trying to blog with a newborn baby during sleeps and between feeds was full on. The amount of work these posts took made me hesitate about doing the Healtheries challenges.

Thank goodness I agreed to take part in the challenge, because not only did I discover a new healthier snack food for my girls, I also won, which has been a huge blessing to my family and my blog.

The Kidspot Voices of 2014 Gala night is one of the highlights of my blogging career to date. I got to hang out with some fabulous bloggers and I did not expect to walk away with two awards. But I did. And you could too.

I read Em’s blog post about whether to nominate her blog to Kidspot Voices of 2015 and it was a great post because a lot of bloggers have been asking the same question. So I am going to answer it for you.

You’re crazy not to nominate yourself for Kidspot Voices of 2015.

The nominations and awards are not about the number of votes/nominations each blogger receives. It’s about putting forward your blog so it is included in the mix of blogs that are to be judged. You need just one nomination to be considered being placed in the top 100.

This year it’s not only blogs that can be nominated. Those that blog via social media are going to be included in the mix too. There may be a bigger pool of talent to judge, but it’s great that those who have developed a following online via their social media accounts can be recognized.

There’s no time like now to nominate your blog. Here is the link so you can make sure your blog is on the list to judge. Nominations close on the 27th April.

voices of 2015

And while you nominate yourself, why not nominate another blog you love reading and EMAIL them to let them know. Receiving a comment or email from someone telling you they’ve nominated your blog is encouraging and always well appreciated.

I know my blog is in the pool to be judged because Jacob nominated me. And the reason he nominated me is because ‘he digs me and my words’. He’s a sweetheart and I dig him back.

It’s important to mention too that blogging is not about awards. It’s lovely to be recognized, but even better knowing your words are helping someone else. Your motivation for blogging should always come back to love.

What do you think about Kidspot Voices 2015? What’s stopping you from nominating your blog? What’s your ultimate blogging dream?

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  • Beautiful Bec, love your blog and you totes deserved to be there. X Thanks for the reminder! Will get Hubby to nominate me!!

    • Yes, please get him to do it. Or I will. Your blog has been fabulous for mums with big families and mothering young uns. And thank you for your encouragement. xx

  • Oh Bec I’m a wee bit sad reading that, I’m not sure many people realise how much you have going on, especially last year with 3 very children so close in age, all that work, blogging etc, I can’t believe you do it. But you do! I loved seeing your smiling/beaming face up there and couldn’t have been happier for you. It’s a fickle thing and while I’m not usually a fan of such ‘competitions’ because I do believe it’s subjective as to who is considered a ‘top voice’ it’s quite obvious by your following, the compassion in the way you write and your generosity to other bloggers when you have 3 wee precious souls and a hubby, and a family, and work, and two blogs, and other writing work, that the opportunities you have been offered were well earned through a combination of hard work and passion. Rock on Bec, haters gonna love, lovers gonna love. x

    • I absolutely agree with the whole subjective judging. I have no idea what they really look for because there were some blogs I’d thought would be included, that weren’t. I would love to see you in the top100/30 to be recognized for your hard work and your unique voice. You do so much for the blogging community too. We both love what we do so in the end that’s the best award we could both receive really. xx

  • There’s a reason that you made it to the Top 100 and there’s a reason you won the Healtheries Challenge and it’s simple. You rock. You know it. I know it. The peeps who nominated you know it. You don’t need a tweet to tell you how awesome you are. You totally deserved it ALL! I for one loved seeing you win and thought it throughly deserved! Now, are you ready to rock Kidspot 2015?

    • Sammie, you are lovely and so encouraging. Thank you for your comment. This time last year I didn’t feel it or believe it honestly. I am looking forward to seeing who is in the top 100 this year. I think we may see some surprises! 🙂

  • I nominated myself and a bunch of others in the vague hope of getting to meet them!
    I love reading your blog- you’re very deserving of a top spot and hope you do well this year too!

    • BRILLIANT! I love that you nominated yourself. Catching up with other bloggers you love to read and admire is also another great reason to get involved and to go to the events. You will have a ball when you go. x

  • Janice Jones

    Hey I nominated you too simply cause “I love you and am so so proud of what you do” but I might be a bit biased as I have been there from the start

    • And I love that you have supported me from the start. xx

  • You are soooo worthy of being in the Top 100! And it was fabulous to meet you at the Gala:)

    • I loved meeting you too last year. You’re one of the only bloggers I enjoy having a subscription to. 🙂

  • I was so excited for you when you won last year and it’s your win that convinced me to try out this year! I would LOVE to be able to go to that awards night. It looked amazing!

    • YAY! I am so glad that you have nominated. Love your blog. It definitely resonates with me and makes me laugh! x

  • The Gala Event was SUCH a fun night!

    • It was HEAPS of fun. The company to and from the event was the best. 😉

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    That right there is inspiring Bec!! I hope you still carry that confidence boost with you daily. I nominated a group of amazing blogs this year.

    • Good on you Jenni. Your blog has done amazing things in the last year. I’d love to see you in the top 30 for fashion and beauty. x

  • I have been nominating my favs too…along with my own…. Tee heeee…… I totally think you deserved that top 100, if not higher! That awards night looked amazing!

    • Awesome! I’m so glad you nominated. The awards night was fantastic. I hope you get the opportunity to go, I really do. As for your blog, it is so very much needed and you bring up great issues about raising girls. Exactly what I need to read and consider while bringing up my girls. x

  • Thanks for this Bec, you’re an inspiring lady and I think your journey is fascinating. And your encouragement of other bloggers is a gorgeous thing x

    • Thanks gorgeous. You inspire me with how you handle your four kids! You are all kinds of amazing. Keep persevering and sharing your weekly stories. I soak them up. x

  • I found out last year after the whole thing was over that I was in fact nominated but due to some error I never found out so wasn’t included in the facebook group or anything so it was a little disappointing, but I was glad to find out I was actually nominated. I’ve been nominated this year by a few people, but I don’t think I could nominate myself, even though I reallly reallllly want to. I’d prefer the nomination to come from my readers and the people who connect with my blog. That doesn’t mean I think anything less of those who do nominate themselves, I just wouldn’t do it myself {although I did come close}. I’ve nominated a couple of other bloggers too 🙂

    I really hope I get to be involved in the writing part of the competition this year because I love the challenge of writing about certain topics.

    Also good on you for your wins last year! I was so excited when you won prizes.

    • I understand the whole getting nominated by someone else or a reader. I really do and I have no doubt that you will be nominated again. I guess the point of my post is to ensure everyone who writes a blog is part of the pool to be judged. There maybe some smaller blogs that have a voice but their readers wouldn’t even know to nominate them unless they were told about it. I’m all about being fair and giving everyone an opportunity not matter how big or small. I hope you get the chance to be part of it all. It was a fantastic experience and one I wish every blogger would have the chance to experience. x

  • I think you were VERY worthy of placing in the top 30 and when you won last year I actually got a little teary I was so excited for you xx

    • You are too gorgeous. I am beyond blessed to have a blogging friend like you. Love your support and you know that you have it from my court too. I’m looking forward to seeing who gets recognized this year. It’s lovely to see different people recognized for their efforts. x

  • Kaz @ MeltingMoments

    I was so happy to hear you’d won last year!

    I am just not confident enough about my blog to nominate it… I don’t think it’s important enough 🙂

    • Kaz are you serious? Off to nominate you now. Every voice is important. And don’t underestimate how valuable your comments are to the blogging community. I see you commenting frequently on other blogs. You are definitely important enough my friend. x

      • Kaz @ MeltingMoments

        You’re so lovely.

      • Kaz @ MeltingMoments

        Thank you x

  • I love your blog and think your place in the finals was well deserved xxx

    • Thank you Janet. It would be lovely to see Middle Aged Mama up there amongst the young whippersnapper fashion blogs. I love to see variety. I hope this year is an amazing blogging year for you. x

  • I was so proud of your achievements last year. Boyo, you deserved it! I haven’t nom’d myself this year, yet. I’m still unsure. With another baby in the mix I’m not sure where I will stand with my blog, or if I’d like the pressure of getting anywhere with the nom (unlikely but who knows?) and I’m about to undergo a massive re-branding so not sure how that would go down if I was nominated as Knocked Up & Abroad and then it became something else? Anyway. I’m still thinking, but I am all for encouraging others. I think it’s a great thing. Thanks for being such a good egg and encouraging everyone xx

    • Well the way I see it, you have two opportunities really… nominate Knocked up and Abroad this year, and then next year nominate your new blog brand. Win win babe. Your voice is so important and needs to be acknowledged.
      Hope you are feeling well too. You mustn’t have long to go now? I am super excited for you. x

  • As soon as I found out your were in the top 30, I emailed you. You SO deserved to be there and deserve to be there again if that’s even possible. You have achieved such great things through this blog and your writing. You’re an inspiration to me and a positive role model to women of all ages wanting to get into a trade. Keep up the great work babe and don’t doubt yourself for a second.

    • I remember you emailed me now. You were the only one who did get in contact with me. I need to change my post. I just remember the tweets and scrolling through them and reading blog posts from other bloggers naming their favourites in the top 30 and not including me. It’s like those damn tagging posts which are so poorly done tagging other bloggers because some bloggers feel sad when they’re not tagged or considered. I don’t like to see people hurt unintentionally or feel missed out. And thank you for your support. x

      • Hugzilla

        Bec and Renee, that is one of the catch-22s about all of this! I desperately wanted to go and nominate a whole bunch of people and then I hated the feeling that others would have been left out if I did. I hate to set some rules for myself: I nominated one blog (not myself, LOL) and if I hear about other faves who haven’t been nominated as this thing goes on I will throw their hat in the ring as well. I had to set some boundaries for myself or I would have gone crazy!

        • Hugzilla

          I *had to set some rules for myself. Not hate!

    • Yes I can remember commenting to you via some form of social media as well. You were absolutely the most exciting person I saw on the Top 100 list last year! I was just as excited when you won also. I agree with Renee. You are truly inspirational.

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    What a fantastic and honest post. Most people are scared to nominate themselves (me included) but then I thought – Do I back myself? answer yes… Would I tell my kids to back themselves? answer YES.. So I am off to nominate myself just because I back myself..

    • YES. Backing yourself is important. It’s all about being considered and if you are a relatively new blogger, you may not be on Kidspot’s radar so it’s important to nominate to ensure you are definitely considered!

  • Tonia Zemek

    Congratulations on your achievements, Bec. I loved reading this, especially as we had a similar discussion at the Brisbane problogger event, as you’ll remember. You were so generous with your time and words of encouragement and you really do seem so very deserving of every good fortune that comes your way. Again, congratulations! (stopping by with FYBF)

    • Thank you Tonia. I was a bit vague really when I spoke with you only because well it’s still a mystery to me how it all happened but I’m always willing to share what I know. I hope you have nominated yourself so that you are on Kidspot’s radar. x

  • Great post! I have nominated quite a few blogs, and would definitely be thinking about nominating myself if I hadn’t received a text from a friend asking me if emhawkerblog was one word or three because she was nominating me! Ha!
    What an impressive year for you last year. I loved seeing your face at the Gala night when you discovered you’d won those awards. Pure joy. Chookas for this year too. x

    • AWESOME. Love when a reader nominates you already. Such an honor isn’t it? As for last year? Highlight of the Gala was the awards of course, but also spending the night with bloggers like you that shape the blogosphere as a friendly community. Best of luck for you this year. I have no idea how it’s judged but the fact you’re nominated is a great start. xx

  • Bless Jacob.
    I am so glad that you won your place last year. I hope you win again this year. It is hard work with little ones and you make it look easy. xo

    • Gosh Sam, it’s not easy but I just do my best. Thank you so much for your kind comment. xx

  • I really appreciate this post – I’ve been tossing up the whole, do I or don’t I nominate myself, and what that means. I ended up doing it, because I came to similar conclusion that you have written so well. It’s an opportunity to put myself out there, to put the blog on the radar, and possibly get some useful feedback. The nomination just opens the door to possibility. 🙂

    • Brilliant. Good on you for nominating yourself. You do need to back yourself and you’ve done that by nominating and putting your blog on Kidspot’s radar. If the opportunity opens up you have to walk through it to get a chance. 🙂

  • How cool is your husband, what a sweetheart! My husband doesn’t even know what instagram is let alone kidspot awards!
    I have nominated some bloggers for this year!
    Goodluck for this year again Bec, love your work xx

    • LOL, my husband isn’t on instagram either. The best Jacob does is reads the comments on my blog so when he sees someone at Problogger conference, he recognizes if they have written a comment on my blog. Your blog has grown so quickly in such a short amount of time. I’m excited to see where your blog goes Dannielle. Exciting times for you ahead my friend. x

      • You are so sweet Bec, thank you. Comments like yours are the ones that help keep me pushing along! I love the way you write especially that post you did about the lady who walked through your house but not really 😉 sooooo clever! Xx

  • I’ve nominated you this year, and a whole bunch of other bloggers that I love. I think it’s important for bloggers to be recognised for all the hard work that is put into their blogs. You do a sensational job on both of your blogs, all while being Mum to 3 gorgeous babies, that alone is worth a nomination to me. I also think it is very important to recognise the awareness you are creating around plumbing and women in the industry. Be proud Bec, you most certainly deserve your place last year and I am sure there is a place waiting for you this year x

    • You are just gorgeous. Your comment made me smile with tears. I’m so glad to find a blog in a similar niche. You are a gem of a find. I haven’t nominated anyone yet but be sure to know you are on my list to nominate. I know in my head who I need to nominate but haven’t actually done it yet because I’m trying to keep up with blogging and my writing work schedule! Hope you are enjoying that holiday too. xx

      • I’m glad that my truth touched you Bec. How very kind your words are too, thank you for the nomination, you’ve made my day xxx P.S I had a great holiday, coming home is hard to do though 🙁

  • I’m in two minds about nominating myself, mainly because I think it means more when it comes from your peers but also not having a niche means I’m not really award material. I’ve decided though, if I can pull it off, I’m going to try and attend/gate crash the awards night this year.

    • Yes I agree it does mean more to come from your peers but what if they don’t know about Kidspot or understand what it means? I guess the reason for my post is about backing yourself and putting yourself forward to ensure your blog is definitely in the pool to be judged. As for niche… my plumbing blog was placed in the personal and parenting blogs. Mystery case would be fashion I think.
      As for gatecrashing the awards night, I hope you get the opportunity to go. It was so awesome and an experience I would love all bloggers to have. xx

      • Oh I hear you. It’s funny you say Mystery Case is fashion. It’s only 5% fashion but it’s possibly the 5% you head over for? I certainly couldn’t see myself winning any fashion awards. I’m actually pretty sure I’ve stepped on most of the Perth fashion bloggers toes by attending fashion events and touching on fashion and I’m guessing they wouldn’t think the blog was fashion related.

  • Hugzilla

    Keep owning it, Bec. Your work here speaks for itself and more than justifies your inclusion this year and last year. A few other bloggers have let me know they nominated me and those gestures were incredibly appreciated. I know I’m not really the right fit for a competition of this kind so I have no illusions about my ultimate inclusion among the finalists. Even just being nominated by some of my peers is prize enough.

    • I love that you’ve been told that you’re nominated! And I agree that nomination is enough in the world of blogging because it’s nice for readers to appreciate/enjoy what we write. x

  • Jo

    I may sound like a big fan girl but…..you inspire me Bec! Your kindness shines through your posts and that’s where your audience beams

    • Yes, definitely uniqueness Jo. I didn’t have a lot of facebook likes when I was included in the Top 100 and I didn’t feel popular either. And I’m still not. I don’t know how they pick but I was surprised I was included and so that is why I encourage all bloggers to put themselves forward because you just never know what could happen. xx

  • Trudie Bristow

    You are the sweetest pea ever. It’s been a wonderful year and abit from meeting you and getting to know you and seeing you have such success. I’m so happy for you and so proud. I too have been one of those who has been debating about nominating myself (for years I’ve had the debate) likewise I feel like it means more if you’re nominated by someone else. But as you’ve said to others and as Carly Findlay responded to me over the same comment she said she wanted to back herself. Many people wouldn’t know that I’ve been blogging for 6 years a journey that started to work through thr grief of losing our twin girls. That original blog turned into me starting a second blog (my current blog) and working towards living and sharing my passions and dreams and striving to live beyond traumatic events that can often define us and freeze us time. Good luck again this year sweet pea, you deserve it.

    • Yes I agree with Carly about backing yourself. In relation to losing the twins, I am so sad about this. I feel like I knew this already but had forgotten? It’s not something one can ever forget. I didn’t know you had a blog before your current one. I loved your post this week about looking out for each other and giving everyone a hand. x

  • Hi Rebecca, I am feeling famous to be pictured on your blog post! This is such a wonderful and encouraging post and I can relate to so much of what you say. I was sooooooo hoping to make the top 100 last year but it wasn’t to be. I wasn’t too disappointed though as everyone in the top 100 DESERVED their place. I am hoping this year might be my lucky year. Regardless, it’s so fun to be involved in these awards and I look forward to hanging with you again at the Gala night! xx

    • Michaele I hope you are recognized for your work with your blog. I have no idea how they judge but my experience is something I’d love every blogger to experience. xx

  • Miss Chardy

    Oh how much fun would it be to network with all those cool bloggers at the Kidspot functions, god I would love it. Thanks Bec. I hope you get to do it all again this year, looks like such fun!

    • The networking is always fun and the best part of going to functions. I don’t even think I ate much that night. If I do go again this year, I want to eat. x

  • I’m so glad I read this! I’m in the same position, starting a family business that we’re about to launch full time in to is chewing up all my ‘spare time’; although to be honest half the time I’m bouncing a baby on my lap while returning emails.
    This is just what I needed to hear. Thanks.

    • So glad it helped Aleesha and I hope your family business does well.

  • I love the idea of the Kidspot awards and have put a few nominations through for fellow bloggers. You are certainly right that you would be crazy not to nominate yourself. It will be a HUGE pool of online creatives and there is a lot of competition in the space but you have to be keen. What an amazing journey you had last year and it was completely deserved. Amazing you did it all with three little munchkins and everything else in tow. Well deserved and you should never think otherwise.

    • Thanks Karin. I’m looking forward to discovering new blogs with who is included in the top 100 this year. So many blogs I had no idea about!

  • fabulous post about the insecurity of the blogging animal.I know it well as I am one. It can be a tricky world to navigate. I love your blog and your approach and hope to meet you this year at Pro Blogger or the gala event which I couldn’t make last year x

    • It would be fabulous to meet you at Problogger Helen. I love following you on instagram. x

  • You are awesome, you deserved to be on that magical list!

    • Thank you Malinda. Such a lovely thing to say. I’ve had my moment and it will be lovely to see who gets included in the top 100 this year. x

  • I love this post. And, having met you (ever so briefly!) I totally know that you deserved your nomination Bec 🙂 And you just made me go nominate myself & my own ‘newborn’ blog. Thanks beautiful. And good luck to us ALL! Amber. xxx

    • How exciting Amber. I’m so glad you nominated yourself. xx

  • I’ve nominated a few blogs this year. I’ve emailed one of those bloggers to let her know, but hadn’t got around to telling the other few – so let me tell you now that I’ve nominated you because I think you are one of the nicest bloggers on the earth and yours is one of my favourite blogs to read. I never would have imagined that a plumbers blog would be supplying me with such interesting reads!!! I considered nominating myself, but this time I’ve left it alone. I’m too aware of the flaws in my blogging at the moment to invite someone in to critique it. Perhaps next year when the triplets are at Kindy and I have the time to tidy up all the corners and blog consistently I might be a bit more confident to push myself forward…

    • I’m pretty sure I nominated you. Actually I did because I had to check if your blog was still at BlogSpot or had it’s own domain. And your blog is doing fabulously. I didn’t have my corners tidied when I was included in the top 100. Truth be told I still don’t. xx

      • Thanks so much for that Bec. You are such an encouragement. Do you know what, I actually decided to get over myself and nominate myself the other night. I figured that it just doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there even when it’s not altogether ‘there’. I probably will never feel altogether ‘there’ anyway!

  • Hello, Oh how timely is your post – I just nominated a friend for the award and maybe, just maybe I might throw my own hat in the ring. I guess you never feel ready enough to put up your own hand – but what the hay ‘you have to be in it to win it I guess…’. Congratulations on all your achievements, just as some of the other comments mentioned, I have no idea how you do it…but you do a lovely job of it. x

    • Thank you Monique. I hope you did end up nominating yourself. I wasn’t ready last year but my blog was recognized. I hope yours can do the same. xx

  • Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

    Great article! Congrats on last year and fingers crossed for you this year! I have a lot to say but don’t get around to hitting ‘publish’ as often as I’d like, so I consider myself an occasional blogger, if that makes sense. But a regular FBer 😉 x

    • Yes, that makes sense. It’s a tough gig with family and blogging. Sometimes I push myself too much to get posts published. x