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the pressure we put on ourselves

The Pressure We Put On Ourselves To Do Everything

I have finished 5 weeks of my full time training in my new job and I’m feeling exhausted. This full time business is full on. And I’ve been putting pressure […]

rushing tradies syndrome

Rushing Tradie’s Syndrome

It’s this time of year when a lot of plumbers will be fighting against the clock to get work completed in time for the Christmas break. It can be a […]

tradie business wife to be valued

The Biggest Asset In A Tradies Business That Won’t Fit In The Toolbox

Last year I had a question from a wife of a plumber, asking me how she can better assist her husband with his plumbing business. I sent my advice and […]

how to support a blogger

10 Ways You Can Support A Blogger This Year

There is a saying that often gets shared online that says ‘I’m not interested in competing. I hope we all make it.’ I love this. It’s the right attitude to […]

just watch her poem the plumbette

Just Watch Her

Every new challenge has a rival. Every dream has a setback. No matter how determined you are in achieving your goals this year, there will be something that will try […]

when you want to do something

When You Want to Do Something, But You’re Just Not Sure What

This post has been written in collaboration with Upskilled It’s quite rare for anyone to really know what they want to be when they grow up. I had friends in […]

problogger 2016

What Have You Been Avoiding – Problogger 2016 Recap

When I booked my ticket to attend Problogger 2016, I did so because of an announcement of one of the speakers. And of course a fear of missing out (FOMO). […]

industry conference

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to Your Industry Conference

This post has been written in collaboration with the Master Plumbers Association QLD I’m smack bang in the middle of conference fortnight. Last week I headed down to the Gold […]

paid with exposure

You Can’t Live Off Exposure

I was called to fix a small leak at a house a couple of suburbs away from my home. The job was going to be easy enough and I was […]

life happens migas awards

Life Happens – Inspiration from the Migas Excellence in Trades Awards

Last Friday night I headed to the Migas 2016 QLD Final and National Gala Dinner Excellence in Trades Awards. It’s a bit of a mouthful to type and write. But […]

why companies should hire a female apprentice

Why Companies Should Hire a Female Apprentice

There are many reasons why females make up less than 2% of the construction and trade industry. The first being women aren’t made aware that they could potentially work as […]

reasons not to hire a female apprentice

Five Reasons NOT to Hire a Female Apprentice

A couple of weekends ago, my parents went to McDonalds at Richlands to have a cup of coffee and a cheap date. While they were having their coffee, my parents […]

when you're told you're not good enough

What to do When You’re Told You’re Not Good Enough

Not all of us have a natural aptitude to do the job we passionately want to do. We can doubt we’ve made the right choice when a particular skill doesn’t […]

believe in yourself

Believe in Yourself

On the very first day I started working for my dad, he handed me two encouragement cards. I kept them with me in my work folder and would sometimes read […]

dealing with doubt when you're in the minority

Dealing With Doubt When You’re in the Minority

There are any number of reasons a woman will choose to work in construction and trades. It could be a burning desire to build something she can be proud of […]

vans or utes for tradies

A Van or Ute for Tradies?

This post has been written in collaboration with XL When you’re starting out as a plumber, or any trade really, there are a lot of upfront costs like purchasing insurance, […]

I got caught

I’m no expert when it comes to blogging. I learn as I go. I’m happy to share what I know and what I don’t, I’m not afraid to ask, although […]

The day I rang a hater

I wasn’t sure how to title this post because after my phone call I realized the person wasn’t a hater, just a passionate sugar free foodie. It was before Easter […]

Why you’re crazy not to nominate yourself for the Kidspot Voices of 2015

Last year my inclusion in the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Top 30 Personal and Parenting blogs was a surprise. I didn’t realise what an honour and achievement it was to […]

What to study after completing a plumbing apprenticeship

This post has been written in collaboration with Careers Australia One thing I have learned since becoming an adult is you never stop learning. Which sounds like a silly statement […]

Is Problogger really worth the money?

I went to my first Problogger Conference in 2013. It was a pinnacle year in my blogging journey because I learned that there was much more to blogging than just […]

How to be an expert without being arrogant

When my dad first hired me to work alongside him in our family business there was one thing he told me that I still remember to this day. He told […]