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I’m Not Into Mo’s, But I Will Support Movember

Around a month ago, Jacob told me he was going to grow a mo and beard for Movember. I inwardly groaned. You see I don’t like facial hair. Superficial, I […]

DIY Pom pom gift basket

DIY Pom Pom Gift Baskets For Christmas

Christmas is less than 8 weeks away and I’ve only just started to get organized with my Christmas shopping. This year I am attempting to make some homemade Christmas gifts […]

partners in plumbing network melbourne cup

Take a Punt at Networking: Partners in Plumbing Lunch for Melbourne Cup

When I first started working full time at age 19, I had little idea about the Melbourne Cup. It wasn’t until I was in my second office job that we decided to dress […]

bathroom renovation before and after

From 1970’s Drab to 2016 Glam: An Honest Account of What Can Happen During a Bathroom Renovation

When I went to Problogger a month or so ago I met the woman behind the brutally honest and hilarious blog, Hugzilla. I told Hugzilla when I met her that I […]

school mum friends

An Unexpected Blessing

I never expected my friendship groups to change so much since having children. While motherhood can be isolating and sometimes lonely, I’ve found there are always opportunities to make new […]

the block reveals hallway, laundry and powder room

The Block Reveals Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room

It was interesting viewing on The Block last night, with a number of teams choosing not to finish their rooms for judging. The teams had to present their hallway, laundry […]

why I write The Plumbette

Why I Write The Plumbette

To share why I write The Plumbette, I have to go back 10 years ago. You see, 10 years ago I took a risk and decided to become a plumber to […]

best gimmicky father's day gifts

The Best Gimmicky Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad That Has Everything

It’s Home Improvement Thursday and usually I’d have a blogpost about plumbing or improving your home or something home related. But today I’m going to break the rules. Instead, I’m […]

facebook live video with little kids

How to do a Facebook Live Video With Little Kids

Last Tuesday was a busy day for me. I felt a bit like the main character from that movie “I don’t know how she does it” because I was heading […]

five of the best plumbing showrooms brisbane

Five Of The Best Plumbing Showrooms in Brisbane

When I was on the tools and getting the best prices for fixtures for contracts we had won, Reece wasn’t the only place I would contact to get the best price […]

your influence is unmeasurable

Your Influence is Unmeasurable

‘Omigosh Bec, you have to read this new blogger I follow. Her posts are funny as f— and she is so relatable.’ I smiled at my friend because I knew […]

birthday changes

8 Ways Your Birthday Changes as Soon as You’re a Mum

I had a great birthday on Saturday. I didn’t have any expectations, but I did make hints on possible things I’d like to do on the day and those hints were heard. […]

12 Celebrities Who Were Tradies

12 Celebrities Who Were Tradies Before They Became Famous

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to finding their dream career. Sometimes the career we choose changes or evolves as time moves on. There are many celebrities who […]

my last minute coffee date

My Last Minute Coffee Date

On Monday I was feeling a little flat. Nothing unusual had happened, but I had a lot on my mind and Esther was home sick and I was worried she […]

toilet paper storage

Unusual Toilet Paper Storage Solutions For The Bathroom

We keep having toilet blockages at our house and it’s not because of excessive number twos. Phoebe is entering the terrible twos, pulling off whole rolls of paper and dumping […]


What Went Through my Mind When I got Gastro

Gastro is a nasty nasty bug. So far my girls have been really lucky not to have experienced gastro which means Jacob and I have been fortunate enough not to […]

gone before their time

Gone Before Their Time – Why The Easter Message is so Important

Gone before their time. We say this when we lose a baby. A child. A teenager. A young woman or man. A mum or dad. A young grandparent. A new […]

Easter Bunny Chocolate Hutch

Easter Bunny Chocolate Hutch

Easter is a special time of year for me spiritually and personally. I love the traditions that surround Easter, despite them often overshadowing the reason Easter is celebrated. With the […]

how to store your tools when you're an apprentice

How to Store Your Tools When You’re an Apprentice – Tool Box Review & Giveaway

Congratulations Rachael Abbott on winning the prize. When you become an apprentice, you don’t anticipate all the costs of setting yourself up. First up is the clothing. Some companies will […]

who is liable if a worker hurst themselves on your property

Who is Liable if a Worker Hurts Themselves on Your Property?

This post has been written in collaboration with Firths The Compensation Lawyers If you engage people to work at your home, have you ever thought about who is liable if […]

Christmas in Brisbane 2015

Christmas in Brisbane 2015

Every year (since having children) I get excited about seeing Brisbane with new eyes at Christmas. The Christmas Parade and Christmas Tree in King George Square can look the same year […]