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Christmas in Brisbane

Christmas in Brisbane

On Saturday afternoon, Jacob and I took the girls into the Brisbane CBD to watch the Christmas Parade and view the Myer windows. If I’m honest, it’s a bit of […]


Plumbing Product Standouts – December 2014

I’m going to start a monthly post that includes some plumbing product standouts that I have either trialed or come across that I think are really cool. I will include […]


Help, I have poo coming out of my ceiling

This is not the type of phone call any plumber wants to receive. But it does happen. Usually it’s caused by a blockage in a sewer pipe and it’s backed […]

Week of Crap

My Week of Crap

We have had a good run this year from avoiding getting sick. I’m so careful to wash hands and not hold playdates with sick kids and mums. Which sounds awful […]


The Taste Test #snackosphere Healtheries & Voices of 2014

I try to offer an array of foods to my girls when it comes to their meal times. Though sometimes their fussiness has me reaching for the basics of the […]


Nice will always trump Nasty

Have you noticed the amount of negativity online recently? I’ve come across some antsy comments lately and I know I’m not the only blogger that has noticed it. I sometimes […]

Vileda Magical

How to keep your shower screens clean – Vileda Magical Review

Whenever dad and I changed washers in a shower for a client, I would always be asked ‘Do you know what can get rid of those watermark stains on my […]

Ballina Sunsets

Wordless Wednesday – Sunset

When Jacob and Magdalene took the rubbish to the bin while staying at the Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park, Jacob noticed the sunset and took our camera with him to take a few […]


The difference between Commercial Plumbers and Domestic

Sponsored Post When I started working for my dad, I spent a lot of time learning how to put together plumbing estimates for tenders. I had little plumbing knowledge, but […]

Jobs with Gender

Ten reasons why you should become a plumber

It’s this time of year when Year 12 students are figuring out what career they want to pursue. Some have it figured out while others have no idea. There’s nothing […]

Garnier Olia

Enhance your hair colour with Garnier Olia #innovativebeauty

Naturally, my hair is dark brown but I get it dyed a deep shade of red every couple of months with my hairdresser. I find colouring my own hair a hassle […]


The Myer Giftorium Experience PLUS a Giveaway

Have you ever watched a Christmas Movie and wished your shopping experience was like what was portrayed on the screen? Fun, festive and magical are the words that come to […]

nails biting

First Job Woes

Have you ever held a job that you hated going to? Or ever been in a situation similar to Andy in the Devil Wears Prada? I have. I hated my […]