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The Myer Giftorium Experience PLUS a Giveaway

Have you ever watched a Christmas Movie and wished your shopping experience was like what was portrayed on the screen? Fun, festive and magical are the words that come to […]


Five low budget Work Christmas Party ideas

Sponsored Post Every year in October I would start to think about ideas for my work Christmas parties. I’ve only ever worked in an office with a small amount of […]


Not all lunch box packet food is junk #snackosphere Healtheries & Voices of 2014

A week and a half ago, our church held an all day festival for kids called Kidsfest. Three year olds and up could attend and little siblings could also tag […]

True Detective

True Detective Review & Giveaway

Whenever I hire out a movie, Jacob comments on how girly, deep, dark or terrible the storyline is. I have been known to choose some doozies over the years. Sometimes […]


Another Smart Beauty Product for Tired Mums – Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

There are nights where I don’t get much sleep because I’m up with this little one. Being a mum to three young children can be taxing on my body and it […]

Bec 056

My wife the tradie

This is a guest post from my husband Jacob. I asked him to write a post to help me out while I enjoy my time with Phoebe. Some of you […]


It’s the way it shatters that matters – What type of glass should be used in bathrooms?

I had this blog post written in my archives as a draft and I never published it because I found more interesting things to blog about. Until now. A well-known blogger […]


How to keep your office cleaner than a toilet seat

Sponsored Post I read an interesting article on the Australian Geographic website explaining why your office is dirtier than your toilet. It’s a pretty big claim to make. Whose toilet […]

The girls with Jacob for Father's Day

Alone with three at home

Last week was Jacob’s first week back to work since having Phoebe. I thought I’d be anxious, but I wasn’t. Jacob had 7 weeks off work which seemed to fly by […]


The biggest cause of blocked sewer pipes

I had a proud moment tonight as I watched Channel 9 news. The plumber that I have been referring work to since dad and I stopped working was featured in […]


My Favourite Family #myfamilylens

A fundamental part of one’s wellbeing is their sense of belonging. The moment I arrived, I knew I was going to be a part of a special family. They were my […]


Five ways to protect your health as a tradesperson

Sponsored Post One of the drawbacks of becoming a tradesperson is the strain it can put on one’s body. Tradespeople suffer from workplace-related injuries in almost 1 in 5 cases. […]


How to add colour to a grey bathroom

Thank goodness The Block came back on TV. It’s great viewing when you’re feeding a baby! When the bathroom reveals were shown two weeks ago, there was mixed reviews on Twitter. All […]