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The Block Triple Threat Bathrooms

The Block Triple Threat Bathroom Reveals

The Block Triple Threat Bathroom Reveals were on last night and I was very interested to see how each couple would go in producing a renovated bathroom in 72 hours. […]


Back to School anxiety for Adults

All these back to school posts from parents with anxious kids has reminded me of when I went back to school as an adult. I know that anxious feeling all […]


New things in the pipeline

It’s been a big week in The Plumbette Household. A week of first experiences and unexpected issues; new things in the pipeline. Our week started with the glorious long weekend where […]


Every mother’s worst fear

I lost Magdalene at the shops on Monday and it scared the crap out of me. One moment she was standing with other children her age watching the Playdough show, […]


How far along in pregnancy should you stop working as a plumber? (or any other trade)

I follow a few Facebook pages that are specifically for women in trades. The Facebook pages are a great support to women working in all kinds of male-dominant industries and […]


New Year, New Possibilities

Happy New Year to you. It’s a new year with new possibilities. I’ve taken some time to enjoy being with my family this last week during the Christmas and New […]


Year in Review 2014

The lovely Robyn from Mrs D Plus 3 wrote a post reflecting on the past year which I really enjoyed reading and I thought I would do the same. It’s […]


Christmas 2014

Do you shake your head in disbelief when Christmas Day is over? So much momentum and excitement for the day to arrive and then it comes and goes and suddenly […]

Christmas in Brisbane

Christmas in Brisbane

On Saturday afternoon, Jacob and I took the girls into the Brisbane CBD to watch the Christmas Parade and view the Myer windows. If I’m honest, it’s a bit of […]


Plumbing Product Standouts – December 2014

I’m going to start a monthly post that includes some plumbing product standouts that I have either trialed or come across that I think are really cool. I will include […]


Help, I have poo coming out of my ceiling

This is not the type of phone call any plumber wants to receive. But it does happen. Usually it’s caused by a blockage in a sewer pipe and it’s backed […]

Week of Crap

My Week of Crap

We have had a good run this year from avoiding getting sick. I’m so careful to wash hands and not hold playdates with sick kids and mums. Which sounds awful […]


The Taste Test #snackosphere Healtheries & Voices of 2014

I try to offer an array of foods to my girls when it comes to their meal times. Though sometimes their fussiness has me reaching for the basics of the […]