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my first hair straightener from 2003

My First Hair Straightener from 2003: When Hair Straighteners Were the Size of a Sandwich Press

I got my first hair straightener 16 years ago when I was 17 years old. I used to have blonde hair in my late teen years and Stefan was my […]

home the elements of decorating

The Must Have Book for Home Decorating – HOME: The Elements of Decorating by Emma Blomfield

Around a month ago, I headed to Target to buy The Barefoot Investor after reading a review on She Shopped. I’ve seen so many recommendations on this book. But of […]

kitchen styling how to organise your kitchen bench

Kitchen Styling: How To Organise Your Kitchen Bench

Kitchen styling is something I admire, but am not always good at upkeeping. At present, our kitchen plants have been thriving, but one succulent has thrived a little too much […]

toilet wall art posters

Hilarious Toilet Wall Art to Encourage Toilet Etiquette

My toilet has bare white walls (nothing a bit of toilet wall art can’t fix). To look at and enter, you would call it very minimal. I don’t exactly want […]

my homeware purchase regrets

My Homeware Purchase Regrets – All The Things I Regret Purchasing for my House

On the weekend I read an article by Elle Décor saying these are the home trends you should get rid of in 2017. While reading the post, I thought about […]

how to look stylish when you work from home

Partners in Construction – How to Look Stylish When You Work From Home

How to look stylish when you work from home Last year at the Partners in Plumbing event for Melbourne Cup, I was asked to share some fashion tips with the […]

christmas vignette

How to Create a Christmas Vignette in the Bathroom

If you read any interior blogs or magazines, they will be filled with ideas on how to create a vignette. The term ‘vignette’ is one that I came across from […]

five ways to add soul to your home

Five Ways to Add Soul To Your Home – By a Non-Stylist

Like any reality TV show, The Block can rouse many emotions in me. From surprise to shock to frustration and many eye-rolling moments – I know that’s not an emotion, […]

Mazz & Co nursery

Our Visit to Mazz & Co to Buy More House Plants

In the last year or so I have been adding live plants into our house. I’ve always been a little apprehensive about having plants in the house because I often […]

shopkins party

Partying Shopkins Style

On Saturday I had 25 kids attend Esther’s 6th Birthday and the theme was Shopkins. After writing for a party website and always discovering new themes each week to write […]

pendant lights in black and copper

Our New Eclectic Pendant Lights in Black and Copper

Around 8 months ago – it could also possibly be a bit longer than that, I broke a bulb on our pendant light that hangs over the dining room table. […]

define my interior style

Six Instagram Accounts That Define my Interior Style

When it comes to social media, I’m usually a late adopter. I only joined Instagram a couple of years ago and have often struggled to know what to share on […]

homeware hampers

Homeware Hampers Are The New Way to Style Your Home

It’s an art to style a room. I know this because I’ve tried my hand at styling my own home and despite my efforts, I don’t always feel I get […]

it's beginning to look a lot like easter

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Easter #HIT

It was beginning to look a lot like Easter on Boxing Day last year. I was gobsmacked to see hot cross buns in the bakery section of Woolworths on Boxing […]

know how to style kitchen

You Certainly Know How To Style – #HITmyStyle Competition Winner Announcement

During the month of February, The Builder’s Wife and I held a #HITmyStyle competition where anyone could share a photo of a styled room in their home on Instagram to […]

kmart bathroom accessories

Cheap and Chic Bathroom Accessories and Storage from Kmart

Before Kmart delved into the Homeware market, bathroom accessories were often purchased from the cleaning aisle of the local grocery store, bought at the local hardware store OR bought from […]

6 ways to style herbs in the kitchen

6 Ways to Style Fresh Herbs in Your Kitchen

When we bought our current house, Jacob went straight to work to build an outdoor vegetable garden, next to our kitchen. Despite it being close by, I often forget about using […]

7 ways to decorate with plants

7 Ways to Decorate with Plants in the Bathroom

If you are looking for ways to update your bathroom, without having to fork money out for a new renovation, decorate your bathroom with a plant or two. Last year, […]

colour decor homewares

Colour Decor Homewares & Home Improvement Thursday

I love homewares shops. Candles, vases and cushions are my favourite décor pieces to buy when I walk into a homewares store. I’m always on the hunt for new haunts […]

how to save on furniture and homewares this festive season

How to Save on Furniture and Homewares This Festive Season

This post has been written in collaboration with Gumtree A couple of months ago I visited a friend to see her newly built house for the first time. The house […]

Copper Pipe Star Light

How to Make a Copper Pipe Star Light

I love seeing Christmas Lights at this time of year. I personally think lights add that special something to Christmas décor and a tree can look bare without some sort […]

Copper Pipe Christmas Tree Decoration

How to Make a Copper Pipe Christmas Tree Decoration

Copper pipe has many uses than just carrying potable water and gas. The pipe itself can be fashioned into a range of projects. I had another cool idea, that I got […]

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