the friends we're yet to meet

The Friends We’re Yet to Meet

On the weekend, I headed to one of my closest blogging friend’s 40th Birthday party.

I still can’t believe she is 40.

When we hang out together, age is no barrier to our friendship.

When I headed to her 40th Birthday party at Stokehouse at Southbank, I told Jacob I didn’t think there would be other bloggers going. The other part of our trio couldn’t make it because of her son’s 4th Birthday. So I knew beforehand it would be one of those parties where we would only know the Birthday gal and her husband.

brisbane view from stokehouse

View from Stokehouse

Such social settings don’t phase me. I don’t mind walking into a room and not knowing anyone. I’m confident enough to hold a conversation with someone I don’t know. I learned this necessary skill working as a plumber and serving in large churches.

When Jacob and I arrived, I recognized a few of Renee’s friends from another party we attended at her house.

I met school friends, uni friends, past work colleagues and family members. Every one of them loved Renee. How could anyone not?

Facebook friends were made that day and I gained another follower on Snapchat. (Hi Lizzie x)

After attending the 40th, I reflected on the friendship I have with Renee.

Renee and I would never have been friends if we hadn’t started blogging.

We’re in similar seasons of life – raising young children, juggling work, paying the mortgage and writing a blog.

We love to write and want our words to mean something.

Sometimes our own blogs can become neglected because of the paid writing work we do from home.

We get each other so well and when the going gets tough, we are there for each other to give a pep talk or a little push to get up again and get going.

We’ve had experiences that have never been shared on our blogs.

Like the time I coaxed her girls into my car so we could head to the Myer Giftorium event in the city. There were tears and fears (from the children) of being in a different car, but by the end of the car trip, everyone was smiling and laughing.

Or the time we took out girls to a dinosaur exhibit. And lost Phoebe. Renee went one way and I went the other, frantically searching for my fast as lightning two-year old.

Or the time we got back into the car and one of my girls told me she needed to do a wee. With no toilet in sight, I hovered my darling behind the back of the car so she could do her business, keeping my legs apart so her splashing whizz wouldn’t hit my shoes as it made a puddle on the carpark floor. Renee quietly giggled in the car while I sorted out my child. There was no judgement. Just a mum who understood the predicament and was thankful it wasn’t her having to deal with it.

We’ve shared laughter and frustrations over champagne.

mummy wife me and the plumbette

It’s a friendship I’m so grateful to have in my life.

And I wouldn’t have had it had I not started my blog.

The thing about friends is that they can change through the seasons of life. Some stay with you for a long time, and others can fade away because of circumstances or distance.

What a lovely thought it is to know there are friends in our future we have never met yet.

the friends we're yet to meet quote

When you change career – there will be new friends made at your workplace.

When your child starts Kindy – there will be new friends made with the teachers and parents.

When each of your children start school – more friendships will be made with parents.

When you go to a new church – new friends are guaranteed.

There is always a positive to starting or experiencing something new. You just never know the people you meet and how they will add to your friendship circle.

I’m so thankful for Renee. And I’m so thankful for the friendship we share with the other part of our trio – Lauren.

Renee and Bec

Me and Renee at her 40th on the weekend

Friends are one of life’s pleasures that can turn a bad day into a bearable one.

And there are still more friendships waiting to be made in the future.

But right now, my future self is saying thank you for the friendships I’m experiencing now. They are treasures I intend to keep into the future.

bec and renee friends

Love you loads Renee and Lauren. You’re the best things that have come out of my blogging career thus far.

Do you find it hard or easy to make friends? What unlikely place have you developed a friendship?

  • Love you loads too, Bec. That is such a beautiful post. Thank you so much. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you so much for coming to my party and for being the life of the party. It meant the world to me. I’m sure we’ll remain friends for many years to come xx

    • Of course we will lovely. Had such a great night on Friday night. We must book a weekend away asap. x

  • How lovely this is! A wonderful way women connect through blogging! Awesome ladies! You both are!

    • Thank you Denyse. I love how blogging has connected us. We caught up on Friday night and every time we catch up, I’m so thankful to have found good friends who totally get where I am. x

  • Beautiful post, Bec and what a fabulous friend you have in Renee (and Lauren too!) I think my computer is the unlikeliest place I’ve developed friendships but like you I’ve made some wonderful friends both near and far and all because I blogged!

    • I know! Isn’t it amazing how blogging can unite us with friends we never would have assumed we’d meet. x

  • Although I don’t get to see you and Renee much, I definitely count you both as bloggy friends and am so blessed by both of you xxx

    • Oh Janet, you’re so lovely. I’m so glad our blogging journeys brought us together. xx