Hello Thirty

Congratulations Caroline Hannessen you’re the winner.

Hello Thirty. I can’t believe I’m thirty today. THIRTY?! I still feel like I’m in my twenties. Well not really. Not when I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant, and not sleeping well because my lower belly and back ache. I’m looking forward to when this bub is out because I KNOW that I will feel awesome once that 3kg bundle of joy is living and breathing outside my body. I sleep so much better once I’ve had my baby even if it is in 2-3 hour installments.

I’ve made no plans for my thirtieth because I honestly haven’t had the energy to organise anything and my Birthday pales in significance to the birth of my third child. One thing that was on my 100 dream list was to get a Tiffany’s necklace and my mum will be giving this to me later today as I got her to buy it for me when she was in America at the beginning of the year. (It’s cheaper to buy Tiffany and Co over in the US and the dollar exchange at the time made the purchase even more economical.)

I was going to write a list of 30 things you don’t know about me, but my mind went to mush and the photos that I want to attach to my list are at my mum’s place. So…. I thought I’d list 30 things I’m proud to have achieved or done in my life. Some are memories. In a way it’s like 30 things you don’t know about me, but some of these I have mentioned before on my blog.  Anyway here they are:

1. Going to work with dad when I was on school holidays. They are some of my favourite childhood memories.


2. Parasailing with Dad at Daydream Island. Promptly after being lowered down in the boat after the experience, I threw up my buffet breakfast all over the boat. We still laugh at the skipper’s frown when he realized his boat was covered in puke!


3. Becoming a Christian. I was 11 at the time and I remember the night I said a prayer with Dad about wanting Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour.


4. Going to Disneyland when I was 13. It was our family’s first overseas trip and I will never forget the moment mum, dad, my brother and I walked down the main street of Disneyland. I can’t wait to do the same trip with my kids.


5. Having the guts to ask Jacob to my formal when I didn’t even know his last name. That ballsy invitation started our relationship a month later. We have been together for 13 years, married for 10 next year.


6. Getting baptized in June 2001. I had gone through a bad break-up with a boy and the stress of year 12 pushed me closer to God than away. It was the same year that I met Jacob.


7. Dad taking me to get my Formal dress. I lost a lot of weight in year 12 and the two previous Mr K dresses that my mum had bought with me either didn’t fit me or other girls in my grade had purchased the same dress! Dad took me to a tenancy in the city on Edward Street where he had just finished a plumbing job. He didn’t like my previous two dresses and told me he knew where to get my formal dress. Little did I know that it was designer Tim Lindgren!! A brand new cherry red fabric from Milan had been imported and as soon as I put one of Tim’s designer dresses on, the seamstress draped the red material around me and my dad exclaimed that was the dress I was going to wear to my formal and I LOVED it. I nearly died when I found out the dress was going to be $600! Back then that was A LOT of money for a formal dress. I still have the dress to this day and cannot part with it.


8. Being on a Stefan ad when I was 17. I skipped school to film the advertisement at Mt Cootha. It really wasn’t a great ad, but it boosted my self-confidence at the time.


9. Nominated as one of the Top 3 Business Students at Martin College in 2002 after completing my Diploma in Business Marketing and various other Certificates.


10.  Getting my first real permanent job where I was paid $12000 more than the minimum wage for my age and qualifications. That extra income allowed me to save money for a home deposit and my trip to Africa with Jacob. I also spent way too much on clothes. 🙂


11. Jacob and I getting engaged at Montville in June 2004. His proposal was beautiful and romantic. In fact I sent our story to That’s Life and it was published in one of their magazines.


12. Travelling to Uganda in June 2004 to build an orphanage with Watoto.


13. Going on Safari on said African Trip – it was amazing to be surrounded by elephants in the wild and various other animals.


It was amazing seeing these beautiful creatures in the wild.

It was amazing seeing these beautiful creatures in the wild.


14. Jacob and I purchasing our first home in September 2004. We looked for one day and the last house we inspected, we ended up putting an offer on and purchasing.


15. Marrying Jacob on the 30th April 2005. One of the best days of my life.

Getting married was one of the best days of my life.

Getting married was one of the best days of my life.


16. Performing in musicals with Directions Musical Theatre Company. Jacob and I got to go to many places in Australia to perform. We also built solid friendships through these trips. It was a blessing to be used by God through this ministry.


On tour in Adelaide

On tour in Adelaide


17. Making the decision to leave a higher level sales executive position to work with my dad. I started working for our plumbing business in May 2006.


18. Selling our first home and upgrading to our current family home. It was an amazing blessing from God. We had so many empty rooms and now, all rooms are going to be filled with our children. 🙂


19. Finishing my Plumbing Apprenticeship – one of the hardest things I’ve done professionally in my life. In the same year I finished a Diploma in Fashion Styling via correspondence and started Styled By Bec and started to style clients. I do this work via word of mouth and on a casual basis.


20. Receiving the QLD Dux Plumbing Apprentice of the year in 2008.

Receiving the Dux QLD Plumbing Apprentice of the year for 2008

Receiving the Dux QLD Plumbing Apprentice of the year for 2008


21. Going to London and Paris in 2009. Two cities on my dreams list to go revisit.


Posing in Paris.

Posing in Paris.

22. Receiving the Australian Dux Plumbing Apprentice of the year in 2009.


23. Receiving the Judges Most Outstanding Achiever Award at the Construction Skills QLD Excellence Awards 2009.


Receiving my award at the Excellent Awards by Construction Skills QLD

Receiving my award at the Excellence Awards by Construction Skills QLD

24. Giving birth to my firstborn Esther in August 2010.


We became a family of three in August 2010

We became a family of three in August 2010

25. Getting my plumbing license in January 2011.


26. Starting ‘The Plumbette’ blog in November 2011. I didn’t launch my posts publicly until February 2012 and it wasn’t until later in 2012 where I learned about linking parties and how to get readers other than my mum to read my blog. My blog now gets over 7000 pageviews a month and continues to grow. (Thank you for reading my blog and coming back to visit!)


27. Giving birth to Magdalene in February 2013.

Me and Magdalene.

Me and Magdalene.


28. The Plumbette’s Kidspot Nomination for Top 30 Bloggers in the Personal and Parenting category for 2014. Totally blown away by this nomination. Cheering on for the Top 5 who will be announced in November this year. 🙂


29. Going to Colour Conference in March this year. It was another one of those dreams that I wanted to fulfill and the teaching and experience was better than I anticipated.


30. Turning 30 and having my third child in my 30th year.


As I reflect on my 30 achievements or things that I am proud to have done or experienced (and there are PLENTY more items I could have listed), I can see that I have lived a blessed life. It hasn’t been a life free from problems, heartache or worry, but interlaced through my life has been a common theme of trusting in Jesus and I can’t wait to see what the next 30 years hold for my life.

As a way to bless you my readers for reading my blog and commenting on my posts, I want to give a gift in celebration of my Birthday. I’d love for you to tick off an experience from your bucket list and offer you the chance to win a $100 Red Balloon voucher. I’m using money from sponsored posts that I’ve been recently doing to fund the giveaway and I hope to be able to do different giveaways throughout the year. I appreciate your loyalty and don’t take you for granted. Without readers, I wouldn’t have a blog.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below and tell me in the comments section what is one thing you were proud to have achieved before you turned 30. The most creative and/or interesting answer will win the voucher.

I’m Linking up with Trish from My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday – I know not very wordless but still a few pictures in this post.

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  • Janice Jones

    30 great years and I have been there for every one of them Happy Birthday Bec
    Great memories Great writing and as someone we know and love always says ” The Best is Yet to Come” love Mum

    • The Plumbette

      Thanks mum. Matt Lippiatt said the same thing. Might get that quote put up on a wall somewhere. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Bec, what a wonderful post! You should be incredibly proud of what you have achieved in your thirty years. I turned the big 3 – 0 last year and I really agree with your sentiment – a birthday pales in comparison to the birth of a child. Our little man arrived 12 days before my birthday, even if he hadn’t of come early I still would have been 34 weeks pregnant – hardly in the state for a raging night!
    Happy birthday and good luck with your new arrival xx

    • The Plumbette

      Thanks Lauren. 12 days before your Birthday? I was going to write atleast you could be home for your Birthday but it would have been stressful because your little man would have been premmie and still possibly in hospital. Did you celebrate it a year later? x

  • Lara at This Charming Mum

    Happy birthday to you Bec and congratulations on such a full and successful life so far. I wish you many more amazing adventures (and the safe, happy arrival of your latest little treasure)!

    • The Plumbette

      Thanks Lara. x

  • Happy Birthday lady!! I loved this post. I actually learned soooo much about you. Usually these list type of posts bore me but not so today! Wow, sounds like you have had a solid relationship with your Dad and shared so much. So nice and I learned that we’re both Christians and have performed in musicals! How’s that?
    I turned 30 a couple of months back and I’m proud of so much – completing 2 uni degrees, traveling Europe, pushing out 2 Vicklets and setting up a beautiful network of hand chosen people around me. I rate all of those things. It’s good to reflect back at what’s formed the past decade. So much is achieved hey? You had a great 20’s! Super jam packed! Happy Birthday dear! You’ll have to have a very spesh 31st birthday next year when you’re not in babyland. All the best for the next couple of weeks (I didn’t realise how little time has passed in between Magdalene and baby #3!) xxx

    • The Plumbette

      Yes… there will be 16.5 months between Magdalene and this little bubba. I will be busy. Pray for me please. 😉 And I LOVE that we have so much in common. I had no idea that you’re a Christian too and you sing and perform too?! Well done for completing 2 uni degrees…I only have diplomas and certificates. x

  • Oh happy birthday beautiful Bec. I love your list – you’ve achieved so much in your 30 years – bring on the next 30!

    • The Plumbette

      Blow me down Fred (you probably could with this ridiculous wind in Brissie!) Hello gorgeous and thank you for the Birthday wishes. I’m totally looking forward to the next 30 plus years. If I look as good as you in my 40’s I’d be very very happy. x

  • staceyshailer

    Happy birthday! I also turned 30 this year in March 🙂 I’m so proud of many things, our travels, our 2 kids and a 3rd one on the way, but paying off the mortgage on our first home at the grand age of 28 is probably the proudest one. Sure it wasn’t a huge mortgage by today’s standards ($140,000), but 10 years of hard work achieved it! Now with the 3rd bub due in November, we have started much longed-for renos to start 🙂

    • The Plumbette

      YAY for turning 30! And how exciting that you are expecting your third baby!! Amazing achievement to pay off a mortgage at 28!! That’s so awesome. x

  • I was 35 weeks pregnant on my 30th birthday. Day 3 of mat leave, celebrated by having thai for dinner and my waters breaking leading to having a 5 week prem bbaby the next day!! Quite memorable really!!
    Proudest thing would have to be owning our home and being in a position to stay at home full time with the kids. Financially it doesn’t make sense for me to work as I would earn about $50 once you factor in childcare.
    Happy Happy birthday to you. I love this post.

    • The Plumbette

      Aw Ann, what was in the Thai Dinner?! Sounds like turning 30 was VERY memorable for you. x

  • Happy birthday Bec! I enjoyed getting to know you better, you have so many great accomplishments to be proud and thankful for. Many happy returns for today. x

    • The Plumbette

      Thank you Stephanie. x

  • Samantha Turnbull

    Naw, you’re a baby – and you’ve achieved so much. Happy birthday!

    • The Plumbette

      HA HA Samantha. Thank you. x

  • Lee-Anne Walker

    Wow, quite a list and only 30! Happy birthday – have a glass of bubbly and a rest! 🙂

    • The Plumbette

      Thanks Lee-Anne. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday to you!! I was 30 when I had my last and youngest child. I had her on 3 May and turned 31 on 31 May! That little girl is now 19 and I am now 50. 30 is so young. So much fun ahead of you. Enjoy!! Cannot wait to see pics of your new bub! xo

    • The Plumbette

      Thanks lovely. I’m looking forward to this decade, and this baby will be my last too. 🙂

  • Great list of achievements and so much to look forward to. Happy Birthday!

    • The Plumbette

      Thank you Mrs Organised. 🙂

  • I loved turning thirty! I got married and had children young, like you, and I finally felt old enough to have done what I’ve done. The occurrence of people being so shocked at my age has gone down. I hope you like this next stage as much as I do. I’m probably most proud of having had all my children in my twenties. It was something that I wanted to achieve, and I did it. xS

    • The Plumbette

      That’s awesome Sarah. Yes, it makes sense if you can have your kids in your twenties if you can… doesn’t happen for every one but for me, I’m happy to being having my third tomorrow. x

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Happy Birthday Bec and lovely to read your achievements. You looked totally gorgeous on your wedding day! My 20’s were busy with family (as you are), my 30’s were just so eventful in many ways I really enjoyed them. I had my 4th baby on my 40th birthday too…was quite surreal! x

    • The Plumbette

      Thanks lovely. Your 4th on your 40th sounds like a story I’d like to know. And from looking at your Instagram photos you don’t look 40. x

  • sonya

    Happy birthday Bec (you young thing!). I was really proud of travelling around Europe by myself before turning 30. It was a great (but expensive!) experience.

    • The Plumbette

      Thanks Sonya. That’s one thing I didn’t do – travel around Europe. London and Paris gave me a bite of Europe, but I look forward to travelling there again later on.

  • Soni

    I was ecstatic that just before I turned 30 our adoption homestudy was approved (woo hoo) which meant we could finally go on the adoption waiting list.

    • The Plumbette

      Aww Soni, that is soo awesome. It’s such a long process with adoption isn’t it? x

  • Debbish

    I was glad I got to travel overseas to volunteer for a few years. I felt there had to be more to life than what I was doing at the time and couldn’t imagine it stretching ahead without being more meaningful.

  • I turn 30 in October this year and I have to say my biggest achievement by far is overcoming infertility to have Hayley last year 🙂
    The four years of heartache I went through to get her are nothing compared to the years of joy shes going to bring into our lives.

  • My goodness what an IMPRESSIVE list Bec, you sure have packed a lot in to your 30 years! I was 36 weeks pregnant with my 1st on my 30th, so I know what you’re going through. I hope it was delightful xx

  • Karina Lee

    Having travelled to my favourite cities in the world!

  • Helen

    I went skydiving when I was 16. I still can’t believe I did that! Funny story, I asked my mum if I could go (It was through the school’s adventure club and needed a permission slip signed) and she did the fob-off “ask your dad” thing. Dad thought it was a great opportunity and signed on the spot so mum couldn’t back out!

    It was so much fun, it was a solo jump (not tandem) from 3500ft where we had to climb out onto the wing then let go and the end of the rope was tied to the plane so there was only a few seconds of free fall before the parachute automatically deployed.

    The stupid thing is, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I am petrified of heights since doing it. I can’t even ride an escalator without having to psych myself up and think “Just stare straight ahead….don’t look down…”. I have to keep looking at the photo of myself post-jump to believe that I actually did it!

  • Kell Kelly

    I have been very fortunate (and hard working) to achieve what I have in my 27 years. I have 3 beautiful (mostly well behaved) children, gotten married to my high school sweetheart, built a house and turned it into a home. But the most important thing I have achieved is happiness.

  • Sharon Fawcett

    By the time I was 30 I had 2 children, had been married for 9 years and we owned our own home and I was completely and utterly happy! And things are still great 🙂

  • Michelle

    accepted into the military at 27…I was so proud of myself !

  • Happy Birthday to you, that’s a lovely list to keep.

  • Crankycaroline

    Awesome list! I am about to have my first child at 25 – which i assume will be my proudest achievement, but prior to this happening, I was so proud of myself for losing 45kg and becoming a gym junkie when i was 120kg previously.

    • Sally

      Losing 45kg is an amazing achievement, I’ve lost 26kg’s so far 🙂 I hope I go as far as you!

  • Joanne Emery

    Having my two gorgeous daughters very close together and coping!

  • Cheryl Moulton

    I had both my children before turning 30 and even now, I consider them to be my greatest achievements at any age.

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    Loved reading your list! You have the most beautiful hair btw! I had 4 children by the time I turned 30. 30 seems so long ago now!

  • Marleisa

    By the time I was 30 I have visited 30 different countries!!

  • Happy birthday , you are so well traveled and skilled.
    I rode a bicycle – my brother’s 10 gear average basic racing bike actually from Melbourne to Sydney 1100kms +. I did it at 22yrs (with about 2000 others)

  • 30 was the best year of my life! Happy birthday!

  • Lee Marsden

    I had overcome my fear of heights by parasailing! I was so proud of myself!

  • Chont Ok

    Congrats on all your achievements. I successfully completed a Diploma in Pathology Techniques, received 2 industry awards, had 2 great jobs in pathology laboratories in major hospitals, got married, had 2 kids & 2 fur babies all by the age of 30.

  • Kaz @ MeltingMoments

    Happy 30th lovely!

    I am quite proud of all of the travelling I did, including sailing in some world championships. I did some pretty adventurous things in Mexico… like travelling alone on local buses, boats and taxis. I had an hour conversation with a Mexican Police man (gun in holster) with the help of a Mexican Spanish phrase book. Neither of us spoke the same language but learned a lot about each other 🙂

    When I look back, I am amazed that I managed to stay safe through some of it.

  • Sally

    My biggest achievement before 30 would have to the starting my weight loss journey, being a bigger girl for all of my life now it’s slowly changing starting with a 26kg weight loss 🙂

  • Crankycaroline

    Wow I won?! How exciting! Just came back to check and saw my name at the top!! I checked my email and can’t find one though (My spam folder may have stolen it.) I will inbox you on FB to try and get in contact!!! Thank yoU!!!!! THRILLED!