Inspiration from the Carpenter – Blessing Others

Living in a first world country, we have tremendous capabilities of being generous to others. However, sometimes we fall into the trap of giving when we can ‘afford’ to. We all have financial obligations to fulfill whether personally or as a manager of a business. There are always bills that need to be paid and of course the government’s share –taxes.

But who owns what we earn or the profits we attain? Who gives us the ability to earn an income or build a business? Everything we own and accumulate is the Lord’s.

We are simply to be good stewards with the wealth he has blessed us with.


God calls us to be generous because He himself is generous to us. We are so blessed that sometimes we forget to thank Him for all that he has given us and allowed for us to enjoy here on Earth. God asks of us to bless others with our wealth when he lays on our heart a need that needs to be fulfilled.


Lending to others when we see a need is also following the heart of God. As a professional, have you ever done a job for someone and done it for free? If money is tight, the act of service is such a blessing to those who would be unable to afford it.


Sometimes, within the church, this gift is taken for advantage. Unfortunately our company has been stung by such circumstances. As a tradesperson or any other professional service, don’t succumb to requests by those within your church family that ‘expect’ you to do a job for them for free. It is between you and God who you do such services for with no charge.  Be wise to advise such people before you take on the work and fully explain the costs involved in doing the job. Christians or not, we should expect to pay for the services of others as it’s the other person’s means of making an income.


Let’s be thankful for what the Lord gives us and be wise in our dealings with others and ask for discernment in the way we should bless others with what we have.

Psalm 112: 5

“Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely, who conducts his affairs with justice.”