Kids First Aid Review

Kids First Aid Review PLUS Giveaway – I Know How to Save a Child’s Life

Whenever I hear a tragic accident involving a baby or child on the news, my heart skips a beat. I’ve had a few scares with my girls that have caused my heart to drop into my stomach and panic overtake my usual calm and go-with-the flow parenting style.

Accidents and illness can happen in a blink of the eye with little kids. One minute your toddler is latched around your legs, and the next they find a box to stand on so they can climb a fence so they can ‘paddle’ in the pool. Or they’re eating a cut up grape and they forget to use their teeth and swallow it whole, only to have it get caught in their throat and they’re unable to breathe.

I have often worried what I would do in an emergency situation with my kids. I did a first aid course as part of my apprenticeship 7 years ago, but I couldn’t recall what the right CPR method was, and I didn’t know when to apply CPR if I saw someone unconscious. I just hoped I’d never have to be in a situation where I’d need to use it.

I think we all hope we never do.

But nevertheless it’s important to know what to do, so when I was offered the chance to do a Kids First Aid Course, I wanted to go. I needed to go because I wanted to know.

Those 3 hours were the most interesting 3 hours of First Aid I’ve ever done. I know how to do CPR and when to do it. I know what to check for when someone is unconscious. I know what to do if my girls choke or get burned or heaven forbid contract meningococcal disease.

I’m not afraid to trust my instinct as a mum and to call the ambulance if I know something is not right.

I’m not afraid to crack a rib if my baby (or someone else’s) is in need of CPR, and if you want to know why, you will need to do the course. 😉

Thankfully if I need a refresher on what to do, I have a large poster on the fridge that reminds me what I need to do so that what I learned can come back to me. It’s good practice to get a refresher every couple of years in case anything changes though.

Kids First Aid Poster

I learned so much, but not in an overwhelmed – I will never remember this- way. It was simple, easy to digest information that I know I will be able to draw on in an emergency. I know how to save a child’s life should I be put in a position that would require me to act.

I know that there must be other mums and dads and even grandparents who have wanted to do a kids first aid course and have put it in the back of their mind. I believe anyone who is around babies and children must do this course. It’s an $85 peace of mind fee that could potentially save a child’s life because you’re equipped to know what to do in an emergency.

In conjunction with Kids Business and Kids First Aid, I am offering 1 reader a chance to do the course and answer 6 review questions in relation to the course.

Kids First Aid offers the only first aid courses delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergency situations involving children. KFA courses are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide. To book and find the closest course visit If you’re keen to do the course now, you can email them to secure a 10% discount (just mention The Plumbette).

I know that I have readers that don’t reside near a capital city, so I am offering a second reader a Paramedic Endorsed First Aid Kit which is valued at $35.

In order to be in the running to win, please answer this question: In 25 words or less, tell me why you need to do a Kids First Aid Course? If you are wanting the First Aid Kit, tell me where you’d keep it and why? You can enter both if you choose.

Disclaimer: I received a free ticket to do the Kids First Aid Course. This review is not paid and all opinions are my own. This post has been written in conjunction with my Disclosure Policy.

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This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.

There are two prizes. One ticket to Kids First Aid course $85. One First Aid Kit worth $35.

Entries open from 5am Brisbane time Friday 25th September 2015 to Wednesday 7th October 2015 6pm Brisbane Time.

Prize is not transferable or changeable.

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  • I think mine is current, so not entering, but I wholeheartedly agree that first aid courses should be done. The best one I took was also taught by a paramedic – they have seen so much and relate to you how first aid ties in with the care they can provide. I actually think that it would be great if it was compulsory (or somehow highly encouraged and possibly funded) that when you leave school or learn to drive – something that most of us do – you also have to do a first aid course.

    • I find it’s one of those things that gets pushed to the side because life happens, but when I got the opportunity to review the course, I knew I had to do it and I couldn’t push it aside any longer because I was curious and all my questions were answered that afternoon.

  • Probably the most important post you’ve written Bec! I am about to embark on a first aid course through our football club, that will see us training 1 night a week for 4 weeks. I am so excited to know exactly what to do when it is necessary. The course you are speaking about is a brilliant idea. All the basics for a family in 3 hours is so helpful, and surely not a time issue for a new parent. Great work Bec.

    • This sounds like you will learn a lot Nicole. The 3 hours was enough for me to know what I needed to – and was easy to remember as well.

  • This sounds fab! Last time I did a first aid course I was a child-free woman!

    • So much I didn’t know, but now I do just from doing the course. 🙂

  • kookla123

    I’d love to keep the first aid kit in the boot of my car for day trips or when travelling in general.

    • Yes, we have one in the car for emergencies. Amazing how many places you can think of that would need a first aid kit handy. 🙂

  • Great mind Bec, I have my KFA review & giveaway on the blog today too. I paid to go to the course a few years ago and just did a refresher. Its such a good course and I’ve already used the first aid knowledge with bub.

    • I loved the course too and walked away feeling equipped… unlike when I left my Tafe one.

  • Grace

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to do a refresher course! So important!

  • amandagorton

    I too believe first aid is crucial, in fact I ensure I always hold a valid first aid certificate – you just never know! One vital point though I always fail to remember is keeping a stocked (and current) first aid kit, hence my choice of prize is for the kit alone please.