Kidspot Voices of 2015 Masterclass – Meeting Classy Bloggers

On Friday, Jacob, Phoebe and I flew down to Melbourne so I could attend the Kidspot Voices of 2015 Masterclass. There was a lot to organize in order to go away which included getting my parents to babysit my older two girls, organizing a house sitter and getting work done before going away for the weekend.

We arrived in Melbourne expecting it to be freezing but I found the cool air a nice change from being cooped up in a plane with Phoebe on my lap.

I ended up getting a bad headache on Friday night which meant I didn’t end up going out for dinner with the Brisbane bloggers, but I did get to say hi before heading to bed.

I was impressed with the hotel we stayed in. It was up the road from where we stayed for the Kidspot Gala event. The lights and décor definitely got my attention. We stayed at the Mantra City Central which had been recently renovated. The pendant lights were very fitting for a Melbourne hotel. I also loved that the cushions and art work paid a tribute to the city we were in.

Mantra Living Room


Melbourne Cushions


Melbourne artwork


Mantra Melbourne City


Hall light




Thought it was fitting to do get an #everydaystyle photo against the fire service

Thought it was fitting to do get an #everydaystyle photo against the fire service

The next morning, I caught up with Kirsten, Miss Chardy, Emily, Amanda and Nicole so we could catch a maxi taxi together to the Masterclass. We walked to a taxi rank as we had been advised if we booked a taxi, it wouldn’t arrive. So we risked finding one. I can’t remember if one of the girls called a taxi while we waited at the rank. I was too busy looking at Jacob and making sure Phoebe was warm.

Kirsten leading the way to the taxi rank

Kirsten leading the way to the taxi rank


Jacob and Phoebe waiting with us at the taxi rank

Jacob and Phoebe waiting with us at the taxi rank

Jacob had a daddy and daughter day with Phoebe, roaming the streets of Melbourne while I went to the masterclass. During breakfast, Jacob sent me this picture which put me at ease that they would have a good day.

Phoebe and Daddy having breakfast while mummy went to the Masterclass

Phoebe and Daddy having breakfast while mummy went to the Masterclass

The breakfast was probably my favourite part of the day. The food was beautifully presented and I really enjoyed the Garnier presentation about what brands, or more specifically, what does Garnier look for when working with a blogger.

Garnier AU


Garnier flowers


Garnier Breakfast2


Garnier Breakfast

I got to sit with some fabulous bloggers and catch up with ones that I interact with online on a weekly basis. I love how blogging has doubled my friendship group.

Me, Lucy from Bake Play Smile, Kirralee from Escape with Kids

Me, Lucy from Bake Play Smile, Kirralee from Escape with Kids

Bec and Nicole

With Nicole from The Builder’s Wife


Kirralee, Bec and Miss Chardy

With Kirralee from Escape with Kids and Danielle from Miss Chardy


Bec and Kelly

Me and Kelly from Be a Fun Mum


Anna and I

Me and Anna from Colour Me Anna


Me and Jodie

Me and Jodie from Fresh Home Cook

Check out An Organised Life’s post with an in depth summary of the key points spoken at the different sessions.

The biggest take away for me from the masterclass was the business side of my blog. The sessions motivated me to think outside the square a little in terms of content.  As a result, I’ve signed up to do the Brandilicious course to get my media kit looking more professional and to learn how to pitch properly to brands so that this unique content can be sponsored. Sponsorship ensures I can keep doing what I love, but also give readers quality posts and giveaways. I also felt motivated to work on my book and to get it to a stage where I can pitch it to publishers. I haven’t set a timeline as such for this, but with Phoebe’s 1st Birthday coming up next month, I feel I can slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of time to devote to these endeavors.

Another main lesson I learned indirectly from attending the masterclass is that we are all running our own race, but we all come across the same issues and fears. What’s important is to recognize your uniqueness and to use it to promote your voice.

This last weekend has made me even more excited for Problogger.

How was your weekend? Did you go to the Kidspot Masterclass? What did you take away from the day?

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  • A great wrap up Bec and it sounds (and looks) like you guys had a fantastic weekend – apart from the bad headache of course. I also love the wonderful friendships blogging has given me and agree that it’s important to think outside the square when it comes to working with brands.

    • Thanks Lauren. It was a great weekend. I love all the friendships blogging has brought into my life. It makes blogging such a joy and re-motivates you to keep doing what we do.

  • Well of all the things I learnt on the weekend, clearly one wasn’t to take more photos, because I wouldn’t have enough to put a blog post together! So here I am, still learning. I had a great weekend Bec, and totally enjoyed your company. Can’t wait for ProBlogger!! xx

    • You will learn this when you got to Problogger. You will see Bloggers holding up their Iphones to take pics of the speakers or the food. It’s hilarious. I felt pulled to get my photos and then network. It’s a hard life doing two things at once at an event. I hope you week is going well after the weekend away. x

  • LydiaCLee

    Alas no, had intended to but other family issues came up (surgery last Thursday). Anyhoo, was great to follow on twitter – and glad you had a great time!

    • Thanks Lydia. I’m glad all went well with the surgery. Thank goodness for twitter. The best parts were tweeted for sure on Saturday. x

  • Everyone looks so lovely! Great pics.
    Sounds like fun.

    • It was heaps of fun Leanne. You would have enjoyed it. x

  • Great wrap Bec. It was lovely to see you again and you looked smashing in your BT frock. x

    • Thanks gorgeous. I didn’t end up getting a photo of you and me on my phone so I couldn’t share that awesome photo on my post. Will have to get one when I see you at Problogger. Looking forward to seeing you again then. xx

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    What a great post. You all looked amazing. I live in Melbourne but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. It sounds like a great day

    • It was a great day Natalie. Bloggers scrub up good for an event don’t they?! 🙂

  • It was so lovely to meet you in person Bec. That was the reason I was so keen to go and the main thing I loved about the day – making real life connections with so many awesome women I’ve met through blogging.

    • I wish I got to talk to you more. The best part of blogging is the real life connections. You looked stunning on Saturday. I loved that red dress on you. xx

  • There is nothing worse then being distracted worrying about your kids instead of focussing, so I am glad you got that out of the way and were at ease. And hey – I’m doing brandilicious too – see you there!

    • Awesome Malinda. I will see you there! Can’t wait to get started. I’m keen as mustard to get my media kit looking better than it is.

  • Sorry I missed you all there and that glorious breakfast. I’ve had bad luck with sick kids for around 3 weeks now! x

    • Aww Jody, it sucks when the kids are sick. I hope there are more events in Melbourne that you can get to in the future. I would have LOVED to have met you. I hope you don’t get sick off the kids. xx

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    Sounds like a fantastic bloggy weekend! I’ll be interested to read about your impressions of the Brandilicious course once you start it. I was in two minds whether to do it this time or wait til next time. In the end I decided to wait as I have a lot on my plate at present!

    • Good call. I wanted to do it last time it was launched but I had too much on my plate. I still have a lot on my plate but I’m too eager to get started and I don’t want to put it off again. x

  • Oh how I wish I could have been there! It looks like a glorious day and I can see you in photos with some of my favourite people on the interwebs. I think you’re right at the end of the day, it’s all about discovering what makes you you-nique and tapping into it x PS Hope Jacob and Phoebe had an ace day too!

    • Jacob and Phoebe had a fab day. And it was so fabulous talking to bloggers I read week in and week out. x

  • writeofthemiddle

    How gorg does that apartment look?!! So glad you all had a great time! Hope to see you at PB in August 🙂

    • I look forward to seeing you again Min. August is not far away! x

  • So cool to meet you Bec! My head is still spinning from all the info I tried to absorb!!

    • I loved meeting you and putting a face to the name and to your blog. x

  • I’ve decided next year if I’m nominated I’m definitely going to go. All the posts from everyone were making me more excited for Problogger too.

    • You should Toni. I missed going last year when I was in the Top 100 so when I found out I was in Alumni, I was even more set to go this year. Problogger is not far away. So exciting! x

  • It looks like you all had a great day, I wish these events wern’t o the other side of Australia all the time.

    • It’s hard when they are held on the south east coast isn’t it? I do feel blessed I live in Brisbane and can try to get to most of the events.

  • Oh… I am so envious. No bloggy trips on my agenda sadly… unless I get a job (or a lot of clients!) 😉

    • Well I hope you do get a lot of clients and writing work because I would LOVE to meet you in person one day Deb. xx

  • So good to see you! Can’t wait for Problogger where (fingers crossed) we get a little more time to chat xx

    • Omigosh, you were like one of the bloggers I wanted to see again. You’re gorgeous Anna, inside and out. I can’t wait to see you at Problogger. If I can wrangle you away from Mrs Style and Shenanigans. Notice you two photo bombed (without realizing) one of our photos. 😉

  • So many had a wonderful day. That breakfast looks awesome! And congrats for being an Alumni member 🙂

    • Thanks Jodi. I was so pleased to see you in the top 100. It’s heartwarming to see bloggers you love and read get recognized for their writing. I hope you celebrated in your own way. xx

  • Yay! Great overview. I got a lot from the brand sessions too. I think I’ve just missed out on this round of Brandlicious. I’ll wait until after PBevent before deciding if I want to do the next one, I think. x

    • I decided to hit Brandilicious now because I’m eager and I’ve heard all good things about the course. Looking forward to seeing you again at PBevent. ANd I just realized I didn’t put the photo of you in this post. I wonder what happened there?? I’m sure we got a photo together?!

  • It’s so good seeing you jumping in with all the opportunities presented, Bec. I have no doubt you’ll go far, because of your passion x

    • Lisa, that is such a lovely comment. I do hope that I see some of my dreams become a reality. It just takes time and effort. xx

  • I hashtag stalked it like there was no tomorrow 🙂

    • Good! I think I saw you favourite a few of my tweets? Or am I imagining that? x

  • Love all the photos. I totally agree the blogging community is just so awesome. I missed you all, but am SO looking forward to Pro blogger for a good catch up. Glad you had such a fab weekend :)) xx

    • I can’t wait to catch up at Problogger. I couldn’t help but not think of you when I went down because your blogging buddies Amanda and Emily were there. Looking forward to seeing you in August. Can’t believe how close it is. x

  • Sounds great Bec! I followed along on social media, but is great to get such a thorough wrap up. Glad you had fun. x

    • How incredible to see your blog announced in the top 100 Zanni. I was so happy for you. xx

  • It was so lovely to put a name to the blog and meet you briefly. There needs to be more time for just catching up at these events.

    • I agree. There needs to be time for photos and catching up. I felt pulled to do so many things!

  • So jelly, I’ve met some of these lovely ladies and would love to meet the others! Love the pics of Phoebe, she looks like such a happy contented bub x

    • PS forgot to say visiting from Team IBOT!

      • Thanks Janet. You would have loved it and totally been in your zone. And Phoebe was perfect for Jacob. She is very happy and content which made going down quite easy. x

  • Hugzilla

    I really wanted to go but was all tapped out from the forthcoming PB Event! I hope to make some of the other events down the track.

    • So you’re coming to PB Event? If you are I SOO want to meet you. xx

  • Glad you could go Bec. I like blogging things for clarifying your goals. I haven’t been to one for years though sadly 🙁

    • It was great for clarifying goals for me. It’s almost like bloggers should at least attend one conference or class just for this reason. x

  • The Brandilicious Course is on my to do list (amongst a gazzillion other things ha!) it looks great! I learnt so much from attending the Masterclass, my head was spinning but I can’t wait to get started and put some of it into action!

    • I have so much to put into action too. I’m so glad we met Sarah and that you came to find me. x

  • Sounds like an awesome weekend, Bec. So many gorgeous faces and inspirational people to network with. I would have loved to have been there. I’m glad you’ve brought home some great ideas for the blog. You will love Brandlicious x

    • I’m looking forward to learning more through Brandlicious. Hope you’re having a better week. xx

  • Oh and that photo of Phoebe in the hotel room made me think – ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner; 😉

    • Ha, I thought the same thing when I looked at the photos. She was quite content to watch while the photos were being taken. x

  • Sounds like a great weekend and lovely photos. I’m really looking forward to PB and hope to meet you there.

    • Vicki I can’t wait to meet you. Problogger is going to be awesome! x

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I really wanted to get there but it wasn’t meant to be. Sounds like you got a lot out of it. I’ll be really interested in your experience with Brandilicious – I’ve been tossing up whether to commit to it or not so would love to hear your views on it. Good luck with everything – you’ve certainly got a lot on your plate at the moment Bec!

    • I’ve started Brandilicious this week and I’m surprised how well I’ve coped doing the module. I will definitely let you know once I’ve finished. x

  • Looks like a fantastic event. I read Em Hawker’s twitter feed and I felt like I was there. So jealous you got to chat to Kelly from Be a Fun Mum-one of my fave bloggers-always so kind to me at these events.

    • Em was right on it with Twitter. She’s one to follow at Problogger too. It was such a surprise to see Kelly. She’s gorgeous inside and out isn’t she?

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    It was great seeing all the pics of you lovely ladies (and a couple of blokes!) on my Instagram feed throughout the day. It looked like a fantastic day (as did the food – wow!). I hope to one day make the trek over East and finally meet some of my bloggy pals in person. And I love that Daddy-daughter breakfast date photo. Looks like those two had fun day too!

    • Thanks Tash. It’s hard when everything seems to happen on the East side of Australia. Hopefully you will be able to trek over and meet all the bloggers you love in person. 🙂

  • How fabulous, I’m a little jealous but there is always next time 🙂

    • There will always be next time Jess. They run these once every year. I didn’t go to last years. x

  • Oh I’m so glad you posted about this!! How fun to meet a whole heap of other fabulous bloggers. Loved the photos. Thanks Bec!

  • Oh I so wish I had been there. I was doing what I should instead and staying put in case my waters busted… of which, they of course did not. Looks like a fabulous weekend for you and how great is your husband to be your side kick wherever your blogging adventures take you? That’s so great. Fabulous to hear you all motivated and inspired to push forward and make a mark with the business side of it all and knuckle down to concentrate on your book! Yay! xx

    • I remember missing out on event last year that Zanni put on 4 weeks before my due date. I stayed home even though I knew the date of delivery. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to go to these things. I am SOOO looking forward to your news. xx

  • Looks like a fab weekend was had by all! I would have loved to go, but my fear of flying is just something I can’t shake.. Hence why I’m going to PB this year because I can drive there!

    • Gosh Dani, that’s hard having a fear of flying. I used to be the same until I stopped watching those air crash investigation shows. And I fly with Qantas. Touch wood they usually have no incidents. x

  • Lisa Heidke

    Sounds like it was a fabulously inspiring weekend where you got to connect with a lot of like minded bloggers. yes, we are all running our own race but its nice to have friends beside us!

    • Having friends is one of the best parts of blogging. 🙂

  • I am so envious as I so wanted to be there to see everyone. I am not going to make it to Problogger this year either so I will spend that weekend being green eyed too lol. So glad you guys had such an awesome time hun. xx