Essential Baby Equipment to make mum sane and baby safe – Safety 1st Wanderer Stroller + Giveaway

While putting this post together, I had a trip down memory lane. I was scrolling through pictures of when we first brought Phoebe home from hospital. I look at her now and can’t believe that 8 months have passed since her birth.

Placing Phoebe into the capsule

Placing Phoebe into capsule

As a result of the change in our family’s life in the last year or so, I am doing a series of posts on essential baby equipment to make mum sane and baby safe.

A month before I had Phoebe, I was invited to the Pregnancy, Babies and Kids Expo by Dorel Australia. Dorel were so generous to me, they gifted me with a Safety 1st complete travel system. The travel system included the One Safe Infant Carrier and the Wanderer 3 Wheel Stroller.

Safety 1st Travel System

Safety 1st Travel System

I can honestly say it is one of the BEST travelling systems I have used. With Magdalene I used a Safe and Sound Unity Capsule with a Baby Jogger Elite pram and the bracket mechanism exasperated me because I could never get the capsule to sit right and poor Maggie would lie lopsided on the pram. It was 6 months of pram frustration.

The Safety 1st travel system was no worries to put together. The capsule clicked into place with the Wanderer. Best of all, the bracket is included in the pram price.

In terms of width, the Safety 1st One Safe Infant Carrier is one of the more narrow capsules on the market which makes it a great capsule if you are trying to fit 3 car seats across the back of the car like we had to. The only negative part about the capsule which actually turned out to be my error, was the tether strap. When not in use in the car, the tether strap would dangle over Phoebe’s head and lay on her tummy. I found out that it could be hooked at the back of the capsule when the sun canopy was off the capsule. We used the sun canopy all the time, so I would tuck the tether strap behind the cushioning of the seat to avoid having to take the canopy off and on. As per the manual it states to always hook the tether strap around the back of the capsule.

Phoebe in capsule

Dorel Capsule

The Wanderer stroller is easy to use and has great features that make it a great pram for mums on the go. The capsule adaptors and accessories like the boot cover and rain cover are included with the stroller unlike other prams on the market where you have to purchase these separately. What won me over with this pram is it’s ability to have the seat changed from forward facing to rear facing. The seat is easy to click into place. When the seat is facing forward, the whole pram can be collapsed in one piece which means it’s great for travelling on planes or trying to fit into a small boot space of a car.

folded pram

The canopy is extendable and has a mesh insert to allow air in for good ventilation. The basket underneath is a great size and has an enclosed zip section which is great for storing food or personal items.

Safety 1st Pram


Underneath Basket


Phoebe in pram

Safety 1st 3 Wheeler Pram

The stroller doesn’t allow for a second seat for a sibling so it’s best suited for families with one child or a baby with older siblings that don’t require to sit in a pram.

The Wanderer has been a great pram for us at church. I’ve used it on many interstate trips where Phoebe is the only child traveling with us.

This was 1 week after birth. I look exhausted!

This was 1 week after birth. I look exhausted!

Using the Saftey 1st Wanderer Stroller

Using the Saftey 1st Wanderer Stroller

Using the stroller last weekend in Sydney

Using the stroller last weekend in Sydney

Phoebe has just been taken out of the capsule into a forward facing seat at 8 months. Despite the capsule saying it can be used up to 6 months, Phoebe was able to use it for much longer and she is longer on the scale average.

Phoebe face

To check out all the features of the Safety 1st travel system, head here.

Now the fun part.

Dorel has partnered with The Plumbette to give one of my readers a chance to win 1 item each week from the Safety 1st Range. Today, the giveaway is for the Wanderer 3 Wheel Stroller. The subsequent weeks will include a giveaway for a portacot, high chair and car seat.

To be in the running, you just need to enter via Rafflecopter. You MUST like The Plumbette and Safety 1st on Facebook and answer this question in the comments below: Which far away or exotic location would you travel to with this stroller and why?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was gifted a One Safe Infant Carrier and Wanderer 3 Wheel Stroller. All opinions are my own. This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Terms and Conditions

1.This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.

2. There is one prize: 1 Safety 1st Wanderer Stroller worth $499.

3. Entries open from 12am Brisbane time Friday 20th March 2015 to Wednesday 1st April 2015 12am Brisbane Time.

4.Prize is not transferable or changeable

5. Prize sent out by Dorel will not be replaced in the event it is stolen, lost or damaged in transit or virtually.

6.Entry is via leaving a comment or sending an email to answer the question.

7. A valid email address must be included in your entry.

8.Entry into any giveaway or competition is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

9.Entrants must be Australian residents and aged 18 or over

10. The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to reply and claim the prize. The winner will also be announced on Facebook. This giveaway is not endorsed by Facebook.

11. The decision on the winner is final and no dialogue will be entered into otherwise.

12. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.


  • What a great giveaway, Bec!! I’ll be sure to share it on my page.

  • Will share this giveaway with some expectant mama friends!

  • Bec this travel system looks fantastic.
    I used a unity capsule with our 3rd and loved the convenience of it however I was attaching it to a Phil and Ted and it didn’t look any wear near as fashionable as this safety first one.
    Such gorgeous pics of Phoebe growing with the pram and travel system, love it!
    Love the giveaway!

  • Oh this looks like a great little travelling pram. I am off to Sydney next month with the toddler in tow – this would make my trip nice and lightweight.

  • Oh wow her face has changed so much Bec! We love our Wanderer I use it everytime we go walking and funnily enough Hayley loves being forward faced in that pram, but hates being forward faced in our Bugaboo (no idea why). Also how cool that the capsule has a sun canopy.

  • Looks like a great pram! I’m due in about 5 months so we’re well into the pram researching stage at the moment! There are just way too many options out there!!
    I’d love to go travelling with our new little bubba (it’s our first so it’s a whole new unknown world for us!). I really want to go to Tassie with our baby, it’s where we went on our honeymoon and we want to make it our family holiday destination too. If I could go anywhere though, it would be Europe for sure.

  • yolandi mallard

    I’d love to travel to South Africa with this pram and introduce our little one to the beauty of Africa and family. A small, light travelling pram would be just perfect for some sightseeing and a safari.

  • The question is where wouldn’t I travel with the stroller?? Seriously, this would become my third bubs second home. An absolute necessity for any baby but in particular a third one who inevitably gets dragged around in tow behind it’s other siblings. It would know the pavements off by heart around my neighborhood!
    It looks like a really sturdy and nifty set up. I have not had a capsule for my prior newborns so I’m itching to get one for this third time around. I think it would make life sooo much easier x

  • Karen Edwards

    We’re trying for baby number 4 the Safety 1st Wanderer Stroller would be perfect for our growing family and the added bonus of buying the Safety 1st One Safe Infant Carrier to make trips to school so much easier with a sleeping baby and traveling to Grandmas over 8 hours away the Wanderer Stroller would allow for more luggage as it folds up nice and compact.

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    What a fabulous giveaway Bec! I am beyond the baby years but I’m sure there will be some very lucky and very happy winners!

  • Ern

    Everywhere. Visiting friends, family, going to the shops, out on day trips. Where we go, this stroller will be sure to lead the way.

  • Karly

    “The Wanderer” makes me think of outback Australia. (Perhaps more the “far away” option than the “exotic”!) With all terrain pneumatic tyres, rear wheel suspension and a padded seat, the ride in the Wanderer would feel as smooth as the boardwalk at South Bank – not the red centre of Australia.

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    I’d love this stroller for travelling to the city, having a good stroller is important when getting public transport. The reversible seat function is also handy to have when travelling on a train so my daughter can face me.

  • Lisa

    Some days just out the front door is a bonus 🙂

  • carly

    i think that this would be great for getting out for walks especially on those days where it is hard to get motivated and this would be a great reason to start getting fit lol it looks practical and very stylish

  • Karina Lee

    All around the world and back. It’s an awesome travelling stroller!

  • Sonya N.

    I’d love to travel it with somewhere tropical, like Cape Tribulation… I think it could handle the sandy beaches there very nicely!

  • Soni

    I’d traverse the rocky, rain-riveted terrain of the track leading to my mum’s house. My current pram’s wheels threatened to fall off last time I took it this way and I’m not game to do it again for fear of killing my pram! It’s a good half-hour walk of very rough path and I’ve lately been carrying my baby instead of pramming it.

  • Chloe B

    We are off to the Whitsundays late this year I think this would make a great addition to our trip for our little bumble bee!

  • Bet Hogan

    A little baby due in September,
    Travelling to Queensland in December!
    Safety 1st Wanderer Stroller, making it easier
    All the essentials, and more, I prefer.
    Great for the first stroller, safety first
    All my worries dispersed 😀

  • Rosie_Sel

    Expecting our first early July. I would take this pram with us to London to visit the Churchill War Rooms for my father’s 70th birthday. I’d happily walk through Trafalgar Square, across to St Paul’s Cathedral across Millennium Bridge back around to Westminster Abby. What an adventure it would be using the carrier on the Tube!

  • CocoaLoco

    I’d wonder straight to my besties house to deliver this little gem! She’s due at the end of April and because shes had so much trouble she hasn’t brought big ticket items, not wanting to jinx herself 🙁

  • Bub #4 is just around the corner (4 and a bit weeks – eek!) and with three older siblings who fill our weeks with school, play dates and after school activities there is practically nowhere I WOULDN’T be traveling with the Safety 1st Wanderer Stroller! Always out and about, this would help immensely.

  • Ying Ying TAN

    I can put my mind to rest when visiting family in Asia with the world’s safest pram for my 2nd bub. After traumatic experience with my first in Asia, I was dreading the crowded walkways of Asia this time until I read this blog!

  • laura

    Fiji – looks great for walking around which we do lots of in fiji. Seeing the sites while kowing baby is safe, sound perfect to me.

  • I am less than one week away from having my third baby girl. This travel system would be an absolute godsend for day-to-day trips like school drop off and pick up, after school activities, appointments, play dates and the like. But it would also be great when travelling interstate to visit family in Queensland.

  • Simplify.Create

    Mostly I think using the pram to get into a good walking routine to get back into shape after my next bub in 10 weeks but we are also due for a family holiday in the not so distant future and having a quality pram will make life much easier travelling, compared to the very basic and inexpensive pram we have now from our first daughter. It doesn’t do real facing which is something I hate.

  • Kasey Evans

    I’d use this regulary at the local shopping centre it sure would get a good workout!

  • Ariel Rich

    I’d travel everywhere. Because baby and I are a proactive couple!

  • Renee

    I would use this pram daily. We are always off doing something. We have trips to Cairns planned this year and we are planning a trip to Singapore soon.

  • staceyshailer

    Oooh, Italy! I could stuff my face with all that gorgeous pasta and gelato, and then push the stroller around the streets to burn it all off 🙂

  • Kerrie

    This pram would by practical for church and all outings with the LO !

  • Amy

    I don’t drive, so i would literally use it everywhere to get my new bub (due aug 5th) around.

  • Lisa

    What a great product

  • tanya clarke

    We’d love to use the Wanderer by Safety First in London. A very practical way of carrying bubs and our nappy bags while checking out the Royal’s pad! 😀

  • Lanajodieann Holdsworth

    I don’t drive so I would put my 7 month old in it to walk my 5 year old to and from school every day 😉

  • Michelle Harrison

    We would travel to the country and have a long walk along a river and a nice picnic

  • Holly-Anne

    I do t drive so for exercise, coffee dates, to get to and from child care, the park, the shops and on holidays as we show off the kids to friends and family

  • Jade Browne

    Id love to travel back to America and go back to Disneyland calafonia, this pram would be stylish and super convenient for traveling with my 8 weeks old

  • Sarah Nelson

    Thats an awesome give away. Would love to get going with the lil one 🙂

  • belle

    I’d go wherever I could to help people to understand that turning a baby forward facing at 8 months, while commonly done here in Australia, is not at all safe. Please do some research into why keeping your child rear facing until at least TWO and up to FOUR years old is much safer.

  • Tari Ambrosoli

    Have wheels, will travel – anywhere and everywhere the wheels will take us 😉

  • I would bundle my bub up and travel the backroads of Italy. Those three wheels would make paved streets easier to get around and gravel paths a breeze.

  • Lily

    Great pram and bub looks gorgeous in it 🙂

  • Kristine Gardner

    Fab rpam to go shopping with or just out and about for some fresh air

  • Binni Anderson

    I would take to the streets on New York with this stylish easy moving pram and my new bub!

  • JaniseR

    This pram would be fabulous to visit family in london and travel safe on tube THANKYOU

  • Elise


    You’ll be on y our way up!
    You’ll be seeing great sights!
    You’ll join the high fliers
    who soar to high heights.

    This pram looks amazing for our frequent trips interstate to visit my sister – I always find a dodgy stroller is a killer when we travel, as we are loaded down with more than usual since we don’t have a household at our fingertips

  • Kristy Winters

    Cool pram

  • Laura Powers

    Perfect for trips out to the park, zoo,shops anywhere! I have a 2 years old and one due in 2 weeks, perfect stroller for getting out of the house with them both.

  • Deborah Gardner

    I would go to visit my sister a couple states away!

  • Krystal D

    I try to go that extra mile,
    just to see the kids smile.
    But sometimes our weekly park picnic is a disaster,
    I bet with the Safety 1st Wanderer 3 Wheel Stroller it will be filled with laughter.
    Safety 1st Wanderer 3 Wheel Stroller

  • Allana Dorman

    As our two eldest are Fireman Sam fans and in keeping with the Safety 1st theme, we would travel to Pontypandy (by the sea). Not exotic by most standards, but Wales is certainly far away and a part of the world we didn’t quite get to visit pre-kids as we were called home unexpectedly from the UK, only completing the working part of our working holiday. The Wanderer could be our Jupiter; safe, reliable and ever-practical as we traverse the rolling meadows of Wales with our little crew 😉

  • Cate

    The Wanderer Stroller
    (To the tune of, “The Happy Wanderer”)
    I’d love to be a wanderer,
    In the Aussie wild outback,
    And as I walked, I’d love to push,
    My first born down the track.

    Charlie-Charla-Charlie- Charla- ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Charlie- Charla
    I’d push him down the track.

    First we’d go a wandering,
    To breathtaking Ull-ur-u
    My son would squeal- very loud,
    When he spotted a kangaroo.

    Charlie-Charla-Charlie- Charla- ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Charlie- Charla
    When he spotted a kangaroo.

    I’d love to own a wanderer,
    And pass a waterfall,
    It would gleam, and say to us,
    Aren’t we lucky in this world.

    Charlie-Charla-Charlie- Charla- ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Charlie- Charla
    Aren’t we lucky in this world.

    I’ve been a wanderer for some time,
    But without a little one.
    Now it’s time to share the travelling bug,
    With our beautiful son.

    Charlie-Charla-Charlie- Charla- ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Charlie- Charla
    With our beautiful son.

  • Oh this would be perfect! I bought a cheapie and it’s just not doing it for me!