Tiffany & Co Party

Our Phoebe & Co. 1st Birthday Party

Our Phoebe turned 1 on Saturday. The big 1. How did that happen? It doesn’t feel all that long ago that I brought her home as a darling newborn. I do yearn for those newborn days, but I don’t miss the sleep deprivation or sore boobs or sore… well everything. But the pain is worth it. I couldn’t imagine our family without our gorgeous curve ball. I’m not sure why I was so worried. This last year has been wonderful and I’m looking forward to each day after even if the days are now more chaotic because I have a 1 year old on the move and a 2 year old who thinks it’s fun to join in with the 1 year olds antics!

When I planned Phoebe’s 1st Birthday, I decided to do something special and base it on a Tiffany and Co. theme. The colours were easy and the play on Phoebe’s name was a lot of fun to create. Our Phoebe & Co. 1st Birthday Party was a fun success.

Tiffany & Co Party Ideas

Jacob bought most of the party ware from a local discount shop called Stacks. They had a great range of Tiffany and Co coloured plates, tablecloths, cupcake patties, cups, straws, serviettes, pompoms, bunting and pin wheels. I gave Jacob a list of what I wanted and he bought everything for me. Except the lolly bags which he promptly purchased on Friday when I realized I had nothing to put the lollies and fake diamond rings in.

Tiffany & Co Party Decor

Tiffany & Co Food Table


Tiffany & Co Party Food Ideas

Last week on my Birthday, I headed to Kmart to get the finishing touches for the decorating. I bought an ‘&’ light and 2 citronella candles that were in the right shade of blue. I also went to a confectionery store where they had spearmint lollies on sale which I used to display in two candle vases, bought for Esther’s 1st Birthday party. A bit of white ribbon here and some silver beads there and the decorations were set for the table.

I got the cake and macarons professionally made. My baking and icing abilities are limited (although I can make a mean chocolate mousse) and I knew if I wanted to get the wow effect with my cake, I’d have to get someone to make it for me. So I sent pictures to my friend Jo who outdid herself with the cake and gorgeous macarons. If you live in Brisbane’s Western suburbs and after a cake for your next celebration, get in touch with Jojo’s Treat House. Not only did the cake and macarons look good they tasted delicious too.

Tiffany & Co party Cake


Tiffany & Co Cake

Yes there is a hand print on the cake. Kids!


The macarons aren't evenly placed but, that's what happens when you're at a kids party.

The macarons aren’t evenly placed but, that’s what happens when you’re at a kids party.

When it came to inviting people to the party, I decided to go smaller rather than invite every man and his baby and toddler. I’ve learned from past experience that less is best and it makes for a relaxed party environment.

Phoebe and I with Renee from Mummy Wife Me and Smiley

Phoebe and I with Renee from Mummy Wife Me and Smiley

I had bubbles and craft activities for the kids to do, although they enjoyed playing on our outdoor swing set. It reminded me that kids love the simplest of activities best.

The party girl happily drinking and watching the going ons at the party

The party girl happily drinking and watching the going ons at the party

The morning was hectic getting everything set up for the party and it went quite quickly. Magdalene announced it was the best party EVER and then promptly asked when it was her Birthday.

The Plumbette and her kids

As I was going through the photos, I couldn’t help but smile. We made it to Phoebe’s 1st Birthday, smiling and happy. Bring on the next family adventures for our family of 5.

Phoebe blowing out the candle

Blowing out the candle


The Plumbette family photo

How was your weekend? What was the theme of the last party you went to? Or the last party you organized?

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  • It really was a fun and happy day, Bec. Thanks so much for inviting me. You have such a beautiful little family and I was honoured to spend the morning with them. The cake and decorations looked amazing. Did you notice the present we gave Phoebe was wrapped in blue and white too? 🙂 xo #teamIBOT

    • Thanks lovely. I loved having you and your girls there. Xx

  • Those macarons are so cute. I wouldn’t be able to eat them. Your friends is very clever. Happy 1st Birthday Phoebe. What a special party you had. I love the idea Bec, it looks fantastic.

    • Thanks Karin. It was a special party to organise. I loved working with the theme. 🙂

  • Oh how gorgeous! I never even thought of a Tiffany theme, what a lovely idea. Happy birthday to Phoebe, I hope she got a little Tiffany charm to mark the occasion!

    • we will get something when she’s older and she can appreciate opening the white ribbon round the blue box. 🙂

  • writeofthemiddle

    Wow Bec what a beautifully styled party for Phoebe! I love your theme! Happy belated 1st birthday to her!! Also – gotta say that I love the dress you are wearing! Where did you get that from? xo

    • Thanks Min. I got the dress on sale at my local boutique InStyle. But stylefast online have tunics in the same material. X

  • What a gorgeous theme for a party. Happy 1st Birthday Phoebe.

  • LydiaCLee

    That’s very sophisticated! You’ve set a high standard!! 😉

    • Well I didn’t think of that. Gosh, it’s going to be down hill from here I think.

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    Wow! What a beautifully styled party table! I love this theme! I may have to “borrow” this theme for my daughter’s next birthday!

  • How gorgeous! I love this theme- and the cake- WOW! So heartening to hear the juggle with 3 is all good- calms my pre- third baby nerves right now! x

    • The third child does add challenge to family life but nothing you can’t handle. Just take one day at a time. 🙂

  • Lisa Berriman

    Oh I LOVE it!! What a great idea. Such a classic and beautiful theme.

  • What a gorgeous birthday party. We don’t do parties very often, but when we do, we like a theme. Having mostly boys makes birthdays super messy and busy. That cake is amazing! Happy birthday Phoebe and congratulations to you and Jacob, for making it through the first and I believe most difficult year xx

    • I find a theme helps with the organisation and colour coordination. And thank you for your kind words. The first year is quite difficult isn’t it? X

  • what a gorgeous theme!! I love love love that cake! Its my daughters 1st birthday in 3 months (squeal!!) I’m already getting ideas on what to do!

    • Pinterest is a den of ideas! I came across this theme when I started writing for a party blog. As soon as I saw it online I knew I wanted my Phoebe to have it as the theme for her 1st Birthday.

  • That looks so good Bec. I went all out for bub’s first birthday {and invited way too many people – there were 12 kids there and that was with 8 unable to come}. We’re not doing a party this year just taking her to under water world instead. Perhaps next year I’ll do a small party for her again.

    • I find inviting families with 3 kids bulk up the numbers. I made the choice to keep it low key and classy and the low key option was a lot more relaxing.

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    Beautiful pics … Love seeing bloggers I follow together … Time goes way too quickly … My eldest is 15 and I swear she is still a curly haired toddler

    • Gosh Natalie, I have no doubt I will be saying the same thing when my girls are that age! Thank you for your lovely comment. We didn’t get a lot of pictures because we were busy being hosts. 🙂

  • So gorgeous Bec and happy birthday little Phoebe. I still remember my cuddle when she was just a wee bub xx

    • I remember when you held her. If you’re coming to ProBlogger you will see her again. 🙂

  • Just beautiful! The first year just whizzes by {and I think it has gone even faster with number 2, so I can’t imagine how quickly it would go with number three}.

  • That is my absolute favourite colour in the whole world, and my mouth is watering just looking at that cake and macaroons!

    • The macarons were the first to go. They were delicious. And the cake was divine. It’s such a pretty colour. You have good taste. 😉

  • What a gorgeous party Bec and one! wow that did come around super fast! Happy Birthday little one xx

    • It has come around fast. But there were definitely some slow days in the last 12 months. X

  • This is just beautiful, what a gorgeous theme to have for your precious little girl.

    • Thanks Malinda. It was a lovely party to organise. And the colours made it quite easy.

  • Just gorgeous Bec.What a lucky little Phoebe! You know she’ll want a real Tiffany & Co box for her 21st one day. 😉

    • I have no doubt she will one day. At this stage while she’s young she will be oblivious to the fuss. It gives me time to save though.

  • Hugzilla

    Love the theme, love the colour palette and love the pics with you and the kids! Looks like you all had an awesome day. Happy 1st birthday Phoebe! x

    • Thank you! It was a great day. And I love the colours too.

  • What an amazing theme, I would have never had thought of it! I absolutely love the colours! And the cake, I want a cake like that!

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    Happy birthday to your little girl. What a gorgeous party theme – everything looks beautiful and I love the happy family pic. Such great little touches too – I personally wouldn’t have trusted myself with that open jar of spearmint lollies 🙂

    • Thanks Tash. Birthday parties are always a good time to get a family photo. And the spearmint lollies taste awful. Not sure what I’m going to do with them all. Maggie is the the only one that likes them! Might come in handy for toilet training.

  • Oh how gorgeous! I love how you and Phoebe are colour co-ordinated with the theme. Happy Belated Birthday to both you and Phoebe, and I hope she has tons of fun being one!

    • The cour coordination was a fluke really. Thank you for the Birthday wishes! Xx

  • What a lucky girl Phoebe is! Gorgeous theme for a little girl! Oh and I love the colour theme. Happy 1st Birthday.
    I organised two parties in one weekend back in March and I have shared them on my blog. For my 10 year old daughter we had a “Paris” theme and for my son it was “A Little Golden Book” theme. It was a full on weekend, but loved every minute of it.

    • I loved both of your party themed for your kids. They were so creative!! I bet it was a full on weekend. We were all wiped after one party! X

      • Thank you Bec. It really was a full on weekend, but totally worth it.