Shopping in Melbourne PLUS Plumbing Stocking Fillers Giveaway

Our weekend to Melbourne was one of the best weekends ever for Jacob and I. I’m sure it was for Phoebe too because she had the full attention of her parents. Not that she would remember.

When planning for the weekend away, we knew we had a full day available on the Saturday to go shopping. We are no strangers to Melbourne. Jacob and I had a full week in Melbourne pre-kids around 7 years ago where we did all the touristy things and went shopping. Oh the joy of the double income back then. Sigh.

This trip we planned visits to 3 shops. Myer Giftorium, Tiffany’s and Haigh’s Chocolates.

Even though we didn’t arrive into our hotel room until 4pm, the city outside was still buzzing. We decided to head into Myer Giftorium which was literally around the corner from where we were staying.

The reason I wanted to visit the Giftorium, was because I wanted to show Jacob the concept and I wanted to take advantage of not having to chase my daughters around so I could properly browse the gifts.

Phoebe fell asleep which meant we were able to go shopping. Jacob found some fantastic plumbing stocking filler presents which I just had to buy and put together for a giveaway. I’d seen the Polaroll Toilet dispenser before on Pinterest, so I was pleased to see the Giftorium stocked it. The next thing Jacob found was a connectible drinking straws set which I reckon would be a great stocking filler for a plumber or apprentice. And next to the straws was my trademark tool a plunger – but for your iPhone so you can prop it up on a table at an angle.

Phoebe asleep

Santa Express

Santa Myer
The Giftorium in Melbourne is so well done. A Christmas wonderland covering gifts for everyone. We ended up getting a few gifts for family and then checked out the subsequent levels in Myer because we could.

Myer Giftorium


Christmas Myer


Roses Phoebe and Bec
When we started to feel hungry, we found a little Asian restaurant that served handmade dumplings. I also ordered what I thought to be a sweet and sour chicken dish, but instead got this:

Chicken Chilli

Jacob and I aren’t huge chilli fans. I gave it a red hot go and I had tears streaming down my face as I tried to eat the chicken. Thank goodness for the frozen yoghurt shop adjacent to where we were sitting!

On Saturday we headed to Tiffany’s. The weather was great for walking so we took our time to really view the buildings down Collins Street. The reason we visited Tiffany’s was to sort out my 30th Birthday present. You might remember it was the gift I was looking forward to receiving on my 30th Birthday? Well the necklace that I got didn’t fit around my neck. And it wasn’t because I had fluid retention from being pregnant. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the charms off to make the necklace longer, so I ended up selling it and got all the money back I spent on it and used those funds to buy a key to match with the Uberkate Unlock Your Style necklace. As a result of our visit to Tiffany’s the assistant was able to write down a list of necklaces that I couldn’t decide on so that Jacob could purchase them in the future. We have our 10 year wedding anniversary next year and apparently the gift is tin or aluminium? I told Jacob Tin and Silver are the same colour so he’ll be sorted to know what to buy. 😉

After Tiffany’s we headed to the Lindt Café for lunch. We had a big breakfast so we weren’t hungry for lunch but wanted something small. We ordered one of the tasting plates to share. It was a chocolate lovers dream.

Lindt Chocolate tasting plate

After Lindt we browsed a few more stores, bought more chocolate from Haighs and then headed back to the room to rest before I would have to get ready for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Gala Awards.

It was a weekend of remembering life with just one child. And even though we took full advantage of not having our older two girls with us, we missed them and would exclaim how they would love whenever we visited or saw something new.

The weekend was topped off with the wins at the Gala event. It’s surreal that nearly a week and a half have passed since that night.

As a way to thank you, my readers, for hanging out with me here, nominating my blog to Kidspot and just being such a wonderful support to me online (and some of you in person) I’m running my final giveaway for the year. I’m calling it the Plumbing Stocking Fillers Giveaway. Included is 1 Polaroll Toilet Roll Dispenser, 1 Connectible Drinking Strawz, 1 iPlunge and 1 $50 Coles Myer Giftcard to help with Christmas groceries or gifts this season.

Plumbing fixtures giveaway 2014

In order to be in the running for the giveaway please follow The Plumbette on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or sign up to the Newsletter and answer this question:

The best thing that happened to me in 2014 was….?

The most interesting answer will win the prize and I will make sure it is sent before Christmas.

Terms and Conditions

1.This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.

2. There is one prize: 1 Polaroll, 1 Strawz, 1 iPlunge, 1 $50 Coles Myer Gift Card.

3.Entries open from 6am Brisbane time Tuesday 9th December to Wednesday 17th December 2014 6pm Brisbane Time.

4.Prize is not transferable or changeable

5.Prize sent out by The Plumbette will not be replaced in the event it is stolen, lost or damaged in transit or virtually.

6.Entry is via leaving a comment or sending an email to answer the question.

7. A valid email address must be included in your entry.

8.Entry into any giveaway or competition is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

9.Entrants must be Australian residents and aged 18 or over

10. The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to reply and claim the prize. The winner will also be announced on Facebook. This giveaway is not endorsed by Facebook.

11.The decision on the winner is final and no dialogue will be entered into otherwise.

12. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

  • Jade

    By far the best thing that happened to me this year was falling pregnant again after losing a little angel to anencephaly. We are super excited to meet this gorgeous little bundle due on Australia Day!

    • Gosh Jade, I had to look up what anencephaly is. I’m so sorry for your loss. How wonderful to be pregnant and due on Australia Day. I hope the heat isn’t getting too much for you. xx

  • carly

    the best thing was finally getting married! i have been with my hubby since 2005 and we have 3 kids and life just always got in the way. it was only a little private wedding but i couldn’t have asked for anything more!

    • Carly that’s wonderful news. Private weddings I find are the best. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as a married couple. xx

  • carly

    i also follow on facebook as carly bates and on twitter as @TheAussieGal.

    i would love to go to melbourne! one day!

  • Catherine Kate Ivory

    The best thing that happened to me in 2014 was deciding to join a gym (that has a crèche!) I love having more energy to run around with my boys, they love the crèche and I get some time out. It’s amazing how good you can feel after a workout 🙂

    • Good on you. 2015 is my year to spend time walking. I am hopeless at going to a gym. And I agree you do feel good after exercising. x

  • Laura Powers

    Highlight has be getting pregnant with our 2nd little munchkin due in April next year the other best bits of the year were watching our 1st born William grow and learn and surprise us everyday

    • Congrats on the pregnancy Laura. April is a great time to have another bub. I hope you are feeling well? x

  • Lauren Roney

    The best thing to happen in, becoming a family. Although it honestly feels like our little girl has always been with us. Such a blessed year!

    • I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family Lauren. Bubba won’t get it but it’s special for you and your partner. 🙂

  • What a glorious day you had!
    How awesome is the Polaroll and what a good question. Best thing…. so many good things… so many ordinary things that I loved… but the most phenomenal thing for me is that my Cousin is alive and his hand was reattached, after being attacked whilst doing aid work in PNG. We’re so proud of him and amazed at the wonders of modern medicine x

    • Gosh Cybele, I had wondered what happened to your cousin. So pleased to hear his hand got reattached! I need to catch up on your blog. xx

  • Oh my gosh! That trip sounds divine. I’m so glad you got to Tiffany’s and that Lindt sharing plate looks too good to be true. Hmm I’m sorry I can’t narrow down the best thing that’s happened to me. In each and everyday (sometimes I have to look harder than others) there is something pretty awesome happening 🙂

    • You’ve had a big year gorgeous. Meeting you and Lauren was a highlight of my year. xx

  • Karina Lee

    Going on maternity leave. I would much rather change a million dirty pooey nappies than go back to work for my demon dragon boss. I love my new boss, she totally rocks my world and she’s 100x cuter!

    • So true Karina. For me pooey nappies beat blocked toilets any day!!

  • That photo of you and Phoebe by the flowers is STUNNING! So glad you had a great time, I forget what life with one child is like 🙂 Congraulations again on your wins! Very well deserved. xx

    • Thanks Nicole. It was a stunning backdrop. Shame my hair wasn’t playing good!

  • Grace

    Ah, beautiful photos, Bec!
    I’ve had two fantastic things happen to me this year – getting my very first article published in Essential Kids and coming 2nd place in the #snackosphere challenge. Feeling very grateful x

    • I was at the Gala when your name was announced Grace. I was so pleased for you. What a blessing to win the prizes! And good on you for getting an article published on Essential Kids. x

  • I definitely have not spent enough time in Melbourne, but Oh. Em. GEE. I want to go to that giftorium!!! Looks amahhhzing!! Love the pic of you and Phoebe too. x Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  • Karen Edwards

    The best thing that happened to me in 2014 was being diagnosed with Coeliac disease I finally have answers as to why I was sick all the time. Feeling a lot better now after eating gluten free for 4 months.

    • Gosh Karen, I’m glad you are feeling better after the diagnosis. xx

  • stretch supreme

    The best thing that happened to me in 2014 was………my daughter getting married!!!!!!!!!

    • Weddings make a great year don’t they? How wonderful for you! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Too many to list but the best was my Mum surviving a stroke. It has reinforced just how important it is never to take anything or anyone for granted.

    • Gosh Lisa, I hope your mum is doing ok? An illness or unexpected event can really bring home the important things in life. I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. And thank you for commenting on my blog. x

      • Lisa

        Yes they can (as we have recently seen). Merry Christmas to yourself Jacob and those gorgeous girls. May your 2015 be filled with laughter hope and a dash of sanity 🙂

  • Kaz @ MeltingMoments

    That chilli dish was so not sweet and sour! OMG!

    How bloody cute are those plumbing stocking fillers?!! My dad (a plumber) would have loved them had he still been about.

    In 2014, my family of 3 became a family of 4… <3

    • Oh I know – it certainly was NOT sweet and sour!! Yay for becoming a family of 4. I hope you have a wonderful first Christmas with your cherub. xx

  • kzsupreme

    The best thing that happened to me in 2014 was I became a grandmother!! The next chapter of my life begins, and im so excited to be apart of something so special. I cant wait to show her how to cook 🙂

    • Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. It is a special time in your life and you have plenty of great adventures ahead. My mum loves cooking with my girls. 🙂

  • Such a delightful post Bec, all I want to do now is go to Melbourne and visit the Lindt Café! Congratulations for your achievements at the 2014 Kidspot Voice awards, well done.
    I would have to say the best thing that’s happened to me for 2014 was having our first overseas family holiday to Fiji, and what made it even better was the fact that we were travelling with some very special friends (also a family of 5 like us), if it wasn’t for them asking us to go, we would never have done it.
    I also have to add one other BEST thing for my 2014 and that would be becoming acquainted with this amzing little world of blogging, I did start my quest last year but never imagined the friendships that would unfold 12 months later, it’s been very emotionally rewarding to say the least.
    I wish you and your beautiful little family a very safe and happy holiday season. xxxx

    • Thanks Dannielle! I have been to Fiji twice and I loved it. I can’t wait to take my girls when they are older. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and a Happy New Year. I baked your ginger slice the other night and forgot about it in the oven and burnt the edges. My hubby is still taking the middle bits to work. Will make another one for Christmas day. I LOVE it. Even the darker than normal bits. x

  • Sounds like such a delightful shopping trip. The best thing that happened to me in 2014, probably was the hardest moments that I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered from. It also still doesn’t feel like the best moments, but I have a feeling that these experiences are going to shape the way I approach life from here on in. It’s often the hard things that build the deepest character in our lives isn’t it? It’s good to keep a perspective that goodness and strength comes out of adversity as we walk through it!

    • You’ve had a really crazy year Caitlin. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing your blog take off in the new year. xx

  • Terri Todd

    The best thing that happened to me in 2014 was opening our family business, I run the shop, my husband does repairs and my daughter cleans, hoping this becomes a successful venture.

    • Terri what a great achievement. I love family businesses! I hope 2015 is a great year for your business. 🙂

  • Sounds like an awesome weekend Bec.
    The best thing that happened this year? Well it’s been an odd year. Moving interstate suddenly and getting used toe everything new. I’ve been challenged on a whole new level, and have realised how much more I need God. It’s been hard and horrible and painful at times, but that’s also probably the best thing. Because I’m better for it now. And getting better still. 🙂

    • You’ve had a big year Jess. Big changes but I’m reminded that big changes can produce wonderful things. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and a prosperous 2015. Looking forward to hearing when you publish your next book. 🙂

  • Jocelyn R

    The best thing that happened to me in 2014 was that I decided not to worry anymore. Don’t have your dream job? man? car? house? Don’t worry. Appreciate what you do have and savour every moment. I”m going to take this attitude with me into 2015 and have a very happy year!

    • Great outlook Jocelyn. I think the journey through life is sometimes more important than the destination sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful 2015. 🙂

  • janine gardiner

    2014, I went back to school at age 51, totally unbelievably still scared, celebrated my ten year anniversary of giving up smoking, went overseas for the first time ever, and accepted finally that I’m never going to be a skinny minny.

    • Janine, I love your answer and Congratulations you are the winner of this giveaway. I will send an email to you so you can email me your details so I can get your prize on it’s way to you. I hope 2015 is a great year for you also. x

  • sonya blyton

    We Just Purchased our Own Home, and realized how damn scary & stressful it is!! Lots of Ups & Downs as we had just 3mths to get our deposit together as we had to vacate our rental as it was on the market!! Onto bigger & Better things now 🙂

    How Heart breaking to read your post about the Lindt Cafe and thinking of the 2 beautiful lives taken way to soon :'(

    • Totally Sonya. I got chills when I heard on the news. Innocent people going about their normal day. Congratulations on purchasing your new home. Enjoy your first Christmas in it. 🙂

  • Kim m

    The best thing that happened to me is that I have been working huge hours at work for thelas year as my husband cannot work due to illness, and I have found that I am ok with this, which is good because I don’t have a choice! I love that although I work long hours, I spend all my non work time with my family and I enjoy every second I have with them. I love that I have found that I have been able to make the best out of what could be a horrible situation.

    I like you on facebook

    • Gosh Kim, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hopefully some downtime too. Wishing you a prosperous 2015. x

  • Em Lawes

    I got engaged… under the Eiffel Tower. I cried truly happy tears for the first time.

    • BEST proposal ever. Gosh, how amazing! Congratulations on your engagement. 🙂

  • sapna

    After a struggle of 7 years ,my precious son was free from eczema this year – this is the best thing that has happened in our family in 2014.

    • That’s wonderful news Sapna. Eczema can be relentless can’t it and finding the right treatment can be hard. Thanks for your comment. 🙂