bunny on a hill easter hat parade

Bunny on a Hill Easter Hat

If you’re looking for an easy Easter Hat that you can create at home with recyclable materials, this hat is for you – well your kid actually. This Bunny on a Hill Easter Hat is a lot of fun to make and requires little effort.

Esther told me after school last week that she needed a hat for the Easter Hat Parade this Thursday.

I smiled and told her I was already prepared. She could wear the ones we made last year, which I had put away for safe-keeping so we wouldn’t have to worry about making one this year.

Unfortunately, Esther wouldn’t have it. Everyone saw it last year and you can’t wear the same hat twice in a row. #firstworldproblems

I sighed and told her if we were to make another one, we would only use what we had available in the craft box. And the toilet. This hat needs a toilet roll and I can guarantee every house in Australia has a spare empty roll sitting on the holder or the floor. I’ve been collecting ours so we had a good supply to get creating.

Making this hat was so easy. We ended up making two. It made for a great after-school activity inside after we had a week of rain.

bunny on a hill easter hat parade

Bunny on a Hill Easter Hat


1 Empty Toilet Roll
1 Plastic or White Paper Cup
2 Pieces of Green Paper (A4)
Pom Poms
2 Googly Eyes
Sharpie Pen
Cotton Wool
Hole Punch
Craft Glue
Sticky Tape

easter hat materials


1. Grab the green paper and cut strips halfway into the page. This will make for the grass on the outside of the cup. Cut the second piece of green paper in half, lengthways. Cut the strips to create a second row of grass.

green paper easter hats

2. Glue the green paper around the cup.

green paper around cup

3. Make a bunny out of a toilet roll by twisting white pipe cleaner into ears and attaching to the top of the role with sticky tape. Glue googly eyes, a pink pompom for the nose and a cotton wool for the tail. Draw the face using a black sharpie.

bunny toilet roll

4. Stick the toilet roll bunny to the top of the cup using craft glue and sticky tape. You may need to cut some of the grass to see more of the bunny.

bunny on a hill easter hat parade

5. Glue pompoms on the side of the cup on the grass to create ‘flowers’.

bunny on a hill easter hat parade

6. Use a hole punch to punch holes on each side of the cup. Thread elastic and tie it to each side of the cup.

bunny on a hill easter hat parade

7. Wear your Bunny on a Hill Easter hat at the Easter Hat Parade.

bunny on a hill easter hat parade

We’ve now found out Esther will be making a hat at school to wear for the parade, but Maggie and Phoebe won’t want to miss out, so they will definitely modelling our bunny hat creations.

bunny on a hill easter hat parade

If you need some more last minute Easter Hat ideas, head to this post on Be a Fun Mum.

bunny on a hill easter hat parade

Keeping it real… what my bench looked like while we made the hats…

Are you sorted for the Easter Hat Parade?