The Block Bathroom Reveals 2017 - It Was All About Circles & Face Level Storage

The Block Bathroom Reveals 2017 – It Was All About Circles & Face Level Storage

The Block bathroom reveals were shown last night and the bathrooms did not disappoint. It seems circles and architectural design were the winning features in this week’s bathrooms. Face level storage was also another hot topic brought up. Here was went on last night at the reveals.

The Block Bathroom Reveals 2017

Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason seemed to have a slow start to the week when doing their bathroom. I was unsure if Jason’s lax attitude was arrogance or his experience of having done a few bathrooms because he was a plumber. Anyway, the bathroom by Sarah and Jason last night was a solid start to the season of reveals.

Sarah and Jason The Block 2017 Bathroom reveals

Darren and Shaynna brought up the need for face level storage when you have a vanity that doesn’t include drawers. Storage has always been a big key note on previous seasons. It seems a long double vanity and shelving underneath no longer cuts it. Either way, there wasn’t a lot to fault with the bathroom. I loved the moroccan tiles on the floor and the hydronic heating  and towel rails were a luxury touch that a new home owner will love. Not sure on the placement of the pendant behind the door and the judges weren’t keen on it anyway.  The styling was a little too much, but that can always be stripped back later on. I didn’t mind this bathroom and thought it was one of the better thought out bathrooms because of the double vanity.

Sarah and Jason Bathroom Reveals The Block 2017


Sarah and Jason's Bathroom

Hannah and Clint

It was such a shame this team didn’t get to finish, but they were let down by their tradies. With the level of the flooring and the way the tiles were laid, I actually felt sorry for this couple. I reckon we are going to see great things from them and they seem so down-to-earth. I just hope they can pick themselves up from a shocker of a week.

Clint and hannah bathroom the block 2017

This team really understood bathroom design and were one of the only teams that include face level storage behind the mirrors which also included power points. Not sure on the practicality of the power points behind the mirror because if you’re straightening your hair or shaving, you want the mirror to be closed so you can see what you’re doing. I guess the mirror can be closed on the cord.

Clint and hannah the block 2017

I loved the black framing of the glass shower screens and giving the toilet it’s own room, even if it styling didn’t appeal to the judges. I don’t think the splashback would looks so sad if it had been grouted. Anyway, I thought it was a great effort, despite the muck around with their tradies.

Clint and Hannah Toilet

Georgia and Ronnie

I like an experienced couple coming on The Block, but the attitude from this couple annoyed me. There were a few misses for me in this bathroom and they all relate to the plumbing and electrical which need to be nailed in a bathroom to make it practical. Storage isn’t the only thing that should be considered.

Ronnie and Georgia bathroom reveal

Firstly the placement of the floor mounted bath mixer was totally wrong. Placing it in the corner behind the bath is not hiding it, it’s ensuring it’s not an obstacle in the bathroom. If kids use this bathroom, having the mixer in that position is a pole dance waiting to happen.

This couple also covered their electrical outlets in the vanity drawer, but placed it down the bottom. I love the idea of having an electrical outlet in the drawer, but it needs to be up higher, not on the bottom drawer. You reach high to use personal appliances so having the electrical outlets up high is a practicality and almost a necessity. Whoever buys this house will have to use an extension cord to reach the outlet.

Ronnie and Georgia Bathroom reveals

I did like the look of the bathroom, but the vanity should have been a double basin and that dinky sound system looked like an urn. I guess they can trade it in later when they run out of money.

Ronnie and Georgia The Block 2017

Sticks and Wombat

These guys surprise me with their style. I love this team. I loved their bathroom because it was different and a lot of effort went into the tiles and the copper towel rails. I wasn’t a huge fan of the copper rails as it reminded me of the steampunk bathroom I’ve written about here before. But I appreciated the work that went into creating them.

Sticks and Wombat bathroom The Block 2017

The judges weren’t a fan of the mixed metals using the copper towel rails, chrome tapware and brass vanity handles. The metals should have been more uniform. There could have been room for a double vanity too.  I still really liked this bathroom and thought it was a solid effort from the boys.

Sticks and Wombat bathroom The Block 2017

Elyse and Joshua

Elyse and Joshua produced a stunning bathroom, but I felt the concrete tiling had been shared a lot before. The new feature was the circular bath, which looked gorgeous and will definitely win favour with potential buyers.

Joshua and Elyse bathroom

The timber vanity was lovely, but too small for a main bathroom. A double basin vanity could have been installed. The judges also picked up on the lack of face level storage, yet they loved the architectural details of the ceiling with the skylight. But there was a consistent fluency of circles in this bathroom. Sounds like the trending shape for bathrooms this season on The Block.

Joshua and elyse bathroom

This was the winning bathroom in the end. I think the round bath won the judges over.

Joshua and Elyse bathroom the Block 2017


What did you think of The Block 2017 Bathroom reveals? Who is your favourite team? Did you think Elyse and Joshua’s bathroom should have won?

For more photos of the reveals, check out the rest of the gallery here.

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  • Bec Nelson

    I hate grey! It always reminds me of old concrete public toilets. I have to say I liked the house rules bathrooms better so far, at least there was colour. But yay huge congrats to them all but especially to you bec, well done x

    • Yes, I do love a bit of colour in bathrooms. But I think the teams go with neutral colour schemes because of the buyers. I guess you can add coloured accessories later on. Thank you for your lovely comment about the nomination. It came as a surprise to me as well. x