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The Kinder Surprise for Adults – Royal Essence Candle and Bath Bomb Giveaway

I love surprises. Well not the unexpected bill surprises, or the surprises kids like to pull on me when they’ve been awfully quiet in the house.

I love unexpected positive surprises like winning a competition, birthday parties, gifts – the unexplained and unexpected grace from people in unusual circumstances.

The thing is, when you become an adult, happy surprises become less frequent.

But I do like to release my inner child every now and then and sometimes I do get excited about the toys the kids will get in their Kinder Surprise or Happy Meal. I like to relive those feelings of surprise.

So imagine my surprise when Royal Essence sent me some candles and bath bombs to try (and giveaway) in a post.

Initially, I wasn’t surprised by the email, but was happy to run a giveaway because it meant there would be something for you to win.

But I was surprised when I opened the box of gifts and read a note that said please share your jewellery on Facebook.

I thought the note was a little weird because I hadn’t been sent jewellery. I’d been sent bath bombs and candles.

I headed to the website and I got really excited. These bath bombs and candles were like Kinder Surprises for adults. Each candle and bath bomb comes with a hidden piece of jewellery worth $10 to $2000!

The inner child in me went a bit berserk.

I HAD to try a bath bomb for myself. I thought the candle would take too long to burn to get the piece of jewellery. I wanted my surprise, NOW. (It also worked in the essence of this post!)

the kinder surprise for adults royal essence bath bombs and candles

Once my girls had been put to bed, I claimed the bathroom as my own and added a Raspberry Sorbet Bath Bomb to my running bath.


Oh my word! Running myself a bath with this delicious raspberry sorbet bath bomb from @royalessenceco #gifted I can’t wait to share a review and giveaway on the blog. #bathtime #royalessencebathbombs #eastertreat #eastertreatswithoutthesugar #metime by @theplumbette

The smell was delicious. Not overly sweet how I expected.

After the bath bomb swirled around the bath, a plastic container emerged. I retrieved it and opened it to find this.

royal essence green ring

It was love at first sight. I didn’t care about the value of the ring, but I LOVED the design and it fit me perfectly.

Royal Essence Candles and Bath Bombs

The bath was so relaxing, I stayed in there for an hour and a half. For a busy mum of 3, it was divine.

Since getting my ring, I’ve had a number of comments from people who have noticed the ring, and it’s given me a chance to talk about this fabulous brand. I haven’t had a chance to share on the Royal Essence Facebook page, but the brand loves to hear from their happy customers, sharing what ring they’ve found in their bath bomb or candle.

I LOVE the concept and product because

1. They make an affordable gift

2. The recipient is getting two gifts from one item

3. The products smell delicious! (My skin was beautifully supple, moisturized and scented after the bath)

4. You can indulge, without adding any calories to your diet. Win WIN I say!

I’m so excited by this product, I’m going to be buying some more items for Birthday and Mother’s Day presents.

Best of all I have a discount code so YOU can try these products for yourself. All readers of The Plumbette can receive 10% off by adding this code PV9S5 at the checkout.


The next best part of this post is I have a giveaway which includes 1 prize of 1 Watermelon Lemonade Candle and 1 Bubblegum Bath Bomb. These are the best sellers from the Royal Essence site.

This was meant to be an Easter giveaway, but due to Cyclone Debbie and the early arrival of school holidays in QLD (which meant less time for me to get this post written up), I’ve decided to extend the giveaway so that the entries aren’t drawn until AFTER Easter. They will be drawn in time BEFORE Mother’s Day though.

In order to enter the giveaway, I’d LOVE for you to follow The Plumbette on Instagram and Facebook. (not compulsory, but would love to stay in your life more than once so I can share about giveaways and amazing products like this one).

AND tell me in the comments below or on Facebook the best surprise you’ve ever had? Most interesting answer will win.

Why not follow Royal Essence on Facebook to keep up-to-date with new products and happy posts from surprised fans.

In the meantime, if you want to spoil someone with a sweet gift that isn’t chocolate this Easter, Royal Essence Candles and Bath Bombs would be the perfect gift. Take advantage of the discount code and get a head start on Easter and Mother’s Day gifts. This is seriously the best gift for mums who have everything but like to be surprised.

Disclosure: I was gifted 1 Cinnamon Doughnuts Candle and 1 Raspberry Sorbet Bath bomb for the purpose of this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. You can read about my disclosure policy here.

Terms and Conditions

This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.
There is 1 prize = 1 Watermelon and Lemonade Candle (RRP 46.99) and 1 Bubblegum Bath Bomb (RRP24.99)
Entries open from 6am Brisbane time Wednesday 5th April 2017 to Friday 21st April 2017 6pm Brisbane Time.
Prizes are not transferable or changeable.
Prize sent out by third parties will not be replaced in the event they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit or virtually.
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  • That raspberry bathbomb looks amazing! The biggest surprise I’ve had, was when a friend happened to make an unplanned visit to town from a remote minesite 5hours away for parts, he found out I was working in town and made a surprise visit. He walked into the store I managed, snuck up behind me and said in his deep gruff voice “I’ll have 3 dresses please”- the customer I was serving almost died of shock and I couldn’t stop laughing. I was living 17 hours away from my friends and family and he was working fly in-fly out- seeing a friendly face meant so much to me!

  • Lauren Roney

    Best surprise I’ve ever had… meeting my husband. A surprise chance meeting at Fridays nightclub many many years ago led to our forever love!! He has been surprising me ever since!!

  • This looks like heaven!!! How cool is that ring?!! I had a big surprise last week! I went to get coffee in a popular cafe in my home town and we bumped into an old school friends mum. She mentioned my old friend happened to be in the local park with her family I should pop over and say hi! I don’t think I’ve seen her since 1988 or 89. Funny enough I had only wondered about her the day before – what she’s up to.
    We went to the park and I did feel a bit stalkerish. Mum managed to find her and it was so amazing!! We talked & laughed so much!! She now lives in America, happily married for 20 years and she has 3 gorgeous adopted kids from Ethiopia, and 2 African Americans. Heart exploded!! This weekend I’ve organised a mini school reunion from all friends 30yrs ago!! A lovely surprise to bump into an old friend and renew so many friendships ❤❤ (she’s not on Facebook so hence this is extra special)

  • Kelly

    The best surprise I’ve ever had came on the heels of the worst news I’d ever received – I was unexpectedly pregnant, while my husband and I were living overseas. I had been on the Pill, but it was just one of those things.
    I’d never really wanted babies in the way that some women do, and so really struggled with mixed emotions throughout my pregnancy – everyone else was so happy (including my husband) and I was just so ambivalent.
    Then my son was born, and I held him, and looked into his little eyes and I just felt so much love that I burst into these ridiculous, big sobs – everyone thought there was something wrong. But he was perfect, absolutely perfect, and it was the biggest surprise of my life that everything I thought and felt could just change so instantly.
    Ten years later, and he still surprises me by just being the most amazing little person, despite my bumbling attempts at motherhood – he’s definitely taught me far more than I could ever teach him.

  • Meredith Warner

    The best surprise I’ve had is my now 3 year old daughter. After multiple miscarriages and ongoing health problems I had been told by my endocrinologist that it would be unlikely I would have another child. After pouring my heart out (and my eyes) to God I fell pregnant and gave birth to my vivacious little girl. She brings such a big energy to our family and I am so thankful for my wonderful God given surprise.

  • Lisa Gant

    This will sound a little strange but my love language is gifts and cards. The best surprise for me came one random afternoon after school. I got home and when I got to the bedroom, there was a Brother PTouch label maker on my bed. My then new hubby out of the blue for no reason bought me this little machine I had wanted for years. Gift giving gold for a stationary obsessed teacher.
    Even now when I use it I can’t help but smile at this most thoughtful, surprise gift.
    The most interesting surprise would be having a child turn around to speak to me on a cold, rainy day after lunch and seeing a huge huntsman on his shirt. Needless to say screams all around before I realised I’d have to deal with it. I used my umbrella to flick it away and we all ran screaming. It was only later I realised the poor boy was lucky I didn’t shish kebab him with my umbrella! Let’s just say I never used the water bubbler he’d been drinking from again in case Spider returned for revenge!

  • Lily

    My younger brother and sister organised a wonderful trip to Bali to celebrate my 30th Birthday. They realised I hadn’t taken a holiday, for personal and professional reasons, in 6 years. So they secretly organised it all with flights and accommodation to celebrate my birthday and to thank me for being their sister. They are love personified.

  • Hey Bec, I just had a nasty surprise this morning. One of the worst really, so it was a welcome relief to see your call for entrants and remember the nicer surprises of life. I think each time I found out I was pregnant was a surprise, after years of infertility I never took any pregnancy test for granted. In fact
    The first time I had my foot on the go otpeddle of the bin ready to throw it away! The 2nd time we held our breath and were just delighted when a nurse announced the pregnancy test was positive. And then there was that time we found out we were having three babies at once! Now that’s a surprise that will make your head whirl!

  • belle

    I had twins on April 28 in 2011. I guess you could say finding out I was having twins was a surprise in itself. The real surprise happened 2 years later though, when I gave birth to my 3rd child on April 28! She was a week overdue so she must have wanted to wait so they could all share a birthday.

  • Fiona Dorman

    One of the best surprises was years ago when an old friend called out of the blue… It was even before mobile phones were around, so when he called the landline, I had no idea who it was. He said, “Hi, It’s Anthony. I’ve got that book you wanted to borrow. I’ll bring it to uni tomorrow”. To which I said, “I don’t go to uni with any Anthonys. Who are you and how did you get my number?” He said “Fiona, I don’t understand… We spoke today and discussed the book and you said you wanted to read it…” This went on and on AND on…. I finally said something to the effect of… “Buster, you need to go. I have your phone number and I’ll report you!”
    With one final plea, Anthony said… “Hear me out. The book is James Redfield’s “The Celestine Prophecy” a story about coincidences and how they shape your life…”
    I was intrigued and decided I’d like to hear about the story… After calming down, we finally worked out that Antnony was an old friend and it was another Fiona at his art school was hoping to read the book. Two great surprises happened that day… I caught up with an old friend – and we’re still friends today – AND I got a new book! And, I still have it after more than 20 years later! So fitting considering the coincidental/surprise phone call! !!

  • Judith Maunders

    The bath bombs and candles sound divine and having a ring inside them sounds even better! My biggest surprise was returning from the US and our Hawaii honeymoon pregnant. I really didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I didn’t realise I was pregnant at first – I felt so strange – and hubby kept telling me that I was probably just premenstrual. I went to the chemist and got a pregnancy test kit and the ‘pregnant’ lines appeared. ‘Could it be a false positive?’ hubby questioned. So back to the chemist for another test. Same result. So off to the GP and the same result. Finally hubby was convinced and thrilled! Only problem was then he started telling everyone – and I was only about 6 weeks along! Thankfully everything went well and that little gem inside me is now 10 years old.

  • Great giveaway. A bit left of centre but I think the best surprise was one that I actually came up with and organised myself. It was around 21 years ago. My partner had just moved in with me. We were talking marriage, in particular weddings and how much of a circus his sister’s wedding was turning out to be thanks to his mother.

    He was looking more than a little green around the gills. He knew the wedding was important to his mother who had survived bowel cancer. He wasn’t sure he wanted the circus though. Just talking in general terms. Well so I thought. I suggested, given my parents were going through a divorce that if we were ever to go down that route ourselves, I would want to throw a surprise wedding, at an engagement party. To keep some control. Keep things simple and keep the circus aka parents (mainly his mother) out of the equation.

    He proposed the following weekend. Then proceeded to head to sea for work (with no contact) a month prior to our surprise wedding, arriving back the day before and leaving me to organise the entire thing. A beach engagement party where we surprised everyone by getting married. 22 years this November.

  • Alexandra Morey

    Such an exciting giveaway. First things first. I think your Instagram link in the post has a little typo 😉 (I fixed it on my end and followed you anyway)

    As you might be able to tell from the profile pic, I’m as chinese asian looking as you could possibly get. But I have a thing for redheads so I married one (not only cos of the hair… but it helped) but I knew that it would be practically impossible to have any redheaded kids (you know dominant genes and all). So my biggest surprise was when my little girl was born 2 years ago with a head of reddish curls. Her hair has gotten lighter over the last couple of years and has settled into a vibrant auburn. Someone in my family tree may have some explaining to do but I’ve never been happier to be carrying a surprise recessive gene.

  • Karina Lee

    The best surprise popped out of me 1 year ago – my little baby boy which was a secret until D-Day!

  • Lisa Gant

    The Instagram link is missing an M at the end of Instagram in case it doesn’t work for you too 🙂 if you add the M to Instagra it will work.

  • Janine Gardiner

    A surprise photo board at my 54th birthday party left me mortified, there I was, fat, pimply, old, young, wrinkly, all of it every step of the way, I was so embarrassed. Then as people started talking about this photo and that one I became aware that I was looking at my life from the beginning to now. Family, friends, events and occasions, they were all there. The good, the bad and the ugly. It was my village and as I realised I was in the middle of it all, I was overwhelmed by such a strong feeling of love. A mortifying surprise turned into a great treasure.

  • Tanya B

    Finding my mum after 30 years of being apart was a total shock and enormous surprise! I drove across the country with my brother to see her and that was a surprise too. I shouldn’t have been surprised at how much older she looked as I was much older too, but I was. A few days of being together it was as though we had never been apart.

  • Julia Mason

    My best surprise ever was an amazing one, I answered my mobile phone and the person on the other end had exclaimed that I was a major prize winner – a travel package to New York City, I could believe it, but it was the real deal, yep dreams do come true! It was the most amazing Holiday that we will never forget!!

  • yolandi

    My best surprise ever just happened. My dad surprised me with a trip to South Africa for my mums 50th. I haven’t seen my family there in 12 years. While in SA he surprised us again with a 4 day Safari to my bucket list wildlife park. He even organised for my mother in law to fly over from NZ to help hubby look after the 4 kids while they holiday in Sydney! He thought of everything! It has been the BEST SURPRISE EVER.

  • Those bathbombs look good enough to eat!! And how cool to get a gorgeous piece of jewellery inside too. The best surprise I’ve ever had was when I found out we were pregnant with our second child. We did IVF with our first and I honestly didn’t expect to have another. We couldn’t afford more treatment after the five cycles we’d already done. We thought we’d just have the one child. We were so surprised to fall pregnant naturally after 18 months.

  • Debbie Carruth

    The most exciting suprise I had was when my now husband proposed to me. We were on holiday in NZ. We were off touring around and had stopped to wonder a beautiful natural spring outside of Nelson it had a funny name, something like PuPu Springs. The water in the spring was so clear it was like glass, you could see everything. We were the only people there. So I’m mesmerized by the beauty and as I turned to go to the next viewing platform my now husband was down on 1 knee with a beautiful ring asking me to marry him. A COMPLETE SUPRISE! The BEST suprise ever and I will never forget it!

  • Suzie

    How divine, I can practically smell it from here! My biggest surprise came recently in the form of a gold bracelet which was my father in law’s gift to his bride to be, my mother in law, on their engagement in Sicily many many years ago. My late mother in law wore this bracelet on very special occasions only and we would all admire it when she did. She recently passed away and gifted this bracelet to me. Knowing the significance and history of this precious item, I was incredibly moved and honoured to receive this. I’ll be wearing it at my daughter’s wedding in a couple of weeks.

  • Eva Kiraly

    Finding out my brother had a daughter, she had turned 21 when he found out and was invited to her party, so it was a gorgeous surprise for all of us, especially him!

  • lennicecummings

    Wow, best surprise. As generic as this is going to sound. it would have to be the night my Fiancé proposed. I was not expecting it even slightly.

  • Dianne

    Sam was the best surprise ever. My grandmother smuggled him in one Christmas as a present for us, we were instantly smitten with our new little friend (dachshund) and we romped around the house with him, much to Mum’s angst. Mum ended up loving our little mate too and we all lived happily ever after!

  • Teagan Rahurahu

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  • Teagan Rahurahu

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