Your Influence is Unmeasurable

your influence is unmeasurable

‘Omigosh Bec, you have to read this new blogger I follow. Her posts are funny as f— and she is so relatable.’

I smiled at my friend because I knew exactly who she was talking about.

Since writing on the internet and reading a myriad of blogs and (commenting on said blogs), I am always familiar with new blogs or bloggers that resonate with the online reader.

There are also many I don’t know too. But the ones that provide viral content tend to be the ones many of us bloggers know about.

The blogger my friend was talking about was Constance Hall.

Her posts are raw, funny and so so relatable. She’s ballsy and always surprises me with her frankness. I don’t always agree with her, but I see her heart. Her posts offer a different point of view, always encouraging mums around the world to be their own Queens. I totally RESPECT her.

Her influence is one that many bloggers dream of. Especially when she promoted Rafiki Mwema – a charity that provides a safe house for Kenyan girls who have been rescued out of sex slavery. The charity needed $75,000 to purchase land for a new development and through Hall’s blog and social media influence, $200,000 was raised. I’d love that kind of influence to raise money or awareness for good.

Of course, as bloggers or even individuals who want to be successful, you could look at Constance and envy her influence. It seems she got success overnight simply for writing a post about parent sex.

The thing is Constance has been writing on the internet for 10 years. Most successful bloggers and business people have been at their craft for a number of years. Their breakthrough comes after years of hard work. Often it’s the passion that pushes through the doubt of whether their work matters to others. Their work has to matter to them first and often that’s what pushes them to persevere.


This year I have seen blogs close up shop or bloggers question their relevance in a highly populated online media environment. The 3 and 4 year mark seems to be the time bloggers question their influence.

I get it because I have been there a few times this year. And you know what has saved me?

The one.

The one reader that has reached out and asked for advice.

The one comment that says they relate to what I’ve written.

The one plumber who has asked for advice.

The one female plumber who has asked for prayer or if I’m aware of job opportunities.

The one mum who responded to my call out for prayer requests, and keeps me updated with her family’s progress.

There have been many unusual requests this year and I find it a privilege to offer advice and counsel when I can.

The one is not a new concept. I believe Emily from Have a Laugh on Me said if you are helping one person with your blog or if only one person reads your blog, your voice is important.

This year I’ve also read posts about being a useful blogger and writing posts for the sake of writing a blog post because… you want to.

The thing is, you are someone’s inspiration. Your influence is unmeasurable.


Everyone’s journey to success looks different. You can’t bank on how many years one blogger has been writing for to expect your ‘breakthrough’. Everyone experiences lows and highs at different times. It’s all part of the adventure of being a blogger and working towards the individual goals we’d like to achieve because of our blogs.

So don’t question your validity. Maybe question your technique or question your audience on what it is that they are wanting to read or see or hear.

I’m only four and bit years into this journey and curiosity and determination are my driving forces to see what comes from it all. And if the path leads me to somewhere I didn’t expect, at least I can say I had fun along the way.

Tell me, how are you feeling in the blogosphere? Do you feel like a fish in a big big sea? What are your blogging dreams? Write them here and lets spur each other on and see everyone succeed!

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