Back on the tools… for an hour

Last Monday I went back on the tools…. for an hour to do some plumbing maintenance at Esther’s kindy.

Despite the plumbing having passed inspections, a workplace health and safety check advised a potential hazard with a down pipe off one of the water tanks. The pipe was installed in a way that a child could step up on it and climb over the fence.

I’d highly doubt a kid would even think of climbing over this particular fence, but the issue had to be rectified once it was brought up.

Said down pipe had to be lower than the bottom rung of the fence.

Said down pipe was lowered underneath the bottom rung of the fence

At the same time the hose tap off a different water tank had to be replaced because the handle had broken off the existing one.

What worried me about that job was the tank was full of water and getting the new tap on would have to be done under pressure with water gushing out. I explained to the kindy teachers that if I were to replace the tap, the tank would probably get empty.

Full tank with broken tap.

Full tank with broken tap.

But I brought along the master (my dad) who was confident he could change the tap under pressure. I suggested putting a ball valve on before the hose tap so that if the tap had to be replaced again, it would be much easier to do so.

Dad suggested installing a slim line ball valve with the lever facing the ground so kids wouldn’t think to look underneath and play with it.

I took a video of dad replacing the tap and I had to laugh at our conversation in the background. I stopped the video promptly after he got up and looked at his crotch and sighed ‘It looks like I whizzed myself.’ Dad and I would always laugh and make fun of each other when we worked together. It was like old times… dad joking around and me rolling my eyes and agreeing with him. Had I done the job myself I wouldn’t have had the tap on hence why I asked dad who turned the tap on… but he knew what he was doing and proved that you can always learn something new on the job.

New ball valve and hose tap

New ball valve and hose tap

The jobs took an hour or so to do. As a result I was able to tick off one of my gardening jobs as part of helping with the Kindy this year. Thanks dad. 🙂

Me and Dad

Me and Dad

Dad said while he enjoyed working with me, he didn’t miss being back on the tools. He also advised me his call out fee had doubled since he retired.

Have you ever worked alongside someone in your family? Could you ever work alongside someone in your family?

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  • Janice Jones

    Knowing your father I am positive that “whizzed” is a highly edited version of the word he would of used

    • Haha, I’m sorry that just made me laugh out loud – my husband would have said something very similar I think!

      • I think most tradies would have said it differently too. 😉

    • There was a kindy teacher there so he was quite refined with his words. 😉

  • How clever are you two? That looked so easy! I’ve never worked alongside anyone in my family before, my husband and I have already agreed we could never work together as we would both want to be in charge!

    • LOL. You can’t have two leaders unfortunately. Although when dad and I worked together we would always joke about who was in charge.

  • I worked for my mum several times. My brother did too and we never really got along so it wasn’t the best. I love how you and your dad worked together like this, so nice that you got to spend all that time together!

    • Yeah, that was the best part of working together – the time. xx

  • I could never work alongside my family! I think we’d all kill each other. All too different AND too stubborn.

    • Yes, stubborn doesn’t work very well with family members. xx

  • Oh you two are great Bec!
    So special to be out and about with your Dad
    I’ve work alongside my Mum almost every Christmas Eve we make a pretty good team in the kitchen, she works well under instructions, hehehe I really do think she loves it and so do I.
    Love the video!
    Have a great week

    • Thanks Dannielle. How I’d love to see you and your mum work in the kitchen on Christmas day. I can only imagine what you’d dish up after seeing your fabulous recipes on your blog. x

  • How gorgeous you can work so closely alongside your Dad. What a great team! The kinder is very lucky to have you at hand. I’m not too sure I could handle working alongside my Dad. Whilst I know he could teach me a lot, he has slowed down a whole heap in the later years and that might drive me a bit batty!

    • Everyone is different and working with family can work and other times, actually most times, not. It sounds like you would need patience if you had to work with your dad. xx Hope you’re keeping well too.

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    You and your dad make a great team…I love that!

  • Kelly Burstow

    Love it.

  • It’s so cool that you fix things! 🙂

  • How cute you can work with your dad like that. I love his tone when you ask him “who turned that on” and he’s like “I did!” He sounds like my dad when he gets that exasperated “I know what I’m doing you know” voice.

    I used to work with my mum when I was a teenager. She was a restaurant manager and I was a waitress. She was actually the BEST boss. Everyone loved her because she put the staff first (like a proper mum) she was always worrying if everyone had eaten properly before their shift and making sure everyone was happy – which meant everyone worked extra hard for her. The other managers never understood why people worked so much harder for her. They wanted to be strict and authoritative but it just made people resent them.

    • Your mum sounds awesome. There are some people in the world who know how to treat people right and make the best bosses and your mum sounds like one of them. My dad was the same although sadly in the later years of his business, some of the subbies started to take advantage of dad’s goodness.

  • Wow I’m so impressed, you’re so clever to know all that stuff. It sounds like it was fun working with your dad for an hour. You look close.

  • I love the way you and your dad work together, it is just so lovely.

    • Thanks Malinda. We definitely worked well as a team. 🙂

  • I could never work with my dad. I thin we would drive each other insane! I bet the kindy is loving having you around to fix these kind of things for them 🙂

    • Yes, they like asking me about taps that are dripping and toilets that don’t flush. It’s actually nice to be able to help and put that knowledge to use. x

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    I’ve worked along side my hubby recently as we tiled our bathroom… Was a challenge

    • LOL. I think any kind of tiling with our without a husband is challenging. x

  • I don’t think I could work alongside my family lol we’d probably just frustrate each other. Your dad seems like fun though.

  • I love that you get to work with your Dad, that’s really special. I’ve never worked with anyone in my family the closest I’ve got is putting up a tent with my husband and that was a first and last experience!

    • HAHA. I will NEVER put a tent up with my husband. It’s no way to start a holiday bickering about getting up the tent. Well that’s what I think anyway. 🙂

  • Sometimes my hubster works from home, and I love having him at the other desk in my office, and being able to stop for a teabreak together 🙂

    • Forgot to say, visiting from #teamIBOT today x

    • Yes, the smokos/coffee breaks were always good for us where I could talk about whatever was going on with the girls or whatever was concerning me at the time.

  • Such a special bond you and your dad must have. There’s no way I could work with my Dad, we’d kill each other! Too much alike 😉

    • How funny you say that, because dad and I are alike too but we can work alongside each other. I find family dynamics so interesting. 🙂

  • I bet it felt great Bec and your dad would have loved the time with you I bet!

    • Yes it was good and I did enjoy it. He does say he misses the time we worked together because he would see me so often, but now, it’s not as often (1-2 times a week)

  • Nice work guys. Must have been great working together again, if only for an hour. Lovely seeing the photo of the two of you. You have the same eyes.

    • Ha, I will have to look at us closely again. We are very similar in temperament too. 🙂

  • I work alongside hubby every day. To be honest, it has it’s challenges, but mostly we manage. Great work on getting these this ticked of the list.

    • It can definitely be a challenge working with your partner. My mum and dad worked alongside each other for over 15 years so it can be done with your marriage intact. xx

  • I work along side my Dad and my sister two days a week – on some days there is nothing like it, on other days … 😉 What a brilliant skill to have Bec – just awesome that you and your Dad sorted this out for the kindy xx

    • Thanks Josefa. Yes, every day can be different when working with family. x

  • TeganMC

    What a great thing you did for Esther’s kindy. I don’t think I could work with my family. We but heads way too often and I think it would end in disaster.

    • You’re not the only one to admit that and for some families working together does more bad than good!