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What You Should Consider Before Adding a Feature Bath to Your Bedroom

A trend that is predicted to be popular this year is the integration of the bathroom into the bedroom. More specifically, adding a feature bath to your bedroom.

While some bedrooms allow for an open bathroom, designers are seeing the inclusion of a bath in the main bedroom.

Carole Tretheway, interior designer of Carole Tretheway Design and Carmel Wylie, interior designer at GIA Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations, predicted to the Sydney Morning Herald last year that there would be an amalgamation of the bathroom and bedroom in 2017, with feature baths being installed in main bedrooms.

Adding a bath in the bedroom creates a hotel suite feel which speaks luxury to the consumer.

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Installing a bath to your main bedroom can look stunning, but there are plumbing codes that need to be considered to ensure your bath won’t give you future headaches with maintenance.


A bath needs a water seal to prevent the sewer gases from coming through the grate so it’s important the waste pipe underneath the bath is connected correctly to prevent sewer gases from emerging through the grated opening.  Most bath wastes are installed to a floor waste (grated drain in the bathroom).

This information is important to know if you’re wanting to install a feature bath in the bedroom. If you choose NOT to have a floor waste in the bedroom, the bath waste must be installed to a Disconnector Gully or Overflow Relieve Gully where there is a trap seal of water and easy access to the waste pipe should it ever get blocked. While your plumber will know these plumbing by-laws, it’s important for a designer and home owner to understand these laws as it will affect the placement of the feature bath in the bedroom.

A new build will allow for the new waste pipes to be installed accordingly, but a renovation may require some investigation work on the placement of the sewer pipes and where the bath can be installed to meet the codes.

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It is recommended a floor waste should be installed if a bath is placed in a bedroom. It acts as a safeguard for overflows and also allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance when the bath drain blocks up.

And yes bath drains do block up from time to time with soap and hair.

Unfortunately, you can’t hook a bath waste to a floor waste in an adjacent room. It’s against the plumbing standards.

Of course, having a floor waste in the bedroom may not look ideal

Any collaborations of the bath placement should be run past the plumber or a hydraulic consultant who will be able to tell you what can and can’t be done.

Here are some points to consider if you are wanting to have this style of feature in your main bedroom.

1. Place the bath next to a window where the drain of the bath can connect directly outside to a DG or ORG as explained above to avoid having a floor waste.

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2. Consider elevating the floor so a trap can be installed underneath the bath.

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3. Integrate the ensuite into the bedroom so the floor waste doesn’t look out of place.

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4. Do consider what flooring you will have around your bath. You don’t want carpet around your feature bath.

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5. Consider if you will use the bath in the bedroom. Like spas, people can spend money on installing something they won’t use. There is no point wasting money, time and effort to create a look that won’t be beneficial to you.

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6. After some time, a drain smell can become prevalent and it’s caused by a mix of soap, hair and matter that rots in the drains. Most people will use drain cleaners or other fittings to remove or block the smell. But this is something worth mentioning if the drains aren’t maintained. Can you live with that smell in your bedroom?

Not everyone will gravitate towards the open bathroom look. Some people prefer their privacy and like an enclosed bathroom. It all comes down to what you feel happy to live with.

Would you add a feature bath to your bedroom? Would you bathe in your bedroom?