Where to Find Female Tradies in Your Area

where to find female tradies in your area

If you’re wondering where to find female tradies in your area, this post will hopefully answer your question.

One of the questions I often get asked on my blog is ‘can you recommend a female plumber, carpenter, electrician and etc’. The lack of not knowing where female tradies are, have lead to unusual requests on my blog. I’ve often been contacted to sort out plumbing issues in Melbourne and Sydney, because they’ve searched on Google for a solution to their problem, and my blog has answered their question. And of course they need a licensed plumber to do the work. Who better to use than the female plumber who answered their query with a blog post? I usually recommend a trade business I’ve dealt with in those cities, but not all of them have a female tradie in the company.

I think the more consumers request for female tradies, the better it is for the industry to recognise the demand for female tradies.

Personally, I’m happy to have a male tradie in my home because I’m confident enough to not put up with any bull crap. But I do understand the hesitation of having a male tradie in your house, if you’re a female, and on you’re own.

I know of a few plumbing companies in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast who have a female apprentice on their team, which is encouraging for women wanting to get into the trade. It also assists with the demand for female tradies.

It can be hard knowing which companies have female tradies, unless you actively look on their website and they advertise they have a female tradie. (Take note of this if you run a trade business – make sure your website clearly states you have a female tradie as part of your team).

This can still be a meticulous process, so how can you find female tradies in your area?

where to find female tradies

The Lady Tradies Australia site has a directory of female tradies in each state. The list isn’t huge, but I encourage any female tradies to get themselves on that directory if they want more work. For those wanting to hire a female tradie, this directory is a good place to start. Some of my recommendations in each state are in that directory. You just need to click on the drop down menu ‘Find a Lady Tradie’ and choose your state.

If you would like to advertise your business on my blog, feel free to contact me. I will have side bar space available in November, where you can advertise your trade business for a small fee.

Have you ever used a female tradie? Or a company that employs female tradies? Give them a shout out in the comments.