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What You Should Know Before You Buy a Matte Black Tap Mixer PLUS a Giveaway from Fienza

This post has been written in collaboration with Fienza

When you spend time and money on a bathroom renovation, you want to make sure you get value for money on the taps and fixtures installed. The last thing you want is to have a matte black tap mixer that fades or stone basins that form cracks six months after installation.

A bathroom is a high traffic area and the environment changes daily from dry or humid due to moisture. Our hands can also leave marks from the use of soap and make-up which can affect the look of your taps.

If you’re going to invest in something new, you want the finish to last a long time.

I’ve shared my concern on black tapware, but I’ve learned a little more about the importance of the coating which can have a huge effect on the way the colour lasts on a black mixer.

Matte black tapware is everywhere at the moment. But the difference in finishes are what can set apart a cheap matte black tap mixer from a quality and more expensive mixer.

Fienza tapware are experts on the quality finish of matte black tapware.

There are two types of coatings when it comes to this shade of tapware.

There are the electroplated coatings and the cheaper powder coated versions.

Powder coated tapware does not last and will fade over time from use.

Electroplated tapware will outlast a powder coated variety and will often hold a longer warranty period.

It’s really important to ask the type of coatings on your matte black tapware when you make your selection. While there may be more outlay for an electroplated coating, you will be thanking yourself for buying a quality product that won’t fade or lose it’s finish.

Fienza Matte Black Tapware are of the electroplated coating variety, which means you are getting a quality black mixer that won’t fade over time.

I came across Fienza after looking through a Reece Display Room. They produce a quality tap mixer, and their matte black finish carries a 5 year warranty guarantee.

Some of my favourite black matte mixers from Fienza are the Koko Matte Black Basin Mixer which can come with the option of two trims as it comes with a kit so you can have all matte black or a mixer with chrome trims instead.

Fienza Koko Black Matte Tap mixers

Koko Black Matte Tap Mixer with chrome trim and black trim

The Fienza Koko Matte Black Sink Mixer is also visually stunning with its angular gooseneck spout.

Fienza Koko Sink Mixer

Koko Sink Mixer

You can see the transformation a matte black mixer can have on a white vanity here.

Fienza Before



Fienza After


The next time you are looking to replace your mixer taps or when you’re on the hunt for new mixers, make sure the matte black mixers have an electroplated coating, not a powder coated one.

To purchase Fienza taps and bathroom fixtures (check out the amazing matte grey products!), enter your postcode on their website to find your closest retailer.


Because July is my Birthday month and I’ve been meaning to celebrate my five year blogging anniversary, we’re going to kick off with some fab giveaways. Fienza are generously offering a Vanity Transformation Pack plus a kitchen mixer to the value of $735 to one lucky reader.

Included in this pack is

1 Koko Matte Black Basin Mixer

1 Koko Matte Black Sink Mixer

1 Set of 6 Matte Black Vanity Handles

1 Black Pop-Up Waste

Fienza Prize Pack

To be in the running for the giveaway, it would be great if you could follow Fienza Bathware and The Plumbette on Facebook (not compulsory).

And then answer the following question,

Describe your dream bathroom in under 50 words.

The most creative design will win the prize pack.

Terms and Conditions

This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.
There is 1 prize as detailed above with a RRP $735.
Entries open from 5am Brisbane time Tuesday 11 July 2017 to Friday 28tht July 2017 6pm Brisbane Time.
Prizes are not transferable or changeable.
Prize sent out by third parties will not be replaced in the event they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit or virtually.
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  • Krystal Lewin

    Imagine a bathroom holding a natural dark marble bath with matte black tapware and gold accessories, windows overlooking a rainforest with a small matte framed fireplace contained within a wall for those winter nights. A black mohair bath rug with plush black towels with gold “K”‘s just for me

    • Cali Fienza

      Oh wow Krystal! … How about a matte black cast stone bath to match? Or the new Matte Grey? 🙂 …

      • Krystal Lewin

        Oooh now that sounds nice! The get might be a nice contrast

    • LOVED your answer Krystal. You’ve won the Fienza prize pack. Look out for my email in your inbox. Thank you so much for your entry. 🙂

  • Hugzilla

    I’m drooling. That vanity transformation is absolutely incredible.

  • My dream bathroom would be something that is elegant and stylish, as well as being uber practical. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom (due to health issues) so over the years I have had plenty of time to realise just what my dream bathroom needs…

    – Have plenty of natural light and bring in nature, greenery and plants.

    -I want an ensuite that is roomy and has no door (for quick and easy access) with a massive floating vanity with large mirror. The vanity would be a marble bench top with white tiles and a white basin and have plenty of room for storage.

    – behind the vanity is a hidden shower that allows for my shower chair to be concealed but still plenty of room to allow for 2 people, would have a recess to store things (as I hate bottles on the ground), would have two shower heads one being fixed and the other a handheld shower head for ease of use while sitting down.

    – on the other side (behind the vanity) would be the toilet, would be an accessible height toilet with soft close lid as i hate waking hubby in the middle of the night with the loud clunk of the lid (except when I am cross, it is fun). In front of the toilet would be a recessed wall that has a folding down table so when I am doing an ostomy bag change I have a table to have everything at arms reach and avoid the need for clutter of having drawers or a trolley/caddy in the space….

    So a new tapware set would help to transform my bathroom and help make it elegant and stylish, the black against the white tiles/basin and marble would look quite sleek indeed!

  • daniel

    a bathroom, that is clean, well ventilated and has style. I spend alot of time in the bathroom i want to feel comfortable.

  • Kathy Bowdlert

    If I could have the bathroom of my dreams it would have a corner spa bath, huge double shower with power shower heads. Lots of glass, big mirrors, fantastic lighting, plenty of storage and black FIENZA tap ware! A girl can dream.

    • Cali Fienza

      I could dance around in there very happily! 😀

      • Kathy Bowdlert

        Me too, I should of added a lock to keep the ankle bitters and hubby out while I’m doing that pre shower happy dance. 🙂

  • My dream bathroom musts. 1. A large relaxing spa. 2. A double baisin so I don’t have to look at discarded whiskers! 3. A rainforest shower head for non spa day luxury. I also dream of a bathroom device that repels little people from knocking and disturbing the serenity.

  • I can’t get over that vanity! It looks amaze!

  • I love the look of the black taps, but wouldn’t myself have it. The vanity looks great!

  • Ryan

    Floor heating, towel warming bars, multi-media adaptions and a wine fridge.

  • Charlotte

    Tiled all over like a wetroom, but with a freestanding roll top bath. TV, bar and jacuzzi.

  • Karina Lee

    It has a skylight for extra ventilation and light so it doesn’t feel like I am showering in a crypt, like I do now.

  • Deb

    My dream bathroom would have a massive double shower so I don’t have to share my shower with the kids and I can have my water temp as hot as I like! It also needs a self cleaning button as I hate cleaning bathrooms!

  • Krystle Clement

    My dream bathroom! A hot deep soak bath tub covered in strawberries and champagne bubbles. A fire place flickering at the end of my toes. A shelf just above to hold my wine glass and book to take me on my next adventure. Egyptian cotton bath towels. Oh to dream!

  • Nikki

    My dream bathroom, Orange Red,and white. I want one hole side to be a massive shower area. With a water full shower and I must area with a in ground tub. I want a very modern sink that is like a bowl but bigger then usual. I want it to have 3 closet. Black doors! I want to a have items to be kept away! I want A tv that pops out of the walls. That a time were a could get news and maybe a movie in the in ground tub/hot tub.
    I need the shows area to also turn in to a sauna. I want Mirrors and to add crystal threw out my bathroom. Big lounge chair in the room.details take to many words!

  • Bright, white tiles,
    Matte black mixers.
    Deep baths make the perfect picture.
    Powerful showers and underfloor heating.
    These are a few of my favourite things!

    When the sink clogs,
    And the mirror fogs,
    When towels smell damp.
    I simply remember my favourite things
    And then I don’t feel so bad!

  • Karen Edwards

    My dream bathroom is a finished bathroom. My dear hubby has started to renovate it has no tiles and black plastic covering the walls above the shower/bath so we’re still able to use it will use white and add colour with accessories the black tap would look amazing

  • Helga Grenkowitz

    The Matte Grey Stone Baths and vanities with Fienza black fixtures are pretty much how I would love to have my bathroom. I always like to be a bit different to the standard. 🙂

  • Lee Marsden

    My dream bathroom will be appearing in about 6 months by my builder husband! Concrete heated floors, a mix of plain white and marble tiles, white above bench sink on a timber top with black cabinetry, and of course I’m wanting to try the best black tapeware around!!

  • Jennifer B.

    Dream bathroom? Contains, marble, flowers and Kit Harington…

  • Suzette Johnson

    The bathroom of my dream
    Is Black and white (or cream).
    No yellow cracked screen
    A new mirror in which for me to preen
    And no hot water system in the corner cupboard causing unwanted steam!

  • Rhonda Lockery

    A modern bathroom
    sparkling white
    quite roomy not too tight
    Fienza Bathware
    to delight
    and lots of storage
    so everything is out of sight

  • akka08

    Inherited Gran’s cottage and the first planned reno. is for the 50 year old bathroom. All existing to go with a dream of sleek, stunning black & white with maybe a dash of orange… the ‘new’ black.

  • Eva Kiraly

    I love a modern look, all white and gleaming, Fienza taps on hand for ease of cleaning.