Miracle Sandbags Save You Time, While Protecting Your Property From Floods

Miracle Sandbags Save You Time, While Protecting Your Property From Floods

This post has been written in collaboration with Miracle Sandbags

Every summer, somewhere in Australia will flood from a severe weather event. Whether you blame it on global warming or whether it’s just a sign of the times we live in, none of us can be nonchalant about protecting our properties from these weather events.

Often a cyclone can be catastrophic, causing flooding and water damage to properties in its wake. While the weather radars and forecasts can give warning to prepare for the onslaught of bad weather, there is often so much to be done in a short amount of time to prepare. One of the back breaking and time consuming chores is filling sandbags and getting them laid outside of properties to prepare for flooding. It can be a mad rush to get everything done before the bad weather hits.

But a new product called Miracle Sandbags will save you time while protecting your property from floods.

miracle sandbags the plumbette protect your property from floods

This is a relatively new product on the market that can make all property owners prepared in the event of a severe weather event. It’s also a great product for all tradies to have in the back of their ute.

What is a Miracle Sandbag?

A Miracle Sandbag is a sandbag that requires no filling and is light (250 grams) and easy to store before it has been put to use. When the time arises to protect your property from water, the Miracle Sandbag will expand when in contact with water and do the same work as a normal sandbag. The unique feature of the Miracle Sandbag is it uses water to contain water.

Miracle Sandbags Save You Time, While Protecting Your Property From Floods
Miracle Sandbag before it’s been inflated


Miracle Sandbags Save You Time, While Protecting Your Property From Floods
Miracle Sandbag about to inflate once water is added.


Miracle Sandbags Save You Time, While Protecting Your Property From Floods
The Miracle Sandbag inflates with water.


Miracle Sandbag inflated
Fully inflated, ready for use.

How does a Miracle Sandbag work?

In the event of a severe weather event and you need to divert water away from your home, the Miracle Sandbag self-inflates automatically when it comes into contact with water. Within 4-6 minutes, the Miracle Sandbag will absorb 18kgs of water, and will be expanded enough, ready to be stacked where needed to prevent flood waters lapping into your property. The benefit of using Miracle Sandbags is it saves time and back-breaking labour of filling sandbags. It can often be a mad rush and a lot of panic to get sandbags filled in time. But you can avoid all this by having Miracle Sandbags stored on your property, ready for use when needed.

Best of all, the Miracle Sandbag can be used again and again, unlike normal sandbags. If the Miracle Sandbag gets damaged, the contents is environmentally friendly.

What other uses are there for Miracle Sandbags?

While the Miracle Sandbag is ideal in flood situations, there are other applications it can be beneficial for. Builders and plumbers can use the Miracle Sandbags to protect drains and divert water away from areas that need protection from water. Local councils can use the Miracle Sandbags to mitigate damage from burst water pipes and to protect any exposed areas from water damage. Emergency services, farmers and owners of commercial and industrial premises can benefit from having Miracle Sandbags onsite.

Miracle Sandbags Save You Time, While Protecting Your Property From Floods
Comparison of Miracle Sandbag from packet and when inflated.

Who should own Miracle Sandbags?

Every household and business should own Miracle Sandbags. The reason? To be prepared in the event of an emergency water situation. Water can accumulate in an area in a short amount of time. Having some Miracle Sandbags onsite ensures there is no panic and you’re well prepared to protect your property from possible water damage.

How Can Plumbers and Builders use Miracle Sandbags?

If a plumber has run gutters and downpipes on a property, but is yet to connect to the stormwater pit, Miracle Sandbags can be used to divert water where it can be dispersed without pooling or causing soil and landfill to block the storm water pit. The Miracle Sandbags could also be useful if a plumber has to cut into a water main, under pressure (ie a water main that has water still running through it). The Miracle Sandbags can be laid near door entry ways or against walls to stop the water flowing to other rooms, causing more water damage.

fully inflated miracle sandbags

Miracle Sandbags stops water
No water behind the Miracle Sandbags

Where can I get my Miracle Sandbags?

Miracle Sandbags are available from Bunnings. A 2 Pack Large 600mm x 400mm retails for $29.95. Alternatively, if you need a few bags, you can purchase a large 24 pack for $239.95. Best of all, these sandbags can be stored and used again, making them great value for money.


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