A Septic Safe Bathroom Cleaner That Works PLUS Win a Dominant Bathroom Cleaning Pack

A Septic Safe Bathroom Cleaner That Works PLUS Win a Dominant Bathroom Cleaning Pack

If you’re looking for a septic safe bathroom cleaner that works, you need to know about Dominant cleaning products.

Around a month ago, I was sent a pack of Dominant cleaning products to trial and review. I’d never heard of the brand before because it’s based in South Australia and I generally source my cleaning products from the supermarket.

I used to make my own cleaners, but got out of the habit of making them so I kept purchasing cleaners from the supermarket.

I noticed the increase in my grocery bill and wondered whether what I was using was beneficial for my health.

I have used bicarb soda, vinegar and lemon juice in the past, but found in order for them to work, they would need a lot of elbow grease, and the house would smell like vinegar, and I’m not really a fan of the smell.

When I started using the products from Dominant, the smell was the first thing I noticed. It was pleasant, and not overpowering. Cleaning became something I enjoyed, rather than a chore.

I really love the scent of the All Purpose Cleaner. I use this in the kitchen on the benchtops, on my stainless steel stove top, the kitchen sink and in the bathroom on the vanity.

bathroom cleaning products septic safe

The Glass and Chrome Cleaner works a dream on mirrors, windows, shower doors and chrome taps. It doesn’t leave streak marks and easily removes soap spatter and whatever else gets splashed on the mirrors. (Usually it’s toothpaste from the kids!)

cominant glass cleaner septic safe

The toilet cleaner makes my toilet bowl sparkling clean. This cleaner can also be used to make up a bathroom spray as well.

dominant toilet cleaner septic safe

Dominant Offers Septic Safe Bathroom Cleaner

While I don’t live on a property with a septic tank, I know many people who read this blog do and they must be careful on which types of cleaners they use in their home to prevent disrupting the good bacteria in the septic system. A large percentage of Dominant cleaning products are septic safe so you can use them to clean your kitchen and bathroom with no worries about causing issues with your septic system.

The products that are septic safe in the Dominant range will have a little swirly logo on the bottle. These are suitable for aerated Envirocycle ® and Biocycle® septic systems.

When you’re looking for a septic safe bathroom cleaner you need to look for low alkalinity/mild acidity, non poisonous, no toxic chlorine and is readily biodegradable.

Recycling grey water is another way people are trying to be more efficient with their water supplies, but again, you must check if your laundry product can be dispersed in the garden. Dominant laundry products can be dispersed on the garden via grey water.

There are so many reasons why I like Dominant cleaning products, but one of the things I like most is how many trigger spray bottles can be made from one bottle of concentrate. This is a game changer for me because the products last a long time and will save me money at the supermarket. Plus it’s good for the environment, preventing unnecessary waste from going through all those bottles. I find I go through a trigger spray of supermarket cleaner quite quickly and it wouldn’t be long before I’d have to get to the shops to get another spray.

Dominant cleaning products can be purchased online. The best way to purchase the products is in a bulk deal. Currently the Cleaning Homecare Pack and Earth Care Pack are 20% off.


These packs will last you a while and you can see the savings you can make compared to the supermarket branded cleaners. Plus being eco-friendly, you’re using cleaners that are better for your health and the environment.

dominant cost of cleaners

If you’re looking for a septic safe bathroom cleaner that works, Dominant cleaning products should definitely be your go to cleaning product.


Dominant are generously offering one reader of The Plumbette to win an amazing Bathroom Mega Prize Pack. This amazing pack includes everything you need to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and your septic tank will love you for it!

Dominant prize pack

Included in this pack is

– Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 500ml x 3
– Shower Clean 1L
– Shower Cleaner 500ml trigger spray bottle
– Crème Cleanser 375ml
– Mandarin & Orchid Linen & Room Spray 200ml
– Glass & Chrome Cleaner 1L
– Glass & Chrome 500ml trigger spray bottle
– Disinfectant 1L
– Disinfectant 500ml trigger spray bottle
– Sensitive Hands & Shower 1L with pump
– Frangipani & Grapefruit Hands & Shower 500ml
– Everyday Shampoo 500ml
– Everyday Conditioner 500ml
– 4 x Happi Microfibre Cloths

Valued at $220.60 RRP

In order to be in the running for the giveaway, please fill in the rafflecopter and then answer the following question,

Why is eco-friendly cleaning important to you and if you won this pack, how would you spend the money saved from these cleaners?

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Terms and Conditions

This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.
There is 1 prize as detailed above with a RRP $220.60.
Entries open from 12am Brisbane time Tuesday 18 July 2017 to Tuesday 1st August 2017 12am Brisbane Time.
Prizes are not transferable or changeable.
Prize sent out by third parties will not be replaced in the event they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit or virtually.
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Disclosure: I was gifted a pack of Dominant cleaning products to review. All opinions are my own. This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.

  • Vyktoria

    I would love to win this for my sister – she has just built a property, moved in and realised she needs to be septic aware and it looks like such a learning curve! This would definitely set her off in the right direction 🙂 Thanks Plumbette

  • Paula Harris

    Eco-friendly is important for my family and also our cat, Pugsley. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and regularly licks windows…..and pot plants….and shoes (Bleh).

  • Karly

    We have septic, despite being only 20klms from Brisbane CBD. In your blog post there was a photo of your toilet – all shiny & white. Our cistern is yellowed so I’d buy a shiny new loo with the money saved.

  • Kathy Bowdlert

    We live rural on our organic farm, so being eco-friendly is our everyday. It’s important for my family’s health and the health of our environment. We have a septic tank and recycle our grey water, our grey water keeps my garden growing beautifully.

  • Danielle Nimmo

    We have a bioseptic system so I’d love to try these products! With the money I’d save from not needing to buy other cleaners, I’d pay for someone else to come use them!!

  • Louise Smith

    It’s great how so many Dominant products are eco friendly. I recycle my grey water onto my fruit & veggies so this is a great product for me to use. They are also priced very competitively. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e832c2527e4afcb1ab3f082808a3c690a25508867a9a5a9b9617b962f07954f.jpg I like how they last using a concentrate and recycling the spray bottles which means less trips to the supermarket. That’s eco friendly too !

    (These are my next bunch of bananas which are so sweet !)

  • Louise Smith

    It’s great how so many Dominant products are eco friendly. I recycle my grey water onto my fruit & veggies so this is a great product for me to use. They are also priced very competitively. I like how they last using a concentrate and recycling the spray bottles which means less trips to the supermarket. That’s eco friendly too ! I would spend the money saved on trees to plant in my local area.
    (These are my next bunch of bananas which are so sweet !)

    • Hi Louise, I LOVE your answer. Thank you for entering. You have won the Dominant cleaning pack. If you could reply to the email I sent you, I can organize your prize to be sent out to you. 🙂

      • Louise Smith

        Hi Ms PLUMBETTE
        Thanks for letting me know I won the Dominant cleaning pack.
        That’s great !
        I am replying to the email you sent here.
        Please organize my prize to be sent out.

        My address is 28 Douglas St Enoggera Q 4051.
        I work from home so am here most of the time.
        Phone: 07 3355 4666


  • Jessica Gipson

    I want to keep my family safe from chemical as much as possible. I would spend my money on other eco-friendly household products.

  • Susie Mitterman

    Having a young family opens your eyes even more to the importance of considering the environment around your home. I can’t believe how reasonable the prices are on Dominant products – a year of these, I might even be able to take us on a holiday!

  • Melanie

    This would make my cleaning a breeze. Yes Please 🙂

  • Ryan

    Because the chemicals that we use go back into the water supply one way or another and we end up drinking it as well as our children. I would use the saved money on other ways to recycle such as a composter for food waste.

  • Tony I

    We should always try to use eco-friendly cleaning products, because all cleaning agents will ultimately end up either in some body of water/ground water/sewer system. Dominant is smart to think about what we add to our eco-system…

  • Charlotte

    Eco-friendly cleaning is important to me as it sets a good example to my children about respect. Eco-friendly cleaning shows a respect to the environment and to all around us. I would spend the saved money on treating the children at the weekend with a trip to the cinema for example.

  • Gabriella

    Eco-friendly cleaning is very important to me as its how we treat the environment will depend on how the environment ultimately treats us. I would use the saved money on buying food for our local homeless shelter.

  • Maria

    Because Eco-friendly cleaning is something I can control! I’d put the money saved on going to the movies once a week. I love the cinema and don’t go often enough.!

  • Melissa Gil

    We are on rainwater and have a septic system. I love Dominant because its safe to use and works so effectively. If I won this prize I’d spend the money I saved on taking the family for a weekend away!

  • Karina Lee

    I am constantly cleaning so for me, using something that doesn’t harm the environment is a double bonus to having a clean house!

  • Kellie King

    Being mindful of the negative impact we are having on this planet – particularly re: chemicals and the effect on our water system, is a cause close to my heart…my family and I are approx…12-18 moths of being financially able to purchase a home allowing us to live fully öff the grid.. I would soooo be putting my saved money into that dream..(hopefully soon a reality)

  • Sarah Armstrong

    We are on Septic and I prefer to use eco – friendly products when I can. I am also an animal lover and don’t like any of the toxic chemicals washing into our dams and waterways and harming our native animals.

  • Catherine Burns

    Eco friendly products are number one in our house. We all suffer from allergies. Saving our planet is always upmost in our mind .
    With the money saved I would love to donate the money to a wildlife reserve to help save the animals. ( My daughter wants this just as much as me ) 🙂

  • Emmi Collins

    Eco friendly products is the key to health, happiness and longevity. With the money saved, I can take out the family to special weekend outings like the zoo!

  • Sacha Pech

    There has been a lot of studies that show how badly harsh chemicals affect peoples health. I would spoil my family with a lovely trip to a farm animal park.

  • Erin Bond

    Eco friendly means i can get my house sparkling without feeling guilty! With the money saved i can save up for a trip away with my significant other.

  • Kasey Evans

    Having Eco-friendly products are important not only for the environment but for the well being of my family. Having a large family costs can spiral so if we can save anywhere we’ll try.

  • Sharon Markwell

    Dominant would turn me into an eco-friendly Domestic Goddess up on a pedestal. I’d spend the money saved on more Dominant products of course!

  • Lynne Lillington

    Dominant cleaning products will give me the money to buy new towels that match.

  • jody buhagiar

    If I won this great pack I would take the family out for a nice dinner, with the money saved. Eco friendly is important to my family and myself to help sustain our beautiful world.

  • Bet Hogan

    Eco friendly means no skin issues in our home. Saving our environment is always the big plus as well. With the money I saved I could buy a new bathtub!! Awesome 😀

  • Heather Hopley

    Aside from the proven benefits to our global environment, eco friendly products are important to me as we recycle our sullage water (live on rural property; no town water) so i don’t want to be putting chemicals in my own backyard. With moeny saved i’d buy myself some new gardening tools.

  • tizz lipp

    Eco friendly is important to me as I have very bad allergies with alot of products. I could save money towards a new washing machine, that would be awesome!

  • Penne

    Eco-friendly is very important to us as we live rural NSW and have a septic tank. If someone puts something in that is bad for the septic everything goes to shit, literally. It upsets the balance and things go wrong.
    If I won this amazing cleaning pack and with the money saved, I’d put it towards a holiday. 🙂

  • Bops18

    Eco-friendly is important to me as I try to embrace living and that can only truly be achieved when you remove chemicals, preservatives and things that are simply bad for you. Using natural products also encourages family & friends to follow and then before you know it you’re doing your part to “save the planet” & also saving your life by removing the nasties and prolonging life

  • Rowan Barber

    Thank you for a great competition. Good luck to all!!

  • Gayle Vos

    I try to use eco friendly whenever I can as I detest the smell of harsh chemicals, plus it’s so much better for the environment.
    I would spend the extra money on a grey water tank for use on the garden

  • Kate Slack

    It is important to me to not be exposing my family to harsh chemicals when i am cleaning our home so i love these products, if i won i would use the money i saved to put towards having a fab Christmas!

  • Emma Murphy

    I’m a little crazy about wildlife conservation and therefore eco-friendly products are a must in this house! The money saved would be added to my ‘new lens’ fund, to buy a better lens for wildlife photography! 🙂

  • Kodie McMullen

    love eco friednly products these would be awsome to win

  • jayla1987

    It always scares me having harsh chemicals in the house with such young kids I love Eco friendly because I know it’s safe for me but more importantly this land that we love

  • May

    Eco friendly cleaning products are not only great for the environment but even better for the whole family. There are less chemicals and toxic substances that you unintentionally inhale which is much safer. If I won I would use the money to buy even more natural, eco friendly products as the health of my family is of most importance in regards to what we eat and what we use around the house

  • Jade o

    I don;t like the idea of havig chemicals sprayed all over the house, hence why I have been using vinegar to clean a lot of my house. The problem is the smell. These eco friendly products seem to solve all of those issues I have as well as being great for the environment.

  • Rhonda Lockery

    I love using Eco friendly cleaning products as hubby has allergies

    to a lot of chemicals , so I would love to try these

  • Veronica

    Wow, they all sound wonderful, Would so love to try products that are so eco friendly, free of nasty chemicals and do a great job.

  • Brenda

    Think about money and the cost of cleaning on two boys that don’t get it and still they managed make their clothes a bathroom filthy I wish I knew about Dominant products before

  • Belinda

    growing up on a farm i know how important agriculture and produce is to the environment and sustainability, using eco products is essential for us to maintain our planet and health. With extra funds I’d love to put towards a bathroom makeover to show off my shiny new bathroom using these awesome products

  • Sophie

    I am a cleaning obsessed freak and would love to win this eco friendly prize pack. The house will smell great and no harm done to my lungs and skin.

  • Alan Parratt

    Nasty chemicals have nasty side effects like cancer causing agents.
    Any money saved goes to the lady of the house, I get no say in that! lol

  • Kim

    Regular cleaning products contain a lot of hormone disrupting chemicals. My daughter and I both suffer with endometriosis, which impacts daily life. I do my best to avoid endocrine disruptors which can add to chronic pain. I’d love to give Dominant Bathroom products a go and put the money saved towards natural, healthy treatment alternatives for Endo!

  • Lynette Wicks

    I try to be Eco friendly. I also find that I can’t use a lot of Bathroom cleaners as they leave me breathless. I have used vinegar and newspaper in the past, one drop of any oil covers the vinegar smell.

  • Sharon Johnson

    Love to spend my savings on a movie date. I use high strength vinegar to wash floors to combat the dog odour. I try to avoid chemicals in my life as I think it causes cancer.

  • Tara Corballis

    With a baby crawling around it’s important to me that there are no nasty chemicals on the floor or in the air, I would use the savings to buy my girl some new toys.

  • Beksmum

    I love setting a good example for the kids and we try and do no chemicals as much as possible! I’d put the savings towards our next holiday 🙂

  • Helga Grenkowitz

    We live in the country without town water or town sewerage connection. Everything we use has to be biodegradable because otherwise the worms in our worm farm would die. I would use the money to buy something for the new house we are currently building.

  • lexi

    To ensure my children are safe from harsh unnecessary chemicals and do my little part for the environment. I’d spend money on a fun family day out.

  • Kebar8

    Love the idea of not poisoning the family!

  • Michelle

    Eco friendly products are a great way to help the environment. Every little bit helps.

  • Lyn Richards

    These look like terrific products and eco friendly

  • Rebekah Ballingall

    We are natural beings and therefore should use natural products. With the extra money I would put it away for a rainy day

  • Ashley Beech

    Less chemicals running into the environment means a more sustainable future for our kids. Who doesn’t love the environmentally friendly cleaners? I’d use the extra money to stock up the pantry with lots of extra goodies.

  • Fiona

    I hate the thought of chemicals when cleaning, not to mention they end up in drains that damage the environment! Money saved – spoil my family with a few treats! 🙂

  • Hayley Shaw

    I’d save money by not having to call the septic drainer guys when ive accidentally used a cleaner no appropriate for my septic again! 🙁 I’d buy some lovely bathroom decor 🙂

  • Nassep

    I think looking after the environment is important to me, I think people have a responsibility to protect it. With the money I would to be honest I would save it cause I don’t need to buy something just cause I have spare cash

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    Eco friendly is important because we have only one planet, and we need to leave it in a good condition for our descendants. With four kids growing like weeds, the extra money would be very welcome in my kitchen, that saving would buy a lot of bread and milk!

  • Alicia Bardsley

    Eco friendly cleaning is something we all should be doing and teaching our kids. Any money saved would go towards fun times with the kids.

  • Emma Puszkar

    We live on tanks and septics, the moved here for the environment and to live sustainably; it is who we are. We would spend our money saved on solar panels.

  • Elisabeth Martins

    It’s important to our family because we only have one Earth and one body in our lifetime, so we need to take care of them both. I would spend the money on a camping trip for our family, creating some awesome memories.

  • Ali Hillier

    We have a grey water system and need to be careful with our products. We also have children and watch what products we use around them.

    We would use the money saved to have a weekend away with the kids.

  • Mikaela Cowan

    Better for the environment,
    my bathroom will never have looked so clean,
    more money to spend,
    on things I could only dream!

  • Leanne White

    Greener, environmentally friendly products are kinder to our health and better for the environment. I could pay a bill with the savings but as a hard working mum I will treat my self to an haircut and colour for once!

  • oldfellow

    The environment is an important subject with me and with the wife being ill I am doing most of the hard to do cleaning and a lot of the chemicals normally used I cannot use any more because of her reactions but any monies saved can go towards a well earned break for her

  • Laura Baker

    (P)recious is our earth, yes indeed

    (L)ove it we must, it’s what the Earth needs!

    (U), me and everyone is responsible

    (M)y solution is simple

    (B)e sure you use Eco-Friendly products when you clean

    (E)nsure you read the labelling and you’ll make the planet gleam

    (T)his pack would be amazing, it’s eco-friendly and amazing

    (T)he money I’d save would go towards a new compost bin for more ‘planet saving’

    (E)veryday I strive to be eco-friendly, it’s my passion! So the earth is beautiful for the future generations

  • Eva Kiraly

    We have septic and need to use safe products but we need them to be dominant as well as friendly!

  • Benjamin

    The thought of cleaning makes me squirm with fear already, add in the potential nasty chemicals involved and that fear becomes too much to resist. With the money I’d save…I’d hire a cleaner.

  • Joseph Charles

    Previous house had septic and I changed how I clean and now like to maintain using non harsh chemicals

  • Rhonda Lockery

    The health of my family is of the utmost importance to me so living without chemicals
    is definitely the best way forward , with what I save i’d buy natural skin & hair products

  • Kylie Embury

    Protecting my family and protecting the environment for their future is imperative. Every little thing we do now will benefit us all now and for future generations, while teaching my children how important it is, and that every thing we do matters. Saving money will mean a little less financial stress on our single income family.

  • Debra Gear

    Using eco friendly products is one way I am helping the environment.

  • Bec D’owney

    My friend actually passed out from the smell of traditional bathroom cleaners. They are filled with appalling, corrosive, unhealthy chemicals. Much rather have eco-friendly cleaners and I’d spend the extra money on some well-needed new bath towels!