The Plumbette’s Crazy Week

I apologise to my loyal readers for not posting anything this week. You will notice that my blog has a changed format and so I wanted to let my website designer have full access to my blog to get it looking a bit more sophisticated – hence why there are no new blogs.


So I’m not sure if I should be putting this blog up, but I am anyway. I’m sure my website guru can fix it up if it doesn’t go where it needs to go!


Not that I haven’t minded not blogging this week. It has been another crazy week with of course work, answering unusual requests and celebrating my daughter’s birthday (I can’t believe she’s two!).


The week started with work on Monday, fitting off a bathroom renovation installing a new toilet, taps to the basin and taps to the shower. The taps were slightly fiddly with their own allen keys and spanners to fit the handles onto the spindles. A note of advice here, once you have installed new taps to your basin or shower, keep the allen keys and spanners in the top bathroom drawer. This is where I leave them for clients so that if I have to go back to change the washers, I can easily find the tools for the taps.

Some clients like to ‘file’ them away, but when it comes time to asking for them, the client can’t find them because they are lost in a myriad of warranty paperwork!


The second part of Monday was installing a new quad gutter to the back of a house where the original gutter had rusted out. Of course, there was a dog in the back yard so I was constantly kicking a ball to keep the dog entertained and away from under my feet and helping dad install the gutter. Who says a woman plumber can’t do two things at once?!


Towards the middle of the week I had a strange request from a journalist for Men’s Health magazine about a reader asking advice on how to disguise his toxic smell when he does a number 2 at his in-laws place. You’ll have to read Men’s Health magazine in November to see my advice. (it was pretty basic and common sense!)


I also had a lovely conversation with a public relations firm that wanted to write an article about where I am today since winning the Dux Australian Apprentice of the year award in 2009. I can’t believe that I won that award 3 years ago! So much has happened since then. It’s also made me realize how fast time has flown… can you believe over half the year is gone and we are in AUGUST?!


The end of the week finished with a bang with my daughter’s second birthday. Our house resembles a toy store with new toys strewn everywhere in the family room. I have to find new places for each toy. The biggest hit was her lego duplo set. Maybe she inherited her mum’s knack for building things after all and I possibly might make a plumber – sorry a ‘plumbette’ out of her yet!