The Art of Facade - 6 Lavish Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

The Art of Facade – 6 Lavish Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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In a perfect world, we would all live in lavish houses, decorated with the most eclectic and spectacular furnishings and finishings. However, that simply isn’t the world we live in. Is it possible to reflect a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget? We show you how in the six step helpful guide below.

1. Go minimal

The easiest way to make your space look expensive and lavish is if you pare down on your furnishings and accessories. Think minimal! Try and get rid of any clutter that will make your space look messy, disorganised and heap. A minimal approach, if arranged well, is far easier to make your home look chic and sophisticated.

2. Use textiles

Give your room a custom look by using vintage or antique textiles to make throw pillows, small pieces like seat cushions, upholstered stools or even use interesting textures for awnings for your home. Using fun and unusual textiles will make your room come alive, adding an extra element and personalising the space.

3. Incorporate sculptural shapes

When picking out furniture, opt for interesting shapes and unique silhouettes. This will give off an artistic air, making the rooms in your home appear far more lavish, eclectic and expensive than they really are! For example, think about purchasing a tree root coffee table or a vintage arm chair, to add an unexpected component to your home.

4. Add some art

Adding some art to your home is a surefire way to bring that “wow” factor.

Try incorporating an oversized piece of art into a plain room to liven things up. This look is cheap, easy to achieve and has a high impact outcome with very little hassle involved! Look for second hand art at flea markets and op shops to come by a stellar piece at a reasonable price. Or, if you’re feeling creative, why not try painting your own?

5. Use a mix of textures

Another great way to mimic opulence is to use a wide mix of materials, textures and textiles to give your space an eclectic feel. Inject some personality into your home by mixing metal, glass, wood, leather, velvet, jacquard and other patterns to create a dynamic and exciting space.

6. Choose pieces with history behind them

There’s no doubt about it, antique furniture, or even pieces with a little history or sentimentality about them, incorporate a rustic and authoritarian vibe into your home. Give your space a sense of wisdom and elegance by including pieces with some age to them. Think about buying a small side table or accessory that has a story to it.

Of course, everyone wants to make their home look as lavish and fashionable as possible. However, we do not all have the funds available to us that can make this possible. There are a few things that you can do that can make your house look as if it is a royal palace to whoever walks into it.

From scouring op shops to mixing textures, there are tricks of the trade that can make your home look far more expensive than it really is. If you stick to these six helpful tips, you will have the house of your dreams in no time – without having to spend a pretty penny, too!

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