toilet wall art posters

Hilarious Toilet Wall Art to Encourage Toilet Etiquette

My toilet has bare white walls (nothing a bit of toilet wall art can’t fix). To look at and enter, you would call it very minimal. I don’t exactly want to encourage guests to stay for a long period of time in my toilet. Unless it’s a toilet training toddler. They can stay in there as long as they like.

A blank wall often calls for an opportunity to add some wall art.

My grandma would always have a calendar and some sort of wildlife poster on the door and walls of her toilet. There was always something to look at or read when doing your business. Sometimes there would be a bible verse.

I’ve never taken to putting artwork up in the bathroom. I once read in a magazine that a flushing toilet expels effluent particles in the air (if the lid isn’t placed down) and they often land on the nearest surface, being the door and walls. Reading that confirmed why I didn’t want to have artwork in the toilet. Yet toilet wall art can add a bit of fun and humour to the room.

A sign or quote could be a way of giving your family and guests a not-so-subtle hint to keep the toilet clean. It can also be a hygiene reminder for those who lack in that area. Not everyone flushes (kids) or thinks to replace the toilet roll when it’s empty. And it seems to be a universal problem in all households on removing the empty toilet roll and placing it in the recycle bin.

toilet wall art toilet roll

With those scenarios in mind, I’ve found some funny toilet wall art that will give your guests a smile. Some of the artwork has a clever play on words but the message is quite clear and this will hopefully leave you with a cleaner toilet and hopefully no empty rolls left on the floor.

12 Hilarious Toilet Wall Art Posters

 1. No No Yes shows the perfect placement of the toilet roll.

hilarious toilet art

Toilet Roll Placement


2. You never know what you have until it’s gone. Toilet paper reminds you of this when it in fact is all gone.

hilarious toilet art

Run out of toilet paper


3. Flush the toilet. We have dual flush toilets for a reason. A smaller flush for a number one and a bigger one for a number 2.

flush the toilet

Don’t let it mellow


4. They see me rollin… a nice play on words. Toilet rolls do need to be unwoven to serve their purpose.

hilarious toilet art

Nice play on words


5. Toilet seat etiquette. Put a lid on it.

put a lid on it

Lid down please


6. Poop like no one’s sniffing… unless you’re at a guests’ house. Although, this may help your friends relax if they need to do a number two in your loo.

hilarious toilet art

Just let it out


7. No standing on toilets please. Please remain seated.

hilarious toilet art

Please be seated


8. Oh Sheet. A nice play on words when the last sheet is unraveled.

hilarious toilet art

Funny use of words and what we feel when there is no toilet paper.


9. You have to let it go sometimes. Not sometimes, all the time.

hilarious toilet art

Let it rip

10. A reminder to flush. Flush it real good.

flush it real good

11. Dad humour at it’s best. Don’t get cheeky with me.

hilarious toilet art

A bit cheeky

12. Let’s all aim to please together shall we? I provide the toilet, you manage your aim.

hilarious toilet art

Aim straight please


Would toilet wall art work in your toilet? Which is your favourite… or do have one to share?

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  • My uncle used to have a picture of a skeleton sitting on the toilet behind his toilet door and as a child I used to be petrified every time I went in his toilet!


    • Oh my. That would freak me out. That’s one way to get your poop out I guess…

  • Hahaha! Love it! I like the drought one. I think I need that for my boy.
    My grandmother had a sign on her door that said “Ladies may now be seated, Gentlemen the choice is yours”.

  • Hilarious. No toilet art of any kind here, like you, I worry about the germs.

    • Yeah, I’d be spray and wiping it a bit just in case if I had one up.

  • Bah ha ha ha!! I do believe #10 is my favourite- it’d put me in a fab mood every time I flushed 🙂

  • Any toilet wall art that encourages the changing of the toilet roll or reminds BOYS to pee in the toilet bowel and not on the surrounding floor tiles would take pride of place in my home lol

  • I LOVE these! But we have tiled floor to ceiling walls in all our toliets, so hanging anything becomes tricky…plus I don’t know if I can wrap my head around art in the loo….maybe on the wall just outside the bathroom?

    • Ahh, yes that would be hard. I think you can use a diamond drill to put a wall fastening in for the art, but if you ever sold the house or didn’t want the print there, you can’t exactly fill in the hole and paint over it.

  • I guess there is a piece of art for any room, anywhere! Great collection. Denyse #teamIBOT

    • So true Denyse. No room can go untouched with art.

  • Haha love these! In the heat of summer I do wish we had a fan in the bathroom – it’s a tiny airless room in my house so even when it’s just hot and no other smells, it’s not the nicest place.

    • A fan can give great air circulation. or a window.

  • Tracy

    These are great…
    My Mum used to say “if you sprinkle when you twinkle, be a sweet and wipe the seat” (or the floor in Mr Busy’s case – sigh)

    • Oh I love that. Yes, someone needs to create a toilet quote for the floor.

  • Lauren

    OK maybe not toilet wall art.. but check out for some cool framed giclee art prints

  • Hahahah I love a good pun, these are great! I do like the “This ain’t a drought….” sign. My girls are notorious for not flushing the toilet, or change the empty toilet roll over 🙂

    • My girls do the same Julie. If it’s mellow let it yellow… ew! Haha.

  • Oh dear. That’s not good. There mustn’t be a stud in the all to hold it? You need to use the dinosaur trick, where the loo roll sits on the dinosaur neck and acts as the holder.

  • The it’s not a drought one needs to be placed at all bathrooms my boys use. They are very good environmentalists 🙂

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