my homeware purchase regrets

My Homeware Purchase Regrets – All The Things I Regret Purchasing for my House

On the weekend I read an article by Elle Décor saying these are the home trends you should get rid of in 2017. While reading the post, I thought about my homeware purchase regrets because sometimes my eagerness with a trend, doesn’t always meet my expectations once I’ve taken it home.

I’m quite partial to a trend and will jump on board if I like it.

When we got our pendant lights installed in copper I KNEW copper would no longer be on trend. And I kid you not, I read an interiors article that said, ‘Get all copper out of your home, replace it with brass!’ Thankfully we didn’t buy our lights to follow a trend. We bought them because we liked them and felt they were the right colour to add warmth to our open plan dining and living area.

Interior styles and homewares fascinate me. I love reading interiors blogs that show a clever DIY homeware project or offer the latest décor trends available to purchase. I do like change – but I can’t always afford it.

Sometimes when I I’ve had money to burn, I’ve jumped onto the trend and bought into it, only to find myself disappointed because it doesn’t meet my expectations or I just simply no longer like it.

I thought I’d share some of these homeware purchase regrets with you.

1. Linen Sheets

A number of bloggers shared how they LOVED their linen sheets. I’ve never been a fan of linen – even when I wear it. It creases so much and I have often classed it as the fabric for older women. I did change my mind when Bohemian Traders brought out some linen dresses. But when it came to quilt covers and sheets, I wasn’t convinced. Until I read a few blogs that shared how amazing linen sheets were to sleep in and that a few major bed linen retailers had sales on them. I thought I’d tread the linen sheet water and bought a $200 set of linen sheets and, neither Jacob or I like them. Compared to our soft 1000 thread count, hotel grade white sheets, linen sheets feel like sandpaper. Despite having had them for a year or two now, they haven’t got softer. You also don’t get that cool sensation when you get into bed for the first time either. We’ve stuck with our linen sheets because how can you return them when you’ve slept in them?! But I definitely learned my lesson in this and will only buy good quality cotton sheets in future.

linen sheets homeare purcahse regret

2. Kmart Homewares

There are so many memes about Kmart. A lot of people admit they can’t get enough of Kmart homewares and I did at one stage jump in on the craze… until I had a shelf full of no longer trendy cheap homewares that I no longer liked. I rarely go to the homewares section in Kmart now. There are only so many fake plants and vases a house should own. The minimalist movement has certainly changed my opinion on homeware purchases. I much prefer to buy unique pieces that no one will have rather than mass produced items. I still have a few Kmart pieces on display, but I recently donated a whole heap of homewares to a charity because all they were doing was gathering dust.

kmart homewares

3. DIY Home Décor Projects

I will give DIY a go, but most times, the project doesn’t always turn out the way I had thought it would in my head. My Kmart Hack pom pom cushions are in desperate need of being replaced as the trimming has started to thread away and Jacob never liked them in the first place. He doesn’t understand my pom pom obsession. I’ve even sometimes spent more money on the DIY project, than what it could have cost me to have the item already made.

4. Trays

I have never been able to master the art of styling a tray in our house. Every time I attempt to create a vignette or some sort of table display with a tray, it looks less than ordinary. Rather than give them away, I now use these as grazing platters to take to friends houses for dinner get-togethers.

trays are a homeware purchase regret

Have you got any homeware purchase regrets? Do you like linen sheets? Have you acquired a lot of Kmart Homewares? Do you change the interior of your house as soon as a new trend comes on board? I’d love to know.

  • I’m coming to the end of a month long Minimalism Game and judging the amount of stuff I’ve got rid of (each date dictates the number of things to declutter, 1 thing on day 1, 2 things on day 2 etc) I clearly have a lot of home ware regrets! However, like you, it has made me more conscious about what I buy for the home and less is definitely more. As for the linen sheets, they sound much too much like hard work, although we’ve just got our first set of Egyptian cotton sheets and they’re just dreamy!

    • I am going to go through each room and declutter. I’ve done some areas of the house, but I have a long way to go.

  • Kmart stuff is so cheap it’s hard to resist but the consumerism and desire to be on trend aren’t me!

    • It is really cheap. It takes away the guilt of buying it… until you keep buying it and you have stuff that you really don’t use.

  • Give me 1000 thread count cotton sheets any day over linen sheets. Luckily I missed the linen sheet trend!


    • Yes to cotton sheets. Learned my lesson on that one.

  • I think I would melt right through linen sheets. Our house is filled with classics. Mainly because I’m so behind the times. We now live a 2 minute walk to Kmart but there stuff just doesn’t fit or go in our house. I have purchased a couple of items for photo shoots but they are hidden away, in my cupboard until needed.

    • And that’s how I’ve accumulated so much I think. Buying it for styling shoots for the blog or Instagram and then I leave it on display or put it away and it doesn’t do anything for ages.

  • I hear you on Kmart things…all the things..and it’s because it all seems the same. However, that said if it helps people brighten their spaces I am all for it because it is extra cheap. I did buy my 2nd lightbox there having spent a fortune on a Typo one which I gave to my daughter for her library at school. I am not an on trend person at all because I have lived long enough to want to be comfy more than anything. Denyse #teamIBOT

    • I have never bought a light box, but thought they were a bit expensive from Typo then Kmart brought their own out. For me, I just don’t want stuff lying about for the sake of owning stuff really.

  • TeganMC

    My house is such a hodge podge of stuff thrown together. None of my curtains even match lol! One thing I would love to get rid of is the shelves near my front door. They are pretty much just a dumping ground for stuff that I use but haven’t got a space for. I’d love to invest in something that could hide the mess a bit more!

    • We have shelving units everywhere, but specifically so everything has its place. I really want to set up a homewark/school bag area so all the school stuff is accessible from one area only rather than wherever it’s been dumped around the house.

  • I tend to jump on the home wares train to. Not always with the right pieces either. Lucky they are cheap and easy to donate.

    • Yes, but I do wonder how much I’ve spent over a longer period of time.,,,

  • Tracy

    I don’t like shopping, so I haven’t really collected homewares I don’t like. Maybe I’m a bit the opposite. I need someone to tell me what I SHOULD buy! Meanwhile I’m sitting here looking at the top of our TV cabinet where clay figurines, made by the children, sit in various states of disrepair. I need to tackle getting them out of the house!

    • My daughter keeps her artwork and clay figures in her room. I think it’s nice to have stuff by the kids on display.

  • I can’t remember the last homewares I bought. Maybe it was when styling my daughter’s bedroom, but that was it.

    • I can’t remember when I bought them either. All I know is after decluttering, I’ve accumulated a lot for Kmart since they upped their game in the homewares department.

  • The Kmart one is a big one isn’t it? It’s so tempting and yet so guilt inducing. I try just to avoid.

    • Yes I avoid the homewares section at all costs. It can be very tempting.

  • We are at the point where we seriously don’t need another thing when it comes to home decor!!! Must be time to move house!!!