Indoor Plants I've Kept Alive (And The Ones That I Let Die)

Indoor Plants I’ve Kept Alive (And The Ones That Didn’t Survive)

One thing I have slowly introduced to our home is live plants. Indoor plants are known to remove toxins from the air in your home as well as bring some of the outdoors in. It’s been a popular interior trend for the last few years. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon because I like how the plants add greenery indoors and can instantly lift a space.

I thought I’d share some of the indoor plants that I’ve kept alive, as well as the ones that didn’t survive. There are so many articles online of what indoor plants are easy to look after, but I’ve still managed to kill some of them.

Indoor Plants I’ve Kept Alive

Fiddle Leaf Fig

fiddle leaf fig

The first indoor plant we introduced into our living room was the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Apparently they are no longer ‘in’, but the cost of investment won’t see me chucking this plant away. I love where it’s placed in the corner of our living room and we don’t do very much with it, apart from water it. I have a moisture matic which does the watering for me. I just have to check the level of the water. The plant is still fairly healthy after a year and a bit, although there are a few brown spots and this is said to be because of over-watering or too much sunlight. We’ve had the blind up for the sunlight to beam in, so I think this may be the cause. Or our moisture matic may be giving too much water. I’m not too concerned about the brown spots. For me, it’s proof it’s alive.

Birdsnest Fern

birdsnest fern

On our dining table we have a Birdsnest Fern. I haven’t watered it as often as I should have and it isn’t fairing too good at present, yet it’s still green. But I think a bit of extra water and a little extra shaded light will help this little plant start to thrive again. I also need to give it a bit of a prune to remove the dead leaves.

Zanzibar Gem

zanzibar gem indoor plants the plumbette

In the dining room and on our TV cabinet we have a Zanzibar Gem and hands down, this plant is the easiest to care for indoors. A little watering (when I remember) keeps this plant flourishing. It can survive fully indoors. Occasionally, the one near the dining room has been taken outside as it doesn’t get any sunlight in its position. If you’re after an indoor plant that requires little looking after and has deep green foliage, this one would be one to consider.

zanzibar gem indoor plants


ivy indoor plants

I have no idea what type of ivy plant this is, but I did purchase it from Bunnings and it was in the shaded section of plants. I liked it as soon as I saw it and so far, so good. It sits on the other side of our TV cabinet. It’s still living, but hasn’t grown much.

Jade Plant – AKA Money Tree

jade plant interior plants

Outside, we have a Jade Plant which is also known as a money tree. We have this in a planter pouch, on the coffee table where it gets shaded sunlight. Hardly water this one as well. Seems to be thriving in its spot. We originally had this inside on the buffet but leaves started to fall off and we knew we had to move it so it would survive.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant indoors

On the outdoor dining table we have an Aloe Vera. I need to change the soil in this one because there is a bit of algae in the pot. But this plant seems to be really hardy too. It’s not quite thriving, but it’s definitely surviving.

Peace Lily & Arum Lily

peace lily and mint

In the kitchen we have Peace Lily. It hasn’t flowered this spring, but it’s still alive and surviving in it’s spot on the kitchen bench. Due to this one doing so well, I bought an Arum Lily for a pom pom basket I was given from my neighbour. Just love the flower on this one.

arum lily indoor plant

Herbs – Chives, Parsley and Basil

herbs indoor kitchen

Also on our kitchen bench, we have herbs. The mint hasn’t survived at all, but the chives, parsley and basil have. These are great in the kitchen when cooking (saves me having to go outside to retrieve herbs). I will have to replace the mint with something else.

indoor herbs in kitchen

Korean Rock Fern

korean rock fern

On my desk I have a small fern which gets little sunlight and gets watered around once a week. So far it’s going ok. Unfortunately I don’t have the name of this type of fern, but after looking online, I think it’s a Korean Rock Fern.

Faux Succulents

faux succulents indoor plants

In the main bathroom, we have succulents. These are fake and from Kmart. Best plants I’ve bought as they occasionally need a dust and no watering. They haven’t let me down yet. You can get similar here.

bathroom vanity succulent plants


The indoor plants that died

There have been a few plants that haven’t survived inside. One was our palm Kokodema. Jacob killed this one because he didn’t use the worm juice to water it.

We have killed a fiddle leaf fig – well the girls did by taking all the green leaves off it. We did try to save it, but it wouldn’t grow.

My string of pearls also died. I was really sad about this one because I really liked it.

Indoor plants that are difficult to kill

indoor plants that are difficult to kill

If you’re after a list of indoor plants that are difficult to kill, here are my suggestions

  • Zanzibar Gem
  • Peace lily
  • Ferns
  • Jade Plant
  • Ivy

I haven’t invested in bigger plants, simply because they are a bit more expensive to purchase and you need to also buy the right pot or basket to house it. Smaller pots and pouches are much more affordable and the plants to fill them are also budget-friendly.

Pots and Pouches

I have two go-to places for my pots and pouches. Pillow Talk and Miss Pots Pouches have been my favourite places to buy planters. I also research at Zanui and Colour Décor.

When using a planter pouch, ensure you have a plate to sit at the bottom of the pouch to prevent mould growing on the bottom of the pouch. This catches the water when you water the plants.

Here are some of my fave planters online:

Miss Pots Spotty Pouch (On Sale) $10-15 each

miss pots spotty pouch

Miss Pots Stripe Pouch $29.95-$39.95

blue stripes pouch miss pots

 Pillow Talk Rio Rancho Fabric Basket (can only be purchased instore) $9.00

pillow talk pouches

Have You Met Miss Jones Pot $26.95

have you met miss jones pot

Etch Pocket Planter $14.95

etch pocket planter

 Geraldine Cement Pot Planter $29.95

cement planter

What is your favourite indoor plant – one that you’ve kept alive? Got any indoor plant tips?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

  • It looks like you’ve done really well! I don’t think I’ve had my own plant of any kind since I grew a tree as a kid in our backyard. And by grew, I mean planted and forgot about it haha.

  • writeofthemiddle

    Love all these plants Bec but even more … I love all the pouches and pots and baskets and that you provided links to where to get them. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks Min. I love following Miss Pots Pouches on Instagram to see new designs loaded on the shop.

  • Wow. I am impressed. My late mum was good at the indoor plants…her daughter not so much. I blamed the ducted air-con and that we lived in a much hotter and colder area of Sydney. I have one plant inside and so far it has survived almost 3 months. It is a living orchid sent to me in hospital and apparently it needs hardly any water..and it’s working. I think when we finally do get a place of our own again I would enjoy getting some indoor plants and planters! They look awesome too. Denyse #teamIBOT

    • I just love the ambience plants give inside our house. We’ve purchased over time as it can be expensive to buy indoor plants at once. The orchid sounds beautiful. I recently gave one of these to a friend for her birthday.

  • I seem to kill everything. I either over water or under water.. LOL These pots are gorgeous. #TeamIBOT

    • Thanks Natalie. Thankfully the fiddle leaf fig has it’s own watering mechanism so I don’t have to worry about not giving it water. I just have to check the level though to ensure there is water still in the bottle.

  • Tracy

    I am so talented that I have actually killed ivy. My thumbs are not just brown, they are downright black, when it comes to gardening. I have fake Ikea plants at home and in my classroom. They look pretty and don’t die. I’m calling that good.

    • HAHA Tracy. That is a good talent to have. LOL. Fake plants are good -except I have to remember to give them a good dust. Although I have to do this with my live plants too.

  • Our peace lilies survive quite well inside. Unfortunately my favourite herb, coriander doesn’t survive as well. I usually end up replacing my pot of coriander every four to five months. It still ends up being cheaper than buying packaged corianader from the supermarket however.


    • I can’t get coriander to grow or survive either and it’s one of my fave herbs to use in cooking!