Kmart Hacks – Pom Pom Velvet Cushions

I’m not the first to admit that I enjoy shopping at Kmart. The prices and trendy home wares have won me over a few times when visiting just to buy the girls more craft supplies. It’s dangerous saying you will have a browse at Kmart because there is no such thing. It’s almost like a trip to Ikea without the crazy maze. One pineapple here and a few cushions later, you walk out having spent $100 with enough décor to deck out your home.

The only issue with buying such fabulous home wares from Kmart is that EVERYBODY has them and I like to differentiate my home from that of a junk mail catalogue. Enter Kmart Hacks.

Fleur from Our Urban Box wrote this cracker of a post sharing the best Kmart Hacks on the internet and Toni from Finding Myself Young wrote a Kmart Hacks post on their Shadow Boxes. There is even a Kmart Hacks Facebook page where people share their latest Kmart purchases changed to suit their home.

Enter my entry into the Kmart Hacks: PomPom Velvet Cushions.

Kmart Hacks Velvet Cushions

At the beginning of the year when I was researching cushions and linen to make over our main bedroom, I went to Pillow Talk and Adairs to get some cushion inspiration for our bedroom. I was really taken by the pom pom bohemian look cushions, but I was not so taken by their price.

At a recent expedition to Kmart to buy photo frames, I walked past the velvet cushions and wanted to buy some instantly to add a winter texture to our living room. Except we have A LOT of cushions. And despite these ones from Kmart being super soft, they were a bit plain for my liking.

And then I scrolled past this post via The Crafted Life and I got my inspiration on what to do with those plain velvet cushions. A trip to Spotlight to get some pom pom trimming and fabric glue and I was in business to jump on the Kmart Hacks train.

What you will need:

1 Kmart Velvet Cushion ( I bought 2 in the purple and teal)

2.4 meters of pompom trimming (can get from Spotlight and around $3.50 per meter)

Fabric glue (make sure it dries clear)

Paddle pop stick (to assist with the gluing)

Fabric scissors (to get a clean cut through the pom pom trimming)


What you'll need

What you’ll need


Take the insert out of the cushion

Take the insert out of the cushion


Measure the pom pom trimming against the edge of the cushion cover and cut accordingly

Measure the pompom trimming against the edge of the cushion cover and cut accordingly


Do this on all sides

Do this on all sides


Add the glue

Add the glue


Use a paddle pop stick to press down

Use a paddle pop stick to press down


Glue each trim around the edges

Glue each trim around the edges


Set aside to dry

Set aside to dry


Hello new cushion

Hello new cushion

Once you’ve made one, you will want to make more. It took me half an hour to make both but I left them to dry for 24 hours before putting the inserts back in and placing them on the couch.

cushions on couch


Kmart cushion hack


Are you a fan of Kmart? What was the last thing you bought from there?

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  • I love this Bec!! So easy but so effective. What a great idea! These would look fantastic in our kids tv room.

    • The kids would love them. My girls love them. They are so soft too. x

  • These look great Bec, what a clever idea! I’ve actually stopped looking at the homewards when I go to Kmart as it’s just too tempting!

    • It is very tempting and expensive because you want everything and it looks so cheap you do and then you realize you’ve spent money that you didn’t intend to.

  • LydiaCLee

    Aren’t you clever?! (I’m too lazy…)

    • Thanks Lydia. So easy. I love being creative. It doesn’t always turn out this good though…

  • What a fabulous Kmart hack!!! These cushions look great! I love them! Is the fabric glue strong enough for the trim not to come off if the cushions are used by the kids?

    • Yes the glue is definitely strong and safe for the kids not to rip off the trimming. It also washes in the washing machine.

  • Brilliant!!! I didn’t even know fabric glue existed, this could change my life…every time I think of being a bit crafty with fabric it seems like such an effort to get the sewing machine out..which sounds pathetic, but there you have it…now the glue option! I do love a wander through Kmart, however like you I find money slipping pretty quickly through my fingers…good marketing isn’t it…great priced goods, so we want lots of them… Your cushions look gorgeous…x

    • Thanks Monique. I’m always in for a no sew fix – so ironing tape or fabric glue hasn’t gotten me out of trouble a few times when I don’t want to sew.

  • Big fan! Last time I was there I went basket mad and decked out my pantry in a plan to keep it clean. My plan failed.

    • Haha. At least you have baskets to keep the laundry organized. Even if it didn’t work… it can. x

  • I love Kmart. It’s about the only thing that’s in my budget haha. I actually kind of did a kmart hack on the weekend – maybe I’ll blog it!

  • Hugzilla

    Oooooooh boooooooy do I love Kmart these days. I LOLd at your “go in buy pineapple – walk out spending 100” comment because I seem to do exactly that!! I also LOVE a good Kmart hack – these look really cute.

    • Thanks Hugzilla. I found them fun to make too. I enjoy being creative when it’s easy. Spending $100 at Kmart is so easy! Too easy!

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    Oh you talented thing you… I never think of these things

  • They look great, Bec. Well done. I love the colours you have chosen too x

    • Thanks Renee. Yeah the colours are my fave and match in with our living room décor quite well. x

  • Jazzy cushions, super cool!

  • The Hungry Mum

    Many’s the time I have popped into Kmart for school socks and emerged clutching multiple bags – but forgotten the socks! Such a cute idea, pom poms rock.

    • I have done that before too – not buying what I was originally going in for!!

  • Simple, but so effective! Definitely worth the effort. I love that there is a Kmart Hacks Facebook page. I’m totally following that x

    • Yeah so many creative people upload their hack. Great trove of ideas!

  • You are so clever! These are super cool and I love the pop of colour against your dark couch! Great job Bec! Xx

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    They look great! I wish I was a little bit creative like that! Thanks for linking to my post x

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