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The Must Have Book for Home Decorating – HOME: The Elements of Decorating by Emma Blomfield

Around a month ago, I headed to Target to buy The Barefoot Investor after reading a review on She Shopped. I’ve seen so many recommendations on this book. But of course, it wasn’t at my local Target, however, my eyes caught Emma Blomfield’s book, HOME: The Elements of Decorating. I added it to my basket and when I got home, omigosh. I LOVED it. It’s the book I didn’t realise I needed until I started flipping through the pages. I’m calling this THE must have book for home decorating.

must have book for home decorating

As you know (or maybe you don’t) I have trouble with interior decorating. Fashion styling is easy for me, but when it comes to interiors, I struggle a bit. I especially struggle knowing how to put furniture where it should go. I tend to be one of those people that loves all the things and will chuck it in a room hoping the mish mash will resemble something stylish.

Take for example Esther’s room. I’m trying to work out how to configure her room so it doesn’t feel cluttered. We have a desk, chest of drawers and bed. One wall has a built in wardrobe and the other is a window. While in the scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter how it looks, I still want it to be practical for Esther so she can easily move around the room. Having heaps of furniture can make it look cluttered and cramped. Which is not ideal for a children’s bedroom.

emma blomfield book

Emma’s book, Home: The Elements of Decorating offers practical advice on how to get the right configuration of furniture in your home. The advice is for every room in your home. It also details the five elements of decorating and showing how to apply them in each room of your home. If you love interiors and enjoy changing things up in your home, this book is a must have because it will guide you on getting the right balance for practicality and style.

home the elements of decorating emma blomfield

I haven’t finished reading the book, but I have it close by to refer to when I have a pressing interior styling problem.

It’s also gorgeous enough to be displayed as part of your homewares. I’ve yet to decide where I will place this beauty.

element of home decorating book review

home book emma blomfield interior styling

Home: The Elements of Decorating can be purchased from all major retailers. You can buy it online here from Dymocks (I will receive a small commission if you do)

If you have to get a present for someone who loves interiors, this is the book to get them.

Do you like home decorating books? Do you find it hard to know how to place furniture in your home?

  • We have some plans to adjust furniture in our house when I can help move things. My MIL is always changing the layout of her living room – I swear every other time I’m there it has changed!

    • Ha. Well they say a change is as good as a holiday. Some people LOVE changing their interiors all the time. 🙂

  • Never met an interiors book I didn’t love!

    • Hugzilla

      HAHHAHAHHA was coming in to say the same!!

    • Admittedly, me neither. But the difference with this book is it details how to get the desired look, rather than showing various interior photos of how it’s done. It’s like a manual. I love it.

  • I’ve become an interior design addict since we bought our own house and it finally sunk in that I could do things like paint walls and change curtains. I’m currently fiddling with designs to change our kitchen/living area when we have the funds to do so!

    • It’s an exciting process Rebecca. Pinterest and Houzz are my go to sites for inspiration. I now understand why the open plan living article got your interest. 🙂

  • Bryony Sumner

    I have no idea about interior decorating but I can completely relate to how good it feels to find an awesome book – this one looks fab!

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