Tradie Maternity Pants: Work Pants for Pregnant Tradeswomen

Tradie Maternity Pants: Work Pants for Pregnant Tradeswomen

Tradie maternity pants for pregnant tradeswomen can be difficult to find. 7 years ago when I was needing maternity pants while on the tools, I had to source pants from maternity fashion shops, and hope that I could find pants that were easy to bend down in and would support my growing bump.

Back then, I wore slim fit cargo or utility pants in khaki, black and beige. I would also wear my skinny maternity jeans. There were no hi vis maternity shirts, so I made do with XXXL King Gee shirts. If the wind caught under my shirt I’m sure I could have turned into a hot air balloon. Ha!

The brand of pants I wore was Szabo. The pants lasted for two of my pregnancies. By the end of my pregnancy with Maggie, the pants ripped right at the crotch when turning off water meters. I got good cost per wear out of my pants and although they weren’t hi vis, they worked well with my King Gee shirts and I wasn’t going on sites where Hi Vis pants were required.

Tradie Maternity Pants Considerations

In the early days of my pregnancy, I could get away with wearing a pants extender so I could wear my existing cargo pants. But after 12 weeks, the extender felt uncomfortable as the waist band of my pants would dig in to create a lovely muffin top. I invested in my maternity utility pants from then on.

She’s Empowered are bringing out Margaret Maternity Cargos for pregnant tradeswomen, but they won’t be available until the end of September.

she's empowered tradeswomen maternity pants

If you’re requiring pants now, I have found some online options that will wear well on site. Whenever I bought my pants, I’d buy one size larger than I was to allow for my bump to grow. This also made it easy for movement on site too.

These shorts are a great option, if you like wearing shorts on site and if your site will allow it. I tended to wear pants for extra protection and to cover my legs, which suffered from fluid retention. Not many sizes of these are left, but if you are due early next year, new summer stock should arrive online soon.


A boyfriend jean, jegging or tencel style pant are the way to go if you do a lot of bending up and down or climbing up ladders. You don’t want anything too billowy that will make you trip.  The constant standing turned my ankles into cankles. I was grateful to wear pants rather than shorts onsite.

maternity boyfriend jean

Maternity boyfriend jean $99.95 (comes in navy and light blue)




Maternity Pants for Pregnant Tradeswomen

Maternity pants for pregnant tradeswomen is still a new concept, but hopefully as more women enter the trades, these pants will become available.

What kind of pants did you wear during pregnancy? What maternity pants are you wearing if you’re a pregnant tradie?

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