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Copper Tapware and Home Improvement Thursdays Linkup Launch

Copper has been a huge trend in interiors for the past year so it’s not surprising that tapware manufacturers have followed the trend. Copper tapware is a big trend that […]

Chocolate Mousse Copper

Chocolate Mousse Copper Caps

My chocolate mousse is one of the easiest and most delicious dessert recipes to make. I make it for friends and family a lot because it tastes sooo good. You can only have […]

blocked sewer

Fifty Shades of Brown

Being a plumber and a mum I have seen many shades of brown. It’s part of the job. The problem with brown effluent, no matter its shade, is that it […]


‘I fixed it!’ Customer Claims

A very loyal client who happens to be of Asian descent, and a pastor to a large Chinese church rang me in a panic last Thursday about how he had […]