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thanks dad for being my facebook fan

Thanks Dad For Being my Most Engaged Fan on Social Media

I used to joke that my dad was a dinosaur when it came to using new technology. He often admitted it himself. When we ran our family plumbing business, he […]

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tradie Dad

This post has been written in collaboration with MOTackle Do you struggle to find gifts for the man in your life? I do. I’m not sure if it’s a sign […]

Recruitment is not my thing

This post is sponsored by Chandler Macleod When I was 22 and looking for a new job, I had a few interviews with recruitment agencies in the city. The jobs […]

Dreams are like Buildings

I’ve been getting a bit sentimental lately. Whether it’s reflecting back on when Jacob and I first got together or putting up my grandma’s silver Christmas tree, I’ve had some […]

The Last Post

My dad has been playing the Last Post for Anzac Day and Remembrance Day for 48 years. He plays an Antique World War I English bugle that my grandparents brought […]

Wordless Wednesday – Me and My Dad

I thought I would share some personal photos of me and my dad since I speak quite a bit about my dad on my blog because we work together. I […]

Appreciation is the best gift

Appreciation is the best gift you can give someone and I wanted to write a post today about three special men in my life. Firstly my dad who helped bring […]

Father’s Day Chocolate Plane Craft

Am I the only one that sometimes struggles to find the right gift for Father’s Day? Whether it’s for my dad or my husband, they both like practical gifts, but […]

Working with my Dad when I was younger

When I was younger and on school holidays, Dad would take me with him to work for the day. It would be the highlight of my school holidays because I […]