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Aimee Stanton Female Plumbers

Putting the Spotlight on Female Plumbers: Aimee Stanton, the Nomad Plumber

It has occurred to me that since I stopped working on the tools four years ago, The Plumbette has evolved into more of a lifestyle blog with plumbing posts interspersed […]

thoughts on being a mother and a plumber

I’m a Contradiction – Thoughts on Being a Mother and a Plumber

There was a time where I was anti-women getting into trades. I was an end-of-third year apprentice, had just finished my Diploma in Fashion Styling and I was about to […]

parliament house female plumbers breakfast

Breakfast at Parliament House for Female Plumbers and Apprentices in QLD

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Female Plumbers and Apprentices Breakfast at Parliament House in Brisbane. The event was organised by the Honourable Mick de Brenni, Minister for […]

world plumbing day female ambassador for plumbing

QLD Has a New Female Ambassador for Plumbing 2017

Officially, today is World Plumbing Day, but many plumbers and those that work in the industry, celebrated yesterday morning with a breakfast at Hillstone where we also found out the […]

just watch her poem the plumbette

Just Watch Her

Every new challenge has a rival. Every dream has a setback. No matter how determined you are in achieving your goals this year, there will be something that will try […]

carlie low female plumber and plumbing inspector

Interview With Carlie Low – Brisbane Plumbing Inspector and Investigator

If there is one tradeswoman who I’ve been encouraged and inspired by through my journey as a plumber and blogger, it would be Brisbane’s Plumbing Inspector (and now investigator!), Carlie […]

plumbing and gas awards 2016

Plumbing Night of Nights – The Plumbing and Gas Awards 2016

On Friday night I attended the Plumbing and Gas Awards 2016 to celebrate the achievements of those that work in the plumbing industry. The awards don’t just recognise plumbers and apprentices. […]

plumbing and gas awards

Why I’ve Never Regretted Attending an Awards Night

Sponsored Post When I was a 2nd year plumbing apprentice, I was nominated for Apprentice of the Year at the Construction Skills QLD Excellence Awards, representing the plumbing category. I […]

world plumbing day

World Plumbing Day, A Women in Plumbing Ambassadorship and a Family Tragedy

Today is World Plumbing Day. A day where plumbers are recognized for their extraordinary contribution to the health and safety of the community. We often forget how blessed we are […]

chauvinistic tradesmen

How to Respond to Chauvinistic Tradesmen

There were four types of tradesmen I encountered when I was an apprentice. There were the tradesmen that enjoyed my presence onsite and couldn’t wait to tell their wives/girlfriends at […]

5 Things you need to succeed as a female plumber

5 Things You Need to Succeed as a Female Plumber

Every Monday, I’ve had this idea floating in my head of starting a Motivation Monday series dedicated just to the female plumbers and tradies that are working hard in their […]

How far along in pregnancy should you stop working as a plumber? (or any other trade)

I follow a few Facebook pages that are specifically for women in trades. The Facebook pages are a great support to women working in all kinds of male-dominant industries and […]

Why I Write

The gorgeous Jodie from Fresh Home Cook asked if I’d like to be a part of the why I write Blog Hop that has been travelling the blogosphere. Despite my […]

The Female Plumber Misconception

When I was doing my plumbing apprenticeship, I got a lot of inspiration and encouragement from reading online articles about female plumbing apprentices. At the time I could only find […]

Five items a female plumber should not wear

The last two weeks I have had to resort back to wearing my maternity cargo pants for work because I have had the unfortunate experience of ripping the crotch of […]

Fearless Female Tradies

In the last couple of months I have had some lovely feedback about my blog from women who are doing apprenticeships. I’m inspired and astounded by the variety of apprenticeships […]

kid high vis

Wordless Wednesday – A Mini Plumbette

This is my first time linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for a Wordless Wednesday Blog Post. These are extra pictures that I didn’t put in my Review and […]

Google isn’t a Plumber

The internet makes getting information so much easier these days. Its great for answering questions straight away, but sometimes the answers that come up aren’t necessarily correct. For example, when […]

female tradie

Woman with Wrench – A Site Promoting Female Tradies

When I started my plumbing apprenticeship, I knew of only one female plumber and her name was Carlie Wright. She was Queensland’s first licensed female plumber and is Brisbane’s one […]

What can a Female Plumber learn from Margaret Thatcher?

With the recent passing of Margaret Thatcher, I was reminded of the time I viewed the movie ‘The Iron Lady’ with Meryl Streep. I found the movie to be incredibly […]