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the one thing we should strive to do this year

The One Thing We Should Strive To Do This Year

When the 1st of January 2018 rolled around, I had good intentions of making it my year to start working on my health, finances and general wellbeing. I wrote my […]

A Very Good Week - It Takes a Village to Raise Someone up

A Very Good Week – It Takes a Village to Raise Someone up

Mid-February is usually always a busy season in our family’s life, because school has usually started back and we celebrate Jacob’s Birthday (on Valentine’s Day) and Maggie’s Birthday (this coming […]

the things I've missed because I'm a creature of habit

The Things I’ve Missed Because I’m a Creature of Habit

Whenever I do Maggie’s Kindy drop off, I’m always in a rush to get to the car. The longer I stay, the more difficult it is to pull Phoebe away […]

when to make a change

When You Know You’ve Got to Make a Change

I was sitting in front of a very good friend for breakfast a couple of weeks ago, to talk about life and current circumstances and things I needed to do. […]

a life well lived by Nanna her passing

A Life Well Lived – What Does That Look Like?

This week we celebrated the life of Jacob’s Nanna, Ethel Pansy Senyard. Known as Pan to friends and family, but nanna to us. I had just had a lovely breakfast […]

33 things i know

33 Things I’m Thankful For

I often get reflective when my Birthday rolls around. I usually share things I’ve learned, but for today’s post I wanted to share 33 things I’m thankful for. It’s easy […]

my tent is expanding holly wagner

My Tent is Expanding

In two weeks time I will be attending my 4th Colour Conference. It’s always an exciting time of year as the conference looms. But the weeks before can be hectic […]

just watch her poem the plumbette

Just Watch Her

Every new challenge has a rival. Every dream has a setback. No matter how determined you are in achieving your goals this year, there will be something that will try […]

dig deep and build yourself up the plumbette

Dig Deep and Build Yourself Up

Since dad and I stopped working together, we don’t get to see each other as much during the week. I’m often busy juggling the kids, their activities and fitting in […]

you looked different

You Looked Different the Moment I Saw You

Last Friday, I got lost in my thoughts as I pushed the pram and walked Esther to school. We were running late. Again. I am now known for my lateness […]

your influence is unmeasurable

Your Influence is Unmeasurable

‘Omigosh Bec, you have to read this new blogger I follow. Her posts are funny as f— and she is so relatable.’ I smiled at my friend because I knew […]

when your rivals prosper from your prayers

When Your Rivals Prosper From Your Prayers

I’m a big believer in prayer. I pray every day and through out the day. I think you have to when you’re a mum. Actually, I think you have to […]

Don’t let disappointment overshadow tomorrow’s dreams

I’m not sure if I’ve told this story here before on the blog but I’m going to retell it again as I see it fitting after the announcement of the […]