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laundry trends for 2018

Laundry Trends for 2018

The laundry has come a long way from being the small concealed room at the back of the house. The laundry has now become another room to make over – […]

Tap Washers or Ceramic Discs?

Tap Washers or Ceramic Discs?

These days, most people opt for mixer taps in their bathrooms and kitchens. But there is still a desire for pillar or singular hot and cold taps with a separate […]

What You Need to Know Before Installing an Outdoor Shower

What You Need to Know Before Installing an Outdoor Shower

If you’ve admired the look of an outdoor shower, I thought I’d share what plumbing considerations you need to know before installing an outdoor shower to your alfresco area. Outdoor […]

best plumbing blog posts for 2017

My Year in Review and the Most Read Plumbing Blog Posts on The Plumbette in 2017

One of the wonderful benefits of writing a blog, is having a record of the year that has passed. As I was going through my blog archives and checking google […]

How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Plug

How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Plug

The kitchen sink basket strainer plug for our double bowl sink had been leaking for a couple of months and it was driving me batty. It made washing up difficult […]

illegal plumbing caught out the plumbette

How Illegal Plumbing is Caught Out

Illegal plumbing is a big issue, and it just doesn’t affect plumbers, it affects hard working home owners and renters. The cost to resolve can be in the thousands of […]

the pros and cons of wet room bathrooms

The Pros and Cons of Wet Room Bathrooms – All You Need to Know About Wet Rooms

Wet room bathrooms are predicted to be a big trend in bathroom design for 2018. This year I’ve seen many bathrooms do away with an enclosed shower and create a […]

thoughts on being a mother and a plumber

I’m a Contradiction – Thoughts on Being a Mother and a Plumber

There was a time where I was anti-women getting into trades. I was an end-of-third year apprentice, had just finished my Diploma in Fashion Styling and I was about to […]

5 plumbing checks before renting a house

5 Plumbing Checks to Get Your Property Ready For Rent

This post has been written in collaboration with Inspection Manager Choosing to rent out your property is an effective way of keeping a property you don’t wish to sell. It’s […]

Restricted Shower Head

The Misconception About Water Use on a Restricted Shower Head – PLUS a Giveaway

My post on rain shower heads was a popular one. Some of you were intrigued about how they worked and others of you have used one, but recommend having a […]

How to Prevent Outdoor Flooding Plus Tips on Living Below a Retaining Wall That Floods

How to Prevent Outdoor Flooding Plus Tips on Living Below a Retaining Wall That Floods

Protecting your home from outdoor flooding is not just about choosing a house that doesn’t stand in a flood zone. Your outdoor plumbing needs to be maintained and inspected to […]

rains shower heads, what you need to know

Rain Shower Heads – What You Need to Know Before You Buy This Luxurious Fixture

With bathrooms becoming a place of retreat, than a place to ‘wash and leave’, taps and fixtures that offer a ‘spa’ like experience are highly sought. One luxurious fixture is […]

10 Ways to Protect Your Home From Water Damage Caused By Internal Flooding

10 Ways to Protect Your Home From Water Damage Caused By Internal Flooding

We can often take for granted the convenience of plumbing in our homes. The handiness of water, run through pipes in our home, is something we don’t think about until […]

ALDI plumbing products avoid buying

Why Plumbing Products Should Only be Sourced From a Reputable Plumbing Supplier

Over a month ago, as I was flicking through my junk mail, I raised my eyebrows to the ALDI plumbing products special buys of the week. The discount grocer offered […]

matte black tap mixer fienza

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Matte Black Tap Mixer PLUS a Giveaway from Fienza

This post has been written in collaboration with Fienza When you spend time and money on a bathroom renovation, you want to make sure you get value for money on […]

my toilet is leaking brown water!

Help! I Have a Toilet Leaking Brown Water

When you have a toilet leaking brown water, it’s normal to think the worst. Someone has either missed the bowl or the toilet is leaking contents that should be flushed […]

winter plumbing problems

Icy Issues – 5 Tips for Avoiding Winter Plumbing Problems

Guest Post There are some domestic crises which you really don’t want to be dealing with in the winter time. Leaky pipes, for instance, are a real nuisance at any […]

steampunk bathroom ideas house rules the plumbette

How to Create a Steampunk Bathroom

A steampunk bathroom is definitely not a bathroom style for everyone. It tends to be a more masculine type of bathroom, yet, when executed well, can also appeal to anyone […]

30 ways to save water at home the plumbette

30 Ways to Save Water at Home

A couple of years ago, I was asked to write a guest post sharing ways to save water around the home. I came up with 16 ways, and in this […]

5 things that delay a bathroom renovation by the plumbette

5 Things That Will Delay Your Bathroom Renovation

It’s an exciting time when you have finance approval for a bathroom renovation. Whether you’ve saved or organised a loan, making the decision to renovate and modernize a room in […]

flood insurance westpac

Protecting Your Home From Floods and the Importance of Flood Insurance

This post has been written in collaboration with Westpac It was the 11th January 2011 and I had 6-month-old Esther resting on my hip as I stood to watch the […]

75% aussies won't hire a female tradie

The 75% of Aussies That Won’t Hire a Female Tradie – You’re Missing Out And Crippling The Industry

If you’re one of the Aussies that filled in a survey stating you won’t hire a female tradie, you may want to read this post. I’m one of those tradies […]