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steampunk bathroom ideas house rules the plumbette

How to Create a Steampunk Bathroom

A steampunk bathroom is definitely not a bathroom style for everyone. It tends to be a more masculine type of bathroom, yet, when executed well, can also appeal to anyone […]

30 ways to save water at home the plumbette

30 Ways to Save Water at Home

A couple of years ago, I was asked to write a guest post sharing ways to save water around the home. I came up with 16 ways, and in this […]

5 things that delay a bathroom renovation by the plumbette

5 Things That Will Delay Your Bathroom Renovation

It’s an exciting time when you have finance approval for a bathroom renovation. Whether you’ve saved or organised a loan, making the decision to renovate and modernize a room in […]

flood insurance westpac

Protecting Your Home From Floods and the Importance of Flood Insurance

This post has been written in collaboration with Westpac It was the 11th January 2011 and I had 6-month-old Esther resting on my hip as I stood to watch the […]

75% aussies won't hire a female tradie

The 75% of Aussies That Won’t Hire a Female Tradie – You’re Missing Out And Crippling The Industry

If you’re one of the Aussies that filled in a survey stating you won’t hire a female tradie, you may want to read this post. I’m one of those tradies […]

whisper flood stop isolating valve the plumbette

Prevent Flexible Hose Floods With the Whisper Flood Stop Isolating Valve

Nobody wants arrive home from work or a holiday and be greeted with this sight. If a Whisper Flood Stop Isolating Valve had been installed on all the flexible hose […]

open shelf vanity

Open Shelf Vanity Units – Bathroom Trend 2017

Open Shelf Vanity Units – Bathroom Trend 2017 The minimalist movement is set to infiltrate interiors as people embrace the simpler lifestyle of living with less. One area of the […]

why plumbers should know interior trends

Why Plumbers Should Know Interior Trends

Why Plumbers Should Know Interior Trends Starting this week I’m going to give a weekly post about interior trends and styles for all areas of the home that relate to […]

how to look stylish when you work from home

Partners in Construction – How to Look Stylish When You Work From Home

How to look stylish when you work from home Last year at the Partners in Plumbing event for Melbourne Cup, I was asked to share some fashion tips with the […]

modern white kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Reveal: Modern White Kitchen

When I went to get my hair done for Problogger Conference back in September, my hairdresser, Hayley told me she was having demolishers in that day to remove her old kitchen. […]

part-time apprenticeships

Are Part-Time Apprenticeships Available For Mums Wanting to do a Trade?

Kids change you. They really do. You have no concept of how they change you until you have them. And the more kids you have, the more you change. It’s […]

industry conference

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to Your Industry Conference

This post has been written in collaboration with the Master Plumbers Association QLD I’m smack bang in the middle of conference fortnight. Last week I headed down to the Gold […]

ready for spring

How Your Plumber Can Get Your Outdoor Area Ready for Spring

Today, I am presenting and attending the QLD Plumbing and Gas Conference. I’ve asked Plumber to the Rescue to guest post for me today, sharing ways your plumber can get […]

Reece Grant 2016

The Reece Grant Helps Tradies Help The Less Fortunate – Applications Open Now

This post has been written in collaboration with Reece Plumbing Australia Have you ever been to a third world country and realized just how blessed you are to live in […]

overflow relief gullies

What You Need to Know About Overflow Relief Gullies and What a Blocked ORG Means

On Saturday morning, while I was cleaning the house to get it ready for Esther’s Shopkins party later that afternoon, I noticed the water from the sink was taking a […]

five of the best plumbing showrooms brisbane

Five Of The Best Plumbing Showrooms in Brisbane

When I was on the tools and getting the best prices for fixtures for contracts we had won, Reece wasn’t the only place I would contact to get the best price […]

tapware mixer brands

10 Tapware Mixer Brands to Consider for Your Home

When my dad used to challenge me to make up my apprentice wage by getting the best prices on fixtures and taps on tenders we had won, I always enjoyed […]

plumbing and gas awards 2016

Plumbing Night of Nights – The Plumbing and Gas Awards 2016

On Friday night I attended the Plumbing and Gas Awards 2016 to celebrate the achievements of those that work in the plumbing industry. The awards don’t just recognise plumbers and apprentices. […]

Reec plumbing showroom coopers plains

The New Reece Plumbing Showroom Coopers Plains

A question I get asked a lot by friends and family when it comes to plumbing is where the best place is to view taps and fixtures. While it’s great […]

12 Celebrities Who Were Tradies

12 Celebrities Who Were Tradies Before They Became Famous

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to finding their dream career. Sometimes the career we choose changes or evolves as time moves on. There are many celebrities who […]

in the waiting shirts

In The Waiting

A couple of weeks ago I was going through the depths of my wardrobe to give it a really good clear out. I’m still hanging onto items that I wore […]

toilet paper storage

Unusual Toilet Paper Storage Solutions For The Bathroom

We keep having toilet blockages at our house and it’s not because of excessive number twos. Phoebe is entering the terrible twos, pulling off whole rolls of paper and dumping […]