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my toilet is leaking brown water!

Help! I Have a Toilet Leaking Brown Water

When you have a toilet leaking brown water, it’s normal to think the worst. Someone has either missed the bowl or the toilet is leaking contents that should be flushed […]

toilet wall art posters

Hilarious Toilet Wall Art to Encourage Toilet Etiquette

My toilet has bare white walls (nothing a bit of toilet wall art can’t fix). To look at and enter, you would call it very minimal. I don’t exactly want […]

my most embarrassing toilet story ever

My Most Embarrassing Toilet Experience EVER

We all have embarrassing stories we’d rather not re-live? I’ve got one or two … okay maybe half a dozen embarrassing moments that I’ve burned my cheeks from. And yesterday, […]

When your breath smells like a toilet

When Your Breath Smells Like a Toilet (And How to Fix it)

This post has been written in Collaboration with Robert Duhig Dental Plumbers are notorious for creating smells while they work. Whether cutting into a sewer for a new connection or […]

fish before you flush

Fish Before You Flush #HIT

I love plumbing questions. I enjoy being tested when it comes to my plumbing knowledge. Some questions are easy to answer. Other stump me, so I usually ring my dad. […]

toilets at the airport

Toilet Etiquette for Air Travel

I love to travel and I love nothing more than working out my outfits, packing a bag and heading to the airport to fly and experience a new location. Flying […]

Five smells I can’t stand as a plumber

This post has been written in collaboration with Scholl I once knew a tradie who had no sense of smell and as a result had no sense of taste. He […]

21 Challenges Plumbers have to face

I’ve told you why you should consider plumbing as a career but every job has it’s challenges. I’ve found 21 challenges plumbers have to face both physically and mentally. Your […]

Clean Hands and a Clean Home – Dettol Review & Giveaway

Sponsored Post Congratulations Sandy Horsfall you’re the winner of the Dettol Pack. Dad and I would often joke about having shares in Dettol. You see we had a habit of […]

Dealing with Pregnancy as a Plumber

Sponsored Post The first day I returned to work after my trip to the UK back in 2009, I knew I wasn’t quite right. I was very tired and had […]

How to keep your office cleaner than a toilet seat

Sponsored Post I read an interesting article on the Australian Geographic website explaining why your office is dirtier than your toilet. It’s a pretty big claim to make. Whose toilet […]

Why it’s important to fix leaks

Sponsored Post It doesn’t matter what fixture is leaking in the house, it needs to be fixed as soon as the leak is found to prevent further damage and extra […]

My dilemma

A couple of months ago I was called into the city to partake in a market research group. The meeting was going to take two hours so I decided to […]

The toilet that rocked

There are clients and jobs that stay poignant in my mind. They remain memorable for different reasons. Talking with a client would be my favourite part of the job. Giving […]

Five reasons your bathroom smells like a sewer and how to fix them

Ever walked into a bathroom and thought phewee what is that smell? Bathrooms are meant to be hygienic and clean, but occasionally they can produce a strong pong. Here are […]

Kids and Planes

I’m back. I had a short blog break because we went away to Adelaide for 5 days to spend time with one side of Jacob’s family. Two of Jacob’s brothers […]

How to convert a skew pan toilet waste

Two weeks ago I visited a client to give them a quote on a new toilet suite. The client told me they didn’t know what kind of toilet would suit […]

World Toilet Day

Today is my mum’s birthday. She shares her special day with World Toilet Day. Happy Birthday Mum and Happy World Toilet Day! This is a toilet shaped into art or […]

Days when jobs fall through

I only worked half a day last Tuesday because nearly all the jobs that had been booked in for that day went to crap. Sometimes you have days like that. […]

Everything that could go wrong did

Can I just say that I am glad this working week is over.  Everything that could go wrong, did. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has weeks […]

Adding Value to a Toilet

One of the key features of old Queenslander type homes is that they have a toilet installed at the back of the house, usually located behind or next to the […]

Why does The Plumbette Love Eucalyptus Oil? Plus Give Away!

I take pride in my neat and clean house. It doesn’t always stay that way with a dog that sheds hair, a toddler that turns into a tornado by throwing […]