6 easy slow cooker meals that can be reheated for lunch

6 Easy Slow Cooker Meals That Make The Best Leftovers

If you are looking for some easy meals to make this winter, you must bookmark these 6 easy slow cooker meals that make the best leftovers. These recipes are from some of my favourite bloggers and they have literally saved me in the kitchen.

I use my slow cooker all year round – even in summer. We have ducted air conditioning so I don’t find the house gets hotter from the use of our slow cooker. But in winter, it gets a decent work out.

It certainly makes the dinner routine so much easier. I put all the ingredients as needed into the slow cooker (or crockpot) and let the appliance do the cooking.

These recipes are on high rotation in our house and they use ingredients you may already have in your pantry.

Best of all, the leftovers taste great reheated the next day for lunch.

If your family complains about slow cooker meals tasting the same, I can guarantee NONE of these meals taste like the other. And only a few include tomatoes.

So without further ado, here are my favourite 6 easy slower cooker meals that make the best leftovers.

1. Slow Cooker Curried Beef and Vegetables by Create Bake Make

slow cooker curried beef and vegetables


2. 5 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Vindaloo by Mr and Mrs Romance

beef vindaloo slow cooked

3. Slow Cooker Butter Chicken by Maxabella Loves

slow cooker butter chicken maxabella loves

4. Simple Slow Cooker Satay Recipe by Stacey Claire

simple slow cooker recipe satay chicken

5. Slow Cooker Lamb Stew by Be a Fun Mum

slow cooked lamb stew

6. Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef by The Recipe Critic

slow cooker mongolian beef

The leftovers should be sealed (straight from being cooked) into a microwaveable (BPA free) container and placed in the fridge. I usually eat the leftovers the next day.

I generally spread our slow cooked meals around so we have a different meat each night or so.

These are my go-to recipes which always turn out well when I make them, and they smell amazing when slowly cooking away on the benchtop.

What is your favourite slow cooker meal? What meals do you have on high rotation in winter?

  • I love my slow cooker and have heaps of favourites. My favourites are probably my Curried Sausages and Chilli with Cornbread Dumplings! So much yum!

    • Ohh… yes I love curried sausages! and Chilli with Cornbread Dumplings sound fantastic. Just looked the recipe up on your blog and I’m going to put that one on the menu plan for next week! Thank you lovely. xx

  • I adore slow cooking, these all look delicious! Recently I’ve been cooking a lot of beef goulash. Yum!!

    • Ohh Beef Goulash! Yum. Since I’ve written this post, I’m now on the hunt for other recipes. I love slow cooking too. Hope you enjoy the recipes Bella. 🙂

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