Our New Rug from IKEA

I Can’t Pronounce The Name of Our New Rug, But it Looks Good. Thanks IKEA

We’ve had a lot of our furniture since before we got married. Most of our furniture was purchased from Super Amart. As a wedding gift, my grandparents bought us a […]

Indoor Plants I've Kept Alive (And The Ones That I Let Die)

Indoor Plants I’ve Kept Alive (And The Ones That Didn’t Survive)

One thing I have slowly introduced to our home is live plants. Indoor plants are known to remove toxins from the air in your home as well as bring some […]

The Block kitchen reveals 2017

The Block Kitchen Reveals 2017

I watched tonight’s episode of The Block in anticipation that maybe Jason and Sarah would be heading home. But they hype was just another ploy to draw us to watch […]

thoughts on being a mother and a plumber

I’m a Contradiction – Thoughts on Being a Mother and a Plumber

There was a time where I was anti-women getting into trades. I was an end-of-third year apprentice, had just finished my Diploma in Fashion Styling and I was about to […]

5 Ways You’re Inviting More Stuff Into Your Home

5 Ways You’re Inviting More Stuff Into Your Home

Since watching shows and reading blogs about Minimalism, I’ve become a lot more conscious about my purchasing habits. I don’t see myself as a minimalist devotee, simply a person who […]

The Block Master Bedroom and Ensuite Reveals Plus my Thoughts on When Teams Lose the Plot

The Block Master Bedroom and Ensuite Reveals Plus my Thoughts on When a Team Loses the Plot

So many of you were right about last night on The Block. No one got sent home. The ads were simply to hook in viewers.  But how intense was it […]

The Home Show Brisbane

We Just Came for the Lollies and Other Inspiration at The Home Show Brisbane

On Thursday, Jacob sent me a message about The Home Show being on at the Brisbane Convention Centre this weekend. I’ve been meaning to get to one of these shows […]

termite treatment with termidor he

The Termite Treatment That Will Keep Your House Standing, Not Slanting

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Termidor HE Buying or building your first home is an exciting yet daunting experience. Shelter is a need, so to be able to own […]

5 plumbing checks before renting a house

5 Plumbing Checks to Get Your Property Ready For Rent

This post has been written in collaboration with Inspection Manager Choosing to rent out your property is an effective way of keeping a property you don’t wish to sell. It’s […]

Restricted Shower Head

The Misconception About Water Use on a Restricted Shower Head – PLUS a Giveaway

My post on rain shower heads was a popular one. Some of you were intrigued about how they worked and others of you have used one, but recommend having a […]

spring is here

August is Now a Memory, Spring is Going to be Fun

Last night as I was getting dinner ready, the girls were sitting at the kitchen bench, entertaining themselves by watching videos on the iPad. But they weren’t YouTube videos or […]

Tradie's Lunchbox - Beef, Vegetable and 2-Minute Noodle Rice Paper Rolls with Sesame Sauce

Tradie’s Lunchbox – Beef, Vegetable and 2-Minute Noodle Rice Paper Rolls with Sesame Sauce

If you want a healthy and filling lunch that uses up ingredients from your fridge, you will love these Beef, Vegetable and 2-minute Noodle Rice Paper Rolls. I was going […]

How to Prevent Outdoor Flooding Plus Tips on Living Below a Retaining Wall That Floods

How to Prevent Outdoor Flooding Plus Tips on Living Below a Retaining Wall That Floods

Protecting your home from outdoor flooding is not just about choosing a house that doesn’t stand in a flood zone. Your outdoor plumbing needs to be maintained and inspected to […]

thanks dad for being my facebook fan

Thanks Dad For Being my Most Engaged Fan on Social Media

I used to joke that my dad was a dinosaur when it came to using new technology. He often admitted it himself. When we ran our family plumbing business, he […]

parliament house female plumbers breakfast

Breakfast at Parliament House for Female Plumbers and Apprentices in QLD

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Female Plumbers and Apprentices Breakfast at Parliament House in Brisbane. The event was organised by the Honourable Mick de Brenni, Minister for […]

rains shower heads, what you need to know

Rain Shower Heads – What You Need to Know Before You Buy This Luxurious Fixture

With bathrooms becoming a place of retreat, than a place to ‘wash and leave’, taps and fixtures that offer a ‘spa’ like experience are highly sought. One luxurious fixture is […]

lip balms for tradies

Lip Balms for Tradies

When I worked on the tools, I used to have 5 items in my pockets. I would have my Oroton coin purse with my essential blue card, licenses and credit […]

Removable Timber Sandbox With a Deck Lid

Removable Timber Sandbox With a Deck Lid

I love a clever DIY project and when my friend Yolandi shared what she and her husband were creating for their third daughter as a Birthday gift, I wanted to […]

rather be busy than bored

I’d Much Rather be Busy Than Bored

After a few big weekends of parties and going out with friends, Jacob and I decided to have a slower Sunday (with a much needed sleep in) and head to […]

The Block 2017 Guest Bedroom Ensuite

The Block Guest Bedroom Ensuite Reveals 2017

Last night on the The Block were the guest bedroom reveals. I usually share the bathrooms and kitchens from The Block on the blog, but three of the teams last […]

tradie's lunchbox roast pumpkin, feta and beetroot quinoa salad

Tradie’s Lunchbox – Roast Pumpkin, Feta and Beetroot Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for a healthy, hearty salad, this Roast Pumpkin, Feta and Beetroot Quinoa Salad will not disappoint. I had a similar salad at Shingle Inn, which I shared […]

scent of your home

What’s the Scent of Your Home? Plus a Diffuser and Essential Oil Giveaway

I’ve been using doTERRA essential oils for nearly two years now and I’m only discovering some of the benefits of using these oils. One of the main reasons I love […]