About The Plumbette

The Plumbette is a credible and inspiring online resource for those researching upcoming trends in plumbing, building and renovation. It offers design tips while explaining the trade realities.

What is The Plumbette blog?

Hi I’m Rebecca Senyard. But most people call me Bec. The Plumbette was originally my personal blog sharing snippets of my life being a plumber and mother.

Bec The Plumbette

But just as I’ve changed in the ten years from when I started the blog, so has the content.

It has since evolved into an online resource for inexperienced renovators and builders to make the best decisions with the plumbing in their home.

There is also interior inspiration with useful information about trends in the wet areas of the home like bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, powder rooms, ensuites – even outdoor bathrooms. Plus tips on home styling, renovating and building construction.

I like to get personal too and share about my family life, motherhood and personal faith. Our homes are not just our shelter, they are the place where we feel safe, can make memories with our loved ones and can inject our personalities through styling.

There will be views and opinions on The Plumbette which you may not agree with, but that’s ok. I love learning from others and sometimes the content was written years ago and may need to be updated to current times.

My desire for The Plumbette has always been to help and offer considerations when maintaining your home to prevent problems occurring down the track. Knowledge is power. Making wise choices for installation and maintenance can avoid costly repairs or replacement.

Why Did I Start The Plumbette?

I have a whole post dedicated to why I write The Plumbette as the reasons have changed over the years.

Initially it was to inspire women to get into a trade and if they were already an apprentice, to keep going.

It can be tough working in a male-dominated industry. While much has changed, there is still reluctance in the industry for female workers, and this mentality can reduce opportunities for women wishing to get a trade.

I’m grateful for the opportunities my trade has given me. While I’m no longer on the tools, I’ve been able to create online content for plumbers and builders worldwide to help their business’ thrive.

Despite the changes in career and content, I enjoy writing my blog and sharing what I know.

About Bec The Plumbette

I started my apprenticeship in 2006 and received my provisional plumbing and drainage license in early 2011.

In 2008 I received the Dux QLD Plumbing Apprentice of the Year.

In 2009 I received the Dux Australian Plumbing Apprentice of the Year.

I also won the most Outstanding Achiever Award at the Constructions Skills Excellence Awards which is like winning the Gold Logie at the Logies, except it was for Construction.

bec winning construction award

I started my blog at the end of 2011 but didn’t reveal content until February 2012.

Since December 2013, my family plumbing business Jacol Plumbing Pty Ltd stopped trading as dad wanted to retire and I wanted to focus on my growing family. You can read about that life changing decision here.

Me, Dad and Esther posing after a day of work on the tools
Me, Dad and Esther posing after a day of work on the tools

I have three daughters Esther, Magdalene and Phoebe who keep me busy! I have been married to my husband Jacob for over 16 years.

Family Selfie at The Farm

The Plumbette is my intellectual property and I own it’s trademark. It was the name used to promote my services as a female plumber in my family plumbing business during 2008 and 2009, so it was only natural for me to write under this name.

On World Plumbing Day, 11th March 2016, I was awarded with the first Women in Plumbing Ambassadorship for QLD by The Master Plumbers Association of QLD and The QLD Premier.

female plumbing ambassador for 2016

This blog is not a tool to do your own plumbing handiwork. All plumbing should be carried out by a licensed plumber. If you require some plumbing work done, enquire at your local plumbing hardware store or your state’s Master Plumbers for a reputable plumber and make sure they have a GOLD Card BSA license.


The Plumbette is Bec’s business and this blog is monetised in a few different ways.

The site features

  • Paid advertising banners
  • Affiliate banners (where if you click on them and spend, I will receive a small commission on the sale)
  • Blog post with contextual affiliate or paid links
  • Sponsored content: Where a brand has asked to exclusively asked to partner on a post so their brand is the focus of the content.

Paid posts on The Plumbette will be clearly disclosed within the post.

If you want to get in contact with me, check out my contact page. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂