12 Small Laundry Design Ideas

12 small laundry design ideas the plumbette

Small laundry design ideas have been on my radar, to make my laundry more functional than it currently is.

I have no bench space, no dryer and I’d love some shelving to store the baskets off the floor.

I am thankful I have a laundry, because our first house had a laundry corner at the back of the garage. It was sufficient for the two of us back then. With a family of 5, it would be overflowing from the seams!

The laundry has always been a small narrow room in Australian homes. It’s only in recent years the mud room design has become more popular.

If you’re not planning to renovate or build a new home, you will have to work with the existing space you have. You may be interested in these small laundry design ideas which have made a small space, extremely functional.

Small Laundry Design Tips to Consider

  • Build up – invest in cabinetry or open shelves above benches for extra storage
  • Build in – install the appliances next to each other to allow for extra bench space
  • Change your habits – Having a dirty clothes hamper in the laundry may not work within your existing space. Get the family into the habit of putting their dirty washing in a hamper in their room or the bathroom, which can then be emptied into the machine when ready.
  • Have a door, window or skylight for natural light. Good for ventilation too.
  • Build bench and cabinetry around the corner, underneath an end window for extra bench space.
  • Position the sliding door entry on the diagonal opposite of laundry bench edge.\
  • Have a single outdoor entry instead of a sliding door.
  • Stack up – stack dryer on top of washing machine.
  • Or combine washing machine and dryer together.
  • OR don’t have a dryer (not always practical though).

12 small laundry design ideas

12 Small Laundry Design Ideas

1. Build vertically with cabinetry above and beneath the bench.


2. Design idea for top loader washing machine.


3. Stack appliances up.



4. If you have the space, build cabinetry and shelves on both walls.


5. Install a round laundry sink in the corner to allow for maximum bench space.


6. Do away with the dryer or get a combination of both appliances in the one.



7. Create an L shaped laundry bench by extending the bench and cabinetry under the window. Love how the plumbing has been installed for this one.


8. Position the opening of a sliding door on the diagonal opposite side of the laundry bench edge.

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Which of these small laundry design ideas would work in your home?