12 Ways to Update a Rental Bathroom

12 ways to update a rental bathroom

If you’re looking for ways to update a rental bathroom for little cost, these tips will come in handy.

Rental bathrooms aren’t always the renovated retreat you’d love to immerse in. And if you’re spending more time at home, it’s going to become paramount to getting the bathroom looking less blah and more ahhh.

Check out these inexpensive hacks to make the most of your rental bathroom. Always check your written rental agreement and get the ok from your landlord before you make any updates.

12 ways to update a rental bathroom

1. Don’t paint over the tiles or floors

Even if the tiles are ghastly, don’t be tempted to paint over the tiles. The paint does peel over time and this will make it look worse than it is. Camouflage instead with waterproof rugs or a bath mat. Check out these fab bath mats that can add colour and fun to your bathroom.

2. Clean the grout

Grout can inhibit mould. If you want to remove the spots of mould, use clove oil as this will kill the spores and then use a mould cleaner which will remove the spots. I’ve tried various natural cleaning products to remove mould and the process I’ve outlined is what has worked for me. Obviously have good ventilation and the appropriate PPE when cleaning with mould cleaners.

3. Change the shower head

If you have an all-directions shower rose, consider cleaning it or changing it for new. This is an inexpensive way to update the shower.

4. Change the tap buttons

If the hot and cold buttons on the taps look a little yellow, you can replace these for little cost.

5. Change the floor waste grate

Not all floor waste grates can be changed as it can depend on their diameter. Measure the diameter and order in the size you need. I can guarantee this makes a world of difference to the floor of the bathroom.

6. Paint plasterboard walls and ceiling

If you have approval to do so, paint the plasterboard walls and ceiling. Use a paint suited to bathrooms. This improvement alone can change the bathroom greatly.

7. Change the toilet seat

A new toilet seat can update an existing toilet instantly. Just check on the installation type and replace with like for like.

8. Change lighting

Swap the fluorescent lights to cool light bulbs. This can impact the light in the room significantly.

9. Style with linens

Soft furnishings like hand towels and bath towels can add colour and texture to the bathroom.

10. Update bathroom accessories and soap holders

Don’t drill into the walls to update the bathroom accessories like caddies and soap holders. Use suction accessories like Fusion-Loc to organise your bathroom. These can be taken with you if you ever move out.

11. Replace the shower curtain

If the shower curtain is mouldy, you can get it cleaned. If it’s faded, replace it with a new design. Kmart has some affordable shower curtains to consider.

12. Add some plants

Plants always update a bathroom instantly. They really do. Don’t get too carried away. Check out these ways to add plants to your bathroom.

How have you updated a rental bathroom? Got any tips to add?