5 Front Loader Washing Machine Myths

5 front loader washing machine myths

Are you tossing between a front loader or top loader washing machine? Here are 5 Front Loader Washing Machine Myths which may make your decision easier.

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The front loader washing machine has been thrown some shade since their entrance to the clothes washing scene.

There are plenty of myths floating around about front loader washing machines. I was even told a few years ago when we needed to replace our broken down top loader. It was encouraged to purchase another top loader.

The reasons were

  • Top loader washing machines could fit more clothes
  • It was easier on the back when filling the machine
  • A full drum of water meant our clothes would be cleaned better
  • I could lift the lid mid-cycle to add a missed piece of clothing

But front loader washing machines have come a long way and many of the myths you’ve heard are no longer valid with updated technology in front load washers.

Here are some of the myths debunked!

5 Front Loader Washing Machine Myths

1. Top loaders produce the best wash outcome on clothes

Less water in the drum of a front loader must mean the clothes won’t be washed as well, but this is a myth. Front loader washing machines will offer a variety of cycles to suit the material and grubbiness of the clothes. Hygienic steam cleans are a common offering in front loader washing machines, where the cycle will remove 99.9% of bacteria and allergens from clothes.

Samsung 8.5Kg Front Loader with Steam Clean
Samsung 8.5Kg Front Load Washer has a Steam Cycle

2. Front loader washing machines can only handle small loads

Many front loader washing machines can wash larger loads with models being able to handle 7kg-9kg loads. This load will typically suit a family of 3-5 people. Many popular top loader washing machines hover around the 8kg to 10kg capacity.

LG 10Kg Front Loader Washer
LG 10kg Front Load Washer

3. Wash cycles are too long on front loader washing machines

Most front loaders now offer a quick 15 minute cycle for those last minute washes. The cycle offerings can also be tailored to the load.

4. You can’t pause a front loader mid-cycle to add another item

This was the case for older front loader washing machines, but updated technology means some front loaders allow you to add items mid-cycle. The LG Front Load Washer and Bosch Front Load Washer allows you to pause the wash, open the door and throw in that missed sock and continue on with its cycle.

5. Much noisier than top loaders

Providing the front loader is installed correctly, it can create less noise than a top loader due to insulation and anti-vibration technology.

Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer
Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer

There are many variables to consider when you choose a new washing machine for your family. If you use a top loader (like we do!) it’s understandable to be hesitant embracing a front loader.

The cost, physical size and washing capacity are the key factors in choosing the right washing machine for your family. Energy consumption and water efficiency will also be important if you use your washing machine daily. The Good Guys have a fantastic Washing Machine Buying Guide to help with your decision.

No matter what you choose, don’t disregard a front loader washing machine. The higher specifications in front loader models mean some of the myths you’ve heard are no longer valid today. Check out The Good Guys for your next washing machine purchase. You’ll Pay Less, Every Day at The Good Guys.

Do you use a front loader or top loader washing machine?

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